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This upcoming summer we will be visiting all of the attractions that the Dallas CityPASS offers. I have been to four out of the six options over the last 30 years and three of them in the last five years. So why am I writing about this now? Dallas CityPASS boast that they will save you money when you use the pass versus paying for each attraction individually.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

This is one location that I have yet to go to yet. The Perot Museum features 11 permanent exhibit halls including Moody Family Children’s Museum, Lamar Hunt Family Sports Hall, Discovering Life Hall, Being Human Hall, Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovations Hall, The Rees-Jones Foundation Dynamic Earth Hall, Tim Hunt Energy Hall, Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall, Expanding Universe Hall, T.Poone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall, and the Rose Hall of Birds.

The CityPASS is for General Admission and a 3D Filmmaking this approximately $28.00 for an adult and $21.00 for a Child without the CityPASS. So, for our family of four, it would be $105.00 for a one day visit to just the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

Reunion Tower GeO-Deck

Dallas CityPASS
Everyone knows about the Dallas Skyline with the big round ball that lights up the sky at night. You can head up the 470 feet in 68 seconds to view the 360-degree panoramic views. Not only can you just look out but the GeO-Deck has high definition zoom cameras, touch screens, telescopes, and more. The new Constellation Constellation is a series of touch screens with prompts for visitors to add their name and geographical information to a star.

Getting Hungry? Head over to The Cloud Nine Cafe for casual dining. Want to go all out? Make a reservation at Five Sixty, Wolfgang Puck’s with the Executive Chef Jacob Williamson. I would love to try the 11 Course tasting one day!

Tickets for General Admission is $17.00 for an adult, and Children are $8.00. Our total for a visit would be $59.00.

CityPASS Choices

The CityPASS offers you a choice when selecting tickets to the next four locations. All are great options and can be a lot of fun depending on your family.

The Sixth Floor Museum

I had the pleasure of working for Dallas County for a while and being able to work on the JFK 50th Memorial event, including seeing The Sixth Floor Museum. Years before this while in school, we took a field trip. So history buffs will love going to The Sixth Floor Museum, visitors with Young Children may not enjoy this as much if they are not interested in history, but it is a VERY educational trip.

Tickets for The Sixth Floor Museum are $16.00 for an adult, youth are $13.00 and Children are $4.00. Our Family of Four would come out to be $49.00


The Dallas Zoo

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears… OH MY! Our family loves the zoo and it can be a few hour trip or an all day thing for us.


Tickets for the Zoo are $15.00 for an adult and children are $12.00. If you visit during January and February, the prices are $7.00 for an adult or Child. Normal pricing would be $57.00 for the family, or if we go in the next month or two it would be $28.00.


George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum

Skyler loved visiting the library and museum during her 5th-grade year while studying the presidents. This is another location that you may enjoy if you are a history buff, or wanting to visit Dallas with an educational itinerary.

Tickets are $16.00 for an adult, Youth are $14.00, Children are $10.00. Retired or Veterans are also $10.00. So Our Family would be $50.00.


The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

I have shot 1000’s of photos at the Arboretum over the last 13 years. Next time I go I NEED to do video also. If you love nature or plants, this is a great place to go. Are you visiting and bringing a camera with you? This is a wonderful place for portraits and family photos.

Tickets run $15 for adults, and children are $10.00. Don’t forget that the Arboretum also charges for parking like many of these locations. In person, this is $15.00. This would be $55 for our family not including parking.

Are you planning to visit Dallas TX and want to see the top four attractions for one low price? The Dallas CityPASS is the best option and they are available in many different cities other than Dallas.

What is The Price Difference?

If we chose to do the Dallas Zoo and The Arboretum our total out of pocket without the CityPASS would be $276.00 or if we chose to do the museums it would be $270. The CityPASS for our family of four cost $176. That’s saving right at $100.00 for the first option! Which would you choose while visiting Dallas? Let us know down in the comments. When we visit the locations in the coming months, we will link the post below for further review.

Are you planning to visit Dallas TX and want to see the top four attractions for one low price? The Dallas CityPASS is the best option and they are available in many different cities other than Dallas.

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