Skoolies at Disney World

James and I keep going back and forth with the idea of a Skoolie. The main question I had was, What about Disney World? Are Skoolies at Disney World allowed? This question is the biggest factor in are we going to convert a school bus into an RV or will we purchase an RV or Fifth Wheel. After searching forums and other online resources about Skoolies being discriminated against at RV Parks all over the nation, I was worried the one location that truly mattered to us. Disney Worlds Fort Wilderness Campground. I had to pick up the phone and call their front desk. I spoke to a wonderful cast member, Joy, and explained my question to her. She has not had this question asked yet, so off to do some research for me. After finding out that this question has come up, she sent me over to the Policies department. I wish I caught the cast members name but after a few more minutes on hold, I had my answer! Skoolies are allowed at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds! Now, this is just at this time, and it could change down the road. Make sure you call before you Skoolie Lover’s take off for Disney World as policies can change overnight. Since Skoolies At Disney World are Allowed, Why not RV Parks? Why do other RV parks discriminate against older RV’s and Skoolies? Disney World doesn’t seem to have policies that would prevent a family from making magical memories, why do other parks keep the awesome rigs out if they are nicely kept and sometimes better than the new rigs? Have you had trouble with your schoolie at an RV park? Have you spent your Disney Vacation in a Skoolie?

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Whats going on at Odysseys With Love

Sorry if it seems we have gone MIA the last few days! It has been a hectic few days over here at the Odysseys Household. I wanted to share with you whats going on with Odysseys With Love. We have a few new things to share and several updates for you. Whats Going On: Giveaways We have a Giveaway currently running right now until midnight on February 14th, 2017. What is it you ask? A Seven Piece Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament Set. Our favorite movie to watch between Halloween Night and Christmas Eve, as we can NEVER figure out when we are really supposed to watch this one. Check it out below and use the signup form to win! Whats Going On: Skylers Blackouts Some of you may have seen a few post about Skyler’s doctor’s appointments that we have had. Luckily we were able to see the neurologist last week and she is wanting us to have an MRI and EEG done to look at her brain as we have ruled out the cause being her eyes. We also received word back from her speech therapist for the assessment for in-home speech therapy. So we have a lot going on with this one medically. Whats Going On: Weekend Adventures? I posted the video earlier this week of Skyler’s Archery Class, but in case you missed it, I will link it down below. Skyler has bugged us for weeks about getting a bow and arrow. When it was time to go to the class, Skyler was EXTREMELY excited. I even talked to the main trainer about scheduling Skyler private One-on-One classes with him as I am afraid Skyler will not receive the attention she needs in the larger class if this is what she is wanting to do. A New Baby! That’s Whats Going On No, no, no! I am not pregnant, nor have I just had a new baby. But, Skyler’s Aunt, well I call her my Sister-In-Law, just had her little one this weekend and I had the most mind-blowing experience! I got to sit in the operating room with her while she had a c-section! I caught her little one’s first moments and I couldn’t be more excited! She trusted me enough to call me when she needed me, I am VERY bad at being social even with family. Just a little capture from shortly after she was born! FREEBIES! Did You Know Whats Going On? Yes, by signing up for our email list I have a LOT more than just freebies for you! I have a huge section of resources available for both Bloggers wanting tips and resources for writing, but I have another for everyone else that reads the blog! I have a Photography and Video Tips and resource sections also! You will also get a coupon code for all of the digital products in our store to get them for free!

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Our Favorite Full-Time RVers Youtube Channels

Shortly after James and I meet, we started to talk about RVing, and one-day becoming full-time RVers. I had already started to follow a few YouTubers before James and I met, but the more we talked about our desire to go tiny one day and looking into the different types of tiny living, we knew that RVing would be our best option. So, what are our favorite Full-Time RVers YouTube Channels?

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Deep Ellum Photo Walk

This past weekend, James and I wanted to go for a walk, but not just anywhere. 15 Minutes from our home is Dallas’s own Deep Ellum, and it is a great place to walk and take pictures. Deep Ellum always has something going on and is Dallas’s hottest nightlife spot. During the day, you will find photographers and their clients posing in front of the different artwork. The artwork, graffiti, and sculptures are scattered over and on the different buildings. Megan has taken many clients down to this area but has never really paid much attention to the different businesses you will find in the area.

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Disney or Bust – Saving Money for Disney World

Some people dream of vacationing on a beach at some exotic island. But, do you know where I dream of vacationing? Disney. It isn’t just me that dreams of a Disney World Vacation, the Girls and James both share my Disney Dreams. We started doing a few things around the house and online to start saving money to where we could make this dream a reality. Then earlier this year Disney Announced something that will be changing our original plans. Disney’s Star Wars Land AKA Galaxy’s Edge When Disney announced that they would be expanding their parks to included what fans everywhere dubbed as Star Wars Land and formally named Galaxy’s Edge, it changed our plans and how long we would want to stay. We have heard it will cost anywhere from $900 – $1,000 per night per family to stay in the Star Wars Hotel, where we would have the full experience of living in the Star Wars world. So even if we stayed just one night and moved to a different hotel (since I believe I have read somewhere that it is only a two-night experience), It would cost us around $5,000 extra to stay at the hotel. The lowest I have been able to get our stay at Disney is for Fort Wilderness staying in our RV (when we have it), it would also save us quite a bit on food since we wouldn’t need to do Breakfast at the parks or hotel. So What are we doing to save for Disney? One way to keep from spending a lot of extra funds is buying Disney Giftcards. This would also prevent us from spending our Disney Savings. I have calculated out that, I can spend $100 per month on these at this time of my own personal income. I am also making about $2.00 per day on Swagbucks around 5 days a week. When I get a chance I also do more but, my personal goal is $2.00. I have cut out purchasing name brand Cigarettes also, as you can see from my post of Saving Money on Cigarettes. We will take 50% of the income from the Blog, and put those on the gift cards also. How Much Do We Need for a Disney Vacation? For the vacation, we would like to experience we would need around $14,000 if we are to stay at the Star Wars Hotel and spend a little on extras while there. We would need to find a way to save around $390 – $400 per month. It would be possible and I am putting as much back as we can for the summer of 2020. A year after the Star Wars Hotel opens. Do you want to Save for Disney also? Swagbucks is a wonderful thing. If you want to learn how to use Swagbucks along with me, you can join my Learning to Swag E-Course in our Resource Library. You can also sign up for Swagbucks using my referral link, in fall, they have a bonus when you earn 300sb, you can get an extra 300sb (or $3.00). Swagbucks is one of my favorite sites to earn a little extra.

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Top 5 Destinations in Texas You Must Visit This Fall

In Texas, the seasons are Summer, Summer, Summer, and Christmas. So, where did Spring, Winter, and Fall go? We really don’t have them. So what are the top 5 destinations in Texas you should visit in the few days it feels like fall? Texas is a huge state and we have destinations for everyone in today’s article. Texas State Fair The Texas State fair traces its origins back to 1886 when the Dallas State Fair & Exposition was first founded. Today, the State Fair of Texas is the largest state fair in the US. Running for 24 days now, and how large it is, you can spend many days exploring the fairgrounds and never see the same thing twice. Thankfully they now have season passes valid for the entire season the fair is going now. Yesterland Farm The fall festival opened from September 23- November 12. Ranging in price from $18.95 – $39.95 depending on where you buy your ticket, and which type of ticket you purchase. Yesterland Farm has a corn maze, pumpkin patch, roller coasters, and so much more this fall.   Lost Maples State Nature Area   Lost Maples State Nature Area is stunning year-round, but in fall, the colors are absolutely breathtaking. Guadalupe Mountains National Park Another location to watch the seasons change is Guadalupe Mountains National Park, with the four highest peaks in the state, you will bound to see the most beautiful scenery in the state. Garner State Park Off of the Frio River, Garner State Park is a beautiful spot to go hiking and walking the tails. Take in the stunning scenery as you camping in a little corner of heaven in the Great State of Texas. Your Turn What is your favorite spot to spend Fall in? Let us know down in the comments.

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Dinner at Zenna Thai & Japanese

Our first stop for the Dating in DFW would be at Zenna Thai & Japanese Restaurant in Mesquite Texas, but there are also locations in Plano, North Dallas, and Downtown Dallas. We highly enjoyed our visit, and after seeing the menu, I realized I had ordered delivery from here a few months ago.

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Coffee Around The World

Let’s not lie here, I am addicted to coffee. As we plan our future travels, I started to think about all the different coffee around the world. Every country has a different method of making coffee and I found it interesting when doing research on it. Wouldn’t it be neat to try out different coffees without even leaving my own home? That is when I found Bean Box on Amazon. It is 16 gourmet coffees from the world’s top microlots. We haven’t tried it yet. We just ordered it. But we came across it when doing research when looking into it.  Coffee Around The World Argentina Café – is a shot of espresso Café en jarrito – basically a double espresso Cortado – a macchiato, or espresso cut with a little milk Café con crema – same as a cortado, but with cream instead of milk Lagrima – espresso cup filled with milk and a touch of coffee Americano – Hot water is added to a shot or two of espresso. Café con leche -half coffee half milk Capuchino – visible layers of coffee, milk, and froth, topped with cinnamon or chocolate. Austria Kleiner Bruaner and Groβer Brauner – close to what people consider ordinary coffee Melange – frothed milk and steamed coffee Milchkaffee or Café Latte – large coffee with frothed milk Einspänner – Strong black coffee with a dash of whipped cream Fiaker – coffee with a shot of Austrian rum and whipped cream Mazagran – A cold Fiaker variation Konsul – Black coffee with a small spot of cream Verlängerter – a diluted version of the Groβer Brauner Schwarzer or Mokka – Strong black coffee with lots of sugar (but not served with it) Kurzer or Espresso – espresso Türkischer – coffee boiled for a long time with sugar. Served very hot and grains still in the cup. Eiskaffee: Cold coffee with vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and whipped cream. Cappuccino – not the international version, but coffee and whipped cream. Cuba Café Cubano or cafecito – espresso mixed with sugar Cortadito – espresso topped with steamed milk Café on leche – coffee and hot milk Colado – Cuban espresso in larger portions. Want to learn more about coffee around the world? Sign up for our newsletter and we will be featuring countries around the world in every issue.      

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RV Remodel Inspiration

As we look around the net and our personal favorite, Pinterest, we keep coming back to the idea of truly making our future RV our own and completely remodeling it. Below are some of the ideas that we have found on the ideas that have inspired us. Check out the other blogger’s articles linked with the images we find so inspiring. You can also visit our RV Remodel Inspiration Pinterest Board also. Must Have Mom Must-Have Mom even has one of our colors right in her RV Remodel. She has an in-depth tutorial on painting the walls. The bedroom is stunning and we love the gray and white theme. [wp_ad_camp_3] Cat-arzyna Cat-Arzyna has the other color pop of purple. Mountain Modern Life  We have subscribed to Mountain Modern Life for a while now. The way they remodeled their RV Kitchen is dreamy. They also have a store that we plan to buy a lot of their printables for our future RV. Also check out their YouTube Channel too! Do you see a RV remodel that you love? Share it with us down below in the comments section.      

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Dating in DFW | Staycations

Welcome back to the Dating in DFW Series. What is a Staycation? A Staycation is a vacation spent at home or nearby. In this series, we will be staying in our own backyard at DFW’s most romantic hotels and venues. We need a break away from the kids to, so a staycation for a night or two is a perfect couples getaway while also staying close to home. We will be updating this list often, want to be on this list or to sponsor a post? We will be staying at each hotel and reviewing both video and articles. Sponsor a post at Work With Us Contact page

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