Christmas Traditions | Part One

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What do you think of when you think about Christmas traditions? All families have them and some are passed down generation to generation. I know that some of my families traditions are only as old as my brother and I are, but I don’t know what I would do otherwise without them. I also know that now that we have James in our lives, we will be incorporating new traditions that his family has passed down to him, and I am even wanting to start a new one this year. This is Part One of our Christmas Traditions series.

Odysseys With Love's Family Christmas Traditions. Easy Christmas Day Meals with a Meat and Cheese Tray, Santa, and so much more. What is a Christmas Tradition?

Christmas Traditions vary from country to country, but they can also vary from Family to Family. They are things a family does while celebrating the Christmas Season. Ranging from the Christmas Tree to how you open presents that are under your Christmas Tree. What your family serves for Christmas dinner may very well differ from how we serve the entire days meals. There is no wrong or right way to celebrate this wonderful day that is about giving and being with your family and friends. Some celebrate with Christian traditions, where some may celebrate with no religious traditions.
So even though I am sharing my families traditions, I want to know yours also. Please feel free to share a few down in the comments below. We would love to learn more about our readers. Feel free to start a new tradition from one of ours.

Christmas Traditions – The Christmas Tree

Last Minute Deals. Save Up to 50% + Free Shipping within the Continental US. Shop now!90% of the time we use an artificial tree. Somehow I lost part of our tree that we have used for the last 3 years. I don’t know how I did it, but it is gone. James also had a little itty bitty tree that he called his “bachelors tree.” We chose to head out to Lowes this year and get a live tree for the last time. We used James’ tree in the bay window of my office to be visible from the street.
Now we can’t afford a Balsam Hill tree this year, but next year we will be getting the Fraser Fir Tree. These trees are more expensive than some but they are completely worth it. Balsam Hill has a 10-year foliage warranty and a 3 year light warranty. 

Christmas Traditions -  Tree Decorating

Can I share a little secret? I think we have the gaudiest tree in Texas! Wanna know another secret? I wouldn’t have it any other way! Instead of out shopping on Black Friday, we are pulling down all the decorations that we have accumulated since my parents were married. We still put up their wedding bells on the tree. I have my first ornament and the girls get new ones every year. Since this is James and my first Christmas together, we chose to get one ornament together that represented our relationship together. The present is the one we chose. Even if we have nothing, we always have each other. Rhyan chose the My Little Pony ornament, this one surprised me since she picked up around 15 different ones before insisting that this was the one she was choosing this year. Then Skyler chose one that surprised me even more. The BB-8 ornament. I knew that she was getting into Star Wars just as much as me, but I really thought she would have chosen the snow fox she carried around the store.

How is Your Tree Decorated?

How did you decorate your tree this year? Are you more traditional with a color scheme? Or do you collect ornaments over the years like we do?

Check back tomorrow for Part Two -  Christmas Dinner


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