Christmas Traditions | Part Three

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Where do you go to celebrate Christmas or the days leading up to Christmas? We are just now starting a few new traditions in our house, but there are a few old ones that have lasted since I was a little girl.
Christmas Traditions Part Three - Oh The Places We Go. Things to do around Dallas During Christmas TimeWe haven’t done a whole lot this year in what we do for Christmas. Money has been very tight, but we have still spent a lot of time with the girls doing a few of our Christmas Traditions, and I am also sharing the few things that we will be doing next year during this time.

Holiday In The Park

Did you know that Six Flags Over Texas is still open and has Holiday in the Park going on right now? We took the kids down the other day to enjoy the weekend and to see the lights. We had a lot of fun and needed a rest day after a full 10 hours in the park. Our feet were killing us. Six Flags also has a lot of things going on during this time. We didn’t catch a show this time, but we did listen to a few of the stage performances as we were waiting in line for the riddler.  The kids got to pet a few farm animals and then we went to meet Santa Claus. Our FAVORITE thing to do!! Is their Snow Hill! Check out our video below! I couldn’t stop laughing.

I won’t lie. This was partially my fault since we didn’t have a hairbrush or anything to calm the kid’s hair down, and they were not very good outfits for meeting Santa. I have a few complaints about our visit to Santa, but I have to give props to one of Santa’s helpers. She was what made our visit to see Santa great. First, even with a “reservation”, we had to wait another 30 minutes to see him. I stayed calm the whole time, but the other parents that made reservations, not so much. After getting into the cramped little room the squeezed Santa into, the Jolly Old Man was not Jolly. James even made a comment after that he seemed a little in his cups. He spent a few minutes with Rhyan, and wouldn’t even listen to her. Then he spoke all of two seconds to Skyler. I get it. She looks like a 15-16-year-old. But DON’T RUIN HER CHRISTMAS SPIRT by treating her any differently than her sister. I am still trying my hardest to keep her believing. Then we had a few pictures with Everyone.
My next complaint is even with my season pass, I feel that the prints and everything were a little too much. Yes, I am a photographer, I know how much it cost to print. But with the number of portraits they are printing, they could at least lower the price a tiny bit.  Or allow just the digitals to be put on the season picture pass or online ordering. Just my two cents.


Christmas Traditions | Christmas Light Seeing

One thing we have done since I was a child is going out to see the lights in my neighborhood. There is even one house near me that has the dancing light show. We see it at least 2-3 times per season. We enjoy going to the live concert the neighborhood has also. The next thing that we also enjoy doing is driving over to Highland Park, TX. We drive around the neighborhood there along with 100’s of other families to see all of the Christmas lights in the upscale neighborhood. Hopefully next year I will be able to get a Carriage ride with Circle G for their 1 hour light tour. This year we will just be driving. So look for the Instagram video and photos.
Enchant Christmas is the worlds largest light maze! We should be going a few days after Christmas, so be on the lookout for our Instagram and Facebook videos of this!
Six Flags Over Texas also has Christmas lights. As we did not do much video or photos, we only have a small clip in one area.

Christmas Traditions | All Aboard!

Christmas Traditions Part Three - Oh The Places We Go. Things to do around Dallas During Christmas TimeTrain rides is one thing I have wanted to do with the kids for years now. Once again this is something that we will start doing next year, but it is something that I am extremely excited for. The Texas State Railroad has the Polar Express with SANTA! We can jump on this train and they read The Polar Express, serve Hot Chocolate, and then Santa comes and brings the first present of the season!

Where To Ride in DFW

There are others but these are the two that I hear about the most.

What Are Your Plans?

What are you Planning to do this Christmas? Let us know down in the comments.


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