Dinner at Zenna Thai & Japanese

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Our first stop for the Dating in DFW would be at Zenna Thai & Japanese Restaurant in Mesquite Texas, but there are also locations in Plano, North Dallas, and Downtown Dallas. We highly enjoyed our visit, and after seeing the menu, I realized I had ordered delivery from here a few months ago. YES! This one delivers if you live within a 5-mile radius of the location. You can also order online at www.zennarestaurant.com. We looked online and all four locations are available for delivery.

Zenna Thai & Japanese When we first walked into the restaurant, a couple was ahead of us, and we needed to wait for the host to come back. I noticed that this particular restaurant was not fully staffed and from the signs hanging around the front podium, they are trying to hire more staff. The host came back over quickly and had us seated. Looking around Zenna, it has a lot of mood lighting, and several different areas to sit at. The Sushi area is right in the middle of the building and when entering the bar is to the left. The right looked to be just normal seating arrangements.

Zenna Thai & Japanese

When the waiter came over to take our drink orders. I wanted Hot Sake and went with the 4oz, which ended up being part of their Happy House, so it was only $2.50. James went with a Dr. Pepper, and we were not charged for it.

After the Sake and Dr. Pepper came out it was time for us to order. We wanted to start off with a Hot Tapas, Spanish for an appetizer, so we chose the Chilean Sea Bass. I really wish we had two of these as it just wasn’t enough for both of us. On the other hand, it was our favorite part of the meal. The Chilean Sea Bass was panned seared served with a ginger cabernet sauce. The fish was on a base of vegetable there were wonderful in flavor and in freshness. We had finished this off in just a few minutes.

Zenna Thai & Japanese

Zenna Thai & JapaneseWe ordered the Sushi Special E, California Roll, two Salmon nigiri and two shrimp nigiri. Actually, we ordered two of these. I wish we had only gotten one of these since there is so much on this and instead gotten another sea bass. Neither here nor there. All three of these are nothing really to write home about. It is about the same as any sushi restaurant that we have been to.

What came next is what really set Zenna apart from the other sushi restaurants in the Mesquite area. James ordered the Plano roll, while I ordered the Midnight roll after asking for a recommendation between the dragon roll or midnight. We were told that the midnight roll is more flavorful and has a more complex taste to it. What is in the Midnight Roll? Eel, cucumber, avocado top with Alaskan salmon and green tobiko with spicy mayo. The video you see below has a short clip of James trying the roll and after talking about it afterward, he has said he wished he had ordered that one. The Plano roll was ok, not too many flavors packed into them. Truthfully it was a little bland. The Plano roll has salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber, topped with spicy tuna and red tobiko.

I had no idea what tobiko was, so we had to ask what type of eggs were used on the sushi rolls we had been served. A little about it before I found out what all it was, it was crunchy and the green had more flavor. After some research, I found out that the red is how it is in its natural state. With a smokey or salty taste. I would say that James’s had a more salty taste than smokey. The green, after looking up how it was turned green, it made sense to me. It gets it color from wasabi. Which turns it spicy.

Zenna Thai & Japanese

As I am writing this I am really considering going up there tonight and getting a few more rolls to go home with. So, this is a restaurant that we will be returning to, and often. My only real complaint would be the woman’s bathroom. The bathroom could be better kept and I would like to see hooks for ladies purses also. This might have been because they were understaffed. Overall, our service was good, and he was more than willing to help and let us know information about Zenna.

After reading all of the bad reviews, I don’t feel bad for giving a four-star review. My only true complaint is the front of the building and the restrooms, I would also remove the now open and now hiring flyers, as this does not add to the appeal. Our server was great and really helpful. Chico was friendly and attentive. I don’t know about other servers, but we really enjoyed the time he was around our table. Other than the California rolls and the Nigiri, the food was delicious.

Have you been to Zenna? Or any other sushi restaurant in the DFW area we should go try? Let us know in the comments.

***Updated*** After returning in November for a takeout order, I was told it would be ready to pick up in 20-25 minutes. After getting there at the 20-minute mark, we had to wait almost an hour to receive our food. After getting home and curling up with our meal, the Chilean Sea Bass was way overcooked and dry. The vegetables were also wilted. We will not be returning to either sit-down or takeout. I was highly disappointed in this restaurant after leaving the first review.
Zenna Thai and Japanese Restaurant in Mesquite Texas.

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