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City Lake Park in Mesquite Texas has a lot of memories for my family. Developed in 1947, this is one of Mesquite’s oldest parks, and most families are like mine and have memories like mine. On the Old Mesquite side of town, you will find this lake where you can fish, have picnics, and so much more. This Post is also in Partnership with Visit Mesquite Texas, who provided our family with a fun filled weekend you will be able to continue reading about here! 

My first memories of City Lake Park would be from around 1990, when my father use to bring me to feed the ducks. We would stop at the day old bread store that closed years ago, and pick up the “duck feed” and a few snacks for us. We would spend hours here having Daddy-Daughter time. 

Please Don’t Feed The Ducks

Now, my dad didn’t know any better and I certainly didn’t either but please don’t feed these ducks and geese bread. It is actually REALLY bad for them and sometimes even dangerous. If you want to have a feeding the birds moment with your children, pick up some grapes and cut them in half. Cracked corn, barley, oats, birdseed, or other grains are great for them also. 

Aquatics Center Is A Way To

One of my next post is going to be on the Aquatics Center, but I wanted to include a little information about it here also. It has a HUGE splash pad for the little ones and an awesome slide for the big kids and adults alike. So make sure to check back here soon to find out more about the Aquatics Center. 

What All Can You Find At City Lake Park?

Not only will you find the lake to fish and feeding the wildlife, but you have a trail around the lake for running and walking. It has a pavilion that you can rent out for events, and you have Lakeside Activity Center many of my friends have rented for Birthday parties, and even my elementary school dance years ago!

The Fire Department has a training center that if you time your visits to the park you might be able to see them doing training. Right beside this is the playground that my kids love to play at. 

The Mesquite Cemetery is also located near this park, Skyler will be featuring it on Haunted Odysseys along with its historical importance not only to Mesquite but to Texas as well. 

Have You Visited

Do you have any memories or stories about City Lake Park? Let us know down in the comments below! Would you like to read more about different parks in Mesquite? Read about our post Are You Looking For Fun Parks In Mesquite Texas? See the full Mesquite Texas Guide HERE.

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Are you looking for something fun to do in Mesquite Texas? Head down to City Lake Park to build memories with your family!
Are you looking for something fun to do in Mesquite Texas? Head down to City Lake Park to build memories with your family!


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