Coffee Around The World

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Let’s not lie here, I am addicted to coffee. As we plan our future travels, I started to think about all the different coffee around the world. Every country has a different method of making coffee and I found it interesting when doing research on it. Wouldn’t it be neat to try out different coffees without even leaving my own home? That is when I found Bean Box on Amazon. It is 16 gourmet coffees from the world’s top microlots. We haven’t tried it yet. We just ordered it. But we came across it when doing research when looking into it. 

Coffee Around The World


  • Café – is a shot of espresso
  • Café en jarrito – basically a double espresso
  • Cortado – a macchiato, or espresso cut with a little milk
  • Café con crema – same as a cortado, but with cream instead of milk
  • Lagrima – espresso cup filled with milk and a touch of coffee
  • Americano – Hot water is added to a shot or two of espresso.
  • Café con leche -half coffee half milk
  • Capuchino – visible layers of coffee, milk, and froth, topped with cinnamon or chocolate.


  • Kleiner Bruaner and Groβer Brauner – close to what people consider ordinary coffee
  • Melange – frothed milk and steamed coffee
  • Milchkaffee or Café Latte – large coffee with frothed milk
  • Einspänner – Strong black coffee with a dash of whipped cream
  • Fiaker – coffee with a shot of Austrian rum and whipped cream
  • Mazagran – A cold Fiaker variation
  • Konsul – Black coffee with a small spot of cream
  • Verlängerter – a diluted version of the Groβer Brauner
  • Schwarzer or Mokka – Strong black coffee with lots of sugar (but not served with it)
  • Kurzer or Espresso – espresso
  • Türkischer – coffee boiled for a long time with sugar. Served very hot and grains still in the cup.
  • Eiskaffee: Cold coffee with vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and whipped cream.
  • Cappuccino – not the international version, but coffee and whipped cream.


  • Café Cubano or cafecito – espresso mixed with sugar
  • Cortadito – espresso topped with steamed milk
  • Café on leche – coffee and hot milk
  • Colado – Cuban espresso in larger portions.

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