Christmas Traditions | Part Two

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Yesterday we started to talk about Christmas Traditions in Part one of this series. Today, I want to share with you about a tradition that we have had in our family since I can remember.
What are your Christmas Dinner Traditions? We share how we handle Christmas Dinner and so much more. Does your family create an elaborate meal? Turkey or a Ham, kinda reminding you of your Thanksgiving meal? Or are you more laid back about your approach to Christmas dinner? Do you have breakfast before you open presents? Or, do your children open their presents and you have a hard time getting them to sit down for a meal afterward?

Christmas Breakfast

We are that family that the first thing we do Christmas Morning is open presents. Normally after everything has calmed down some, I start to make breakfast. Our breakfast normally consists of Sausage and Gravy, Biscuits, and eggs made how each of us enjoy them. I am including one new thing, as I am normally the first one awake on Christmas morning. James loves cinnamon rolls. I have yet to make them for him from scratch so the night before, I will start to work on making my dough for him. Then while everyone is still sleeping, I will start to put them together. I will share my recipe here in the coming days.

Christmas Traditions | Lunch and Dinner

This is where we cheat! We don’t do any other cooking on Christmas! That morning while making the sausage, I will also be frying up more sausage and hamburger meat for our queso. I will put it in the crockpot, and let it melt into its melty goodness. Another recipe I will share in the coming days. The night before, I will also make deviled eggs that will be chilled overnight for everyone to enjoy when they want. But, our biggest thing for Christmas is our Deli Meat and Cheese Trays.
This year we are getting our tray from Krogers. We have tried a few other large brand stores, but we are coming back to Kroger after trying the other stores. I have requested that beef pastrami is exchanged for the ham, as we don’t really eat deli ham. We also add a cheese ball to the trays.
What are your Christmas Dinner Traditions? We share how we handle Christmas Dinner and so much more.
So with the trays, queso, and deviled eggs, everyone can pick what they want to eat when and where. I am really bad about not making sandwiches on the day of Christmas, but taking the turkey and swiss with a bit of mustard, then rolling it up and eating it like that. No real cooking is done on Christmas, and everyone is able to spend time together instead of in the Kitchen cooking.

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What do you normally make for Christmas Dinner? Let us know down in the comments below and don’t forget to check Part One – The Christmas Tree and Part Three – Oh The Place’s We Go

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