Our Favorite Skoolie Conversion Ideas on Pinterest

I have one pin on Pinterest that has been re-pinned hundreds of times. I get a notification that it has been pinned on someone else’s  boards all the time. I have tried searching to see who it belonged to but it is just a twitter feed with the hashtag #skoolie. This had me thinking about all of the other Skoolie ideas that we have pinned on our board for Skoolie ideas. We also have another with RV Remodel ideas. I see a lot of different boards by those that I follow in the RV and Skoolie communities and I love the ideas that we are seeing.Why shouldn’t we share with you, our readers the ideas that we have loved, not just this one pin that we and 100’s of others have fallen in love with? I am attaching our Pinterest boards for both Skoolie and RV Remodels below for easy access for you, that way you’re not having to hop off here and head over to Pinterest. If you are the owner of one of my pins and it isn’t going to your website, like the one to the left here, I would love to update my pins with your information as some of them are not going to the original sites now. I love the images, but not all are going where they need to be. I love Pinterest as it is an easy way to access and search for different things, and oh the ideas that we get for this. I think we will be doing a Skoolie, but there is always the possibility that we may gut an old RV. [pin_board url=”https://www.pinterest.com/odysseyswithlove/skoolie/” size=”custom” image_width=”100″ board_width=”900″ board_height=”450″][pin_board url=”https://www.pinterest.com/odysseyswithlove/rv-remodel/” size=”custom” image_width=”100″ board_width=”900″ board_height=”450″] Photo Credit The Featured image is by Seabamirum on Flickr. To see more of his work visit, https://www.flickr.com/photos/seabamirum/ Licensed on 1/30/18 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

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23 Best Airbnb's In Dallas

I think the most overlooked accommodations are Airbnb’s. When I start to look for where we want to stay on our next trip, I always forget about checking on there to see if there is an interesting and different place for us to stay at. With Airbnb, you are able to choose if you just want to book a room in someone else’s home, the entire house or apartment, a cottage, tiny houses, and so many different accommodations. I started to look at the different ones located in the heart of Dallas and I had to share the Best Airbnb’s in Dallas with my readers!

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Christmas Traditions | Part Three

Where do you go to celebrate Christmas or the days leading up to Christmas? We are just now starting a few new traditions in our house, but there are a few old ones that have lasted since I was a little girl.We haven’t done a whole lot this year in what we do for Christmas. Money has been very tight, but we have still spent a lot of time with the girls doing a few of our Christmas Traditions, and I am also sharing the few things that we will be doing next year during this time. Holiday In The Park Did you know that Six Flags Over Texas is still open and has Holiday in the Park going on right now? We took the kids down the other day to enjoy the weekend and to see the lights. We had a lot of fun and needed a rest day after a full 10 hours in the park. Our feet were killing us. Six Flags also has a lot of things going on during this time. We didn’t catch a show this time, but we did listen to a few of the stage performances as we were waiting in line for the riddler.  The kids got to pet a few farm animals and then we went to meet Santa Claus. Our FAVORITE thing to do!! Is their Snow Hill! Check out our video below! I couldn’t stop laughing. [wp_ad_camp_3] I won’t lie. This was partially my fault since we didn’t have a hairbrush or anything to calm the kid’s hair down, and they were not very good outfits for meeting Santa. I have a few complaints about our visit to Santa, but I have to give props to one of Santa’s helpers. She was what made our visit to see Santa great. First, even with a “reservation”, we had to wait another 30 minutes to see him. I stayed calm the whole time, but the other parents that made reservations, not so much. After getting into the cramped little room the squeezed Santa into, the Jolly Old Man was not Jolly. James even made a comment after that he seemed a little in his cups. He spent a few minutes with Rhyan, and wouldn’t even listen to her. Then he spoke all of two seconds to Skyler. I get it. She looks like a 15-16-year-old. But DON’T RUIN HER CHRISTMAS SPIRT by treating her any differently than her sister. I am still trying my hardest to keep her believing. Then we had a few pictures with Everyone. My next complaint is even with my season pass, I feel that the prints and everything were a little too much. Yes, I am a photographer, I know how much it cost to print. But with the number of portraits they are printing, they could at least lower the price a tiny bit.  Or allow just the digitals to be put on the season picture pass or online ordering. Just my two cents.   Christmas Traditions | Christmas Light Seeing One thing we have done since I was a child is going out to see the lights in my neighborhood. There is even one house near me that has the dancing light show. We see it at least 2-3 times per season. We enjoy going to the live concert the neighborhood has also. The next thing that we also enjoy doing is driving over to Highland Park, TX. We drive around the neighborhood there along with 100’s of other families to see all of the Christmas lights in the upscale neighborhood. Hopefully next year I will be able to get a Carriage ride with Circle G for their 1 hour light tour. This year we will just be driving. So look for the Instagram video and photos.Enchant Christmas is the worlds largest light maze! We should be going a few days after Christmas, so be on the lookout for our Instagram and Facebook videos of this! Six Flags Over Texas also has Christmas lights. As we did not do much video or photos, we only have a small clip in one area. Christmas Traditions | All Aboard! Train rides is one thing I have wanted to do with the kids for years now. Once again this is something that we will start doing next year, but it is something that I am extremely excited for. The Texas State Railroad has the Polar Express with SANTA! We can jump on this train and they read The Polar Express, serve Hot Chocolate, and then Santa comes and brings the first present of the season! Where To Ride in DFW Texas State Railroad Grapevine Vintage Railroad There are others but these are the two that I hear about the most. What Are Your Plans? What are you Planning to do this Christmas? Let us know down in the comments.

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What If Money Wasn't An Object?

The other day, we posted about dreaming of winning the lottery. I posted a few things that I would want to do with that money. It got me to thinking of all kinds of things that we could do if money wasn’t an object in our lives. Do you remember the largest Powerball jackpot ever? IT was split between three people but it was worth $983.5 Million Dollars in cash option, or $327.8 Million EACH! Just this year one woman won $480 million alone! I know I posted a lot about what I would do, but I won’t lie, I keep having dreams about winning one of the jackpots. If only I could remember the numbers. What If You Had $983.5 Million Dollars I have always wondered how the 1% lived, and I have always daydreamed about what it would be like to join their ranks. I played a few tickets in this jackpot, and only got my money back from it. What if I was the only one to win this jackpot? First, my new found wealth would not be the full $983.5 million. After taxes, which I will estimate as 50%, I would be coming home with about $491.7 million. You know that I had posted about being generous with our windfall with our family and friends. Setting up trust funds for the kids. Paying off all debts. Setting up investments so that we could earn an income from our win. Setting Up Accounts I would also set up separate accounts for different things. One would have to be for the house and furnishing our house. Another for cars, the RV, shopping and spending money. But the biggest account I would set up is to pay our bills, taxes, HOA dues. Things like that. Set it up to pay for them for at least 30 years. That account would not be used otherwise. Setting up an account for travel. That way I have to budget the funds for everything. I thought this was about money not being an object! Well, with $491 million in the account, it really isn’t an object. I would still budget out enough for the home, and other things so that the money isn’t just going down the drain like some lottery winners. If I invest correctly we would never want for anything. The House Where would you want to live? It has been a dream of mine since I found out you could live AT Disney World. I wrote about Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort in the last post and included the video of one of the houses I am in love with. I know that within Golden Oak there is the Four Season Resort, but if you turn off right before you get there, you will find The Four Seasons Private Residence Orlando. So far I have only seen three houses in this area go up, so even if I do not get one of these houses, there will be 27 more houses built in the Four Seasons area! Then there are the 5 other neighborhoods within Golden Oak. I am pretty sure even if it is another 10 years waiting to win this lottery, I will find a beautiful home located in the beautiful Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort. There are a few homes already in Golden Oak and The Four Seasons Private Residences that I am in love with. You Already know about the Capolavoro Home. This is the home of my dreams! But there is two others, plus one custom being built and one under construction right now. Check out the videos below of the two that are there now and click here to see the other two on the Four Seasons Website. Travel Dreams The first trip I am scheduling has to be a 7-Night Very Merrytime Western Caribbean Cruise, not just any stateroom, but I want to stay in the Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah. The Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah, AKA, Roy and Walt Disney Rooms, are lavish in their decor and the balcony! I would love to spend Christmas at Sea with the kids. I wonder if I could get a tree put up in the stateroom… Hmmm. [wp_ad_camp_3] If we are having to wait for our new home to be built, we would be hotel jumping at Disney World. I would be having my dental work done ASAP So having a place to stay while I heal will be important. So I would like to spend the first two weeks that we could at somewhere like the Polynesian Resort. After I get my fill of Disney World for our first two weeks or so, I would start my dental work and use the resorts as a place to heal while the kids enjoy themselves around Disney. Speaking of spending time at Disney, Our first week would most likely be spent with a guide, the Private VIP Tours. I would also like to see behind the scenes, so that would also be a tour we would do. After fulling healing and the home still isn’t finished, I would use the RV we would buy and start traveling around the states visiting all of the places below we would love to see. Some of them are below in our little slide show. Did you know that they have cruises for cruising around the world? Some of them are 100+ days at sea and included ports all over the world! I think this might be the best way for us to see all of the different countries. My only fear with this would be 99% of these cruises would not have many other children for the kids to get to know and have something to do other than with us, but this would be an experience I think the girls need to have, at least when we win the lottery. Cars! Cars! Cars! What is your dream car? I love the Dodge Challengers. 2018 Dodge has released the new Demon. I can not describe it so I am dropping another video! I can get it in PURPLE TOO!!! James wants a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and I love them and the Dodge Durango SRT. YES! I love my cars and yes I love more performance cars. Is it bad to just want a car for fun in the Dodge Demon? My daily driver would the Dodge Durango, and the Demon would be for special occasions.

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2018 Bucket List

2018 is just around the corner now and I am excited about the few things that we will be doing over the next year and everything that we will be bringing to the blog. So this is our 2018 Bucket List of the different things that we will be doing. Booking Hotels We have been planning a few hotels that we will be staying at over the next year. Save on Resorts all over the world with Booking.com! Booking.com has been wonderful for us as we don’t have to put even a deposit down on the hotels that we will be staying at, and we can cancel  before our trip to that location.  My Cousins Wedding The first trip I already have booked is our trip to Fort Mill, SC in April for my cousin’s wedding. I booked our hotel room as soon as Amy sent me the save the date card. Yes, we used Booking.com to book our hotel room, and will be showing you our room at the Hampton Inn and Suites as well our road trip from Dallas to South Carolina!  Wedding Season As a photographer that is currently getting into shooting weddings, I have a client that wanted me to shoot her wedding, but she moved. In June, we will be heading down to the Four Points by Sheraton Galveston. So while I am off shooting the wedding, the kids will be able to enjoy the beach (again) and the small amusement park. Like with the Fort Mill, SC hotel, we will bring a hotel review. This will be another Road Trip that we will capture. Six Flags Fiesta Texas Yes, We will be heading to San Antonio for a few days in July! We will be visiting Six Flags Fiesta Texas and staying at La Cantera Resort & Spa! I won’t lie, I am EXTREMELY excited about staying at this resort! I already know that after a long day at Six Flags, relaxing at this resort would be wonderful! Look out for our review of our room and resort stay! We will also have posts featuring Six Flags, and other things that we will be doing while in San Antonio. If we can push it, we will stay more than a few days.  Camping Trips! We will be heading out on more camping trips this year since the hurricane canceled our last trip. We will be tent camping at a few different locations Big Bend Ranch State Park We are looking at camping down by the Rio Grand for a weekend trip with the girls once it starts to warm up a little bit. I keep thinking about seeing the stars while at Big Bend Ranch State Park and the wonderful images we will have. Padre Island National Seashore Yes, we will be going back again for another weekend camping trip right on the beach down at Padre Island National Seashore. This was our first camping trip as a family and I can’t wait to head back and hopefully see the baby sea turtle this time. Cedar Hill State Park Located right in our own backyard, Cedar Hill State Park is just around the corner from us in the DFW area. So this will be great for a few nights and to go swimming when we don’t have other places to go. Oh The Places We Will Go When we are not off doing overnight trips camping and hotel stays, we will be exploring our own backyard. There is so much for us to share with you in the DFW area, and sometimes just a short car ride away. Dallas City Pass Have you heard of the CityPass? You can save up to 39% off of Dallas’ top attractions with the CityPass. We will be visiting the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Reunion Tower GeO-Deck (the big ball in the sky) and we have the choice of visiting The Sixth Floor Museum or Dallas Zoo and another choice between George Bush Presidential Library & Museum or The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden! Are you planning to be in Dallas more than a weekend? You have 9 days to finish using your CityPass. When we use our CityPass, we will be bringing you along with us, and showcasing all six of the attractions so you can make an informed decision on where you want to go. Ripley’s Believe It or Not and the Palace of Wax! Just up the highway, or in our case, on our way to Six Flags Over Texas, you will find Ripley’s Believe it or Not and several other attractions under one roof! I haven’t been to Ripley’s since Skyler was a little girl and Rhyan is going to love it when we head down there. Save up to $47 OFF Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Grand Prairie Odditorium +4 Attractions Combo Ticket. BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Legoland Discovery Center Between James, Skyler, and Rhyan, this looks like a VERY fun place for our family. This will be another great place for us to showcase as we visit Grapevine quite often. I can only imagine what the big kids, James and Skyler, will get into while Rhyan and I have our own fun! Sea Life While down at Legoland, we might also get tickets to Sea Life in Grapevine also. Or just do combo tickets and do it all in one day! Let us know down in the comments what is on your 2018 Bucket List! Don’t see something you would like to know about? Let us know! Are you a business and would like to sponsor a location or post? Check out our Work With Us page or email us at work with us@ odysseys with love dot com! We would love to hear from you!

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Dreaming Of Winning The Lottery | Dream Big Princess

Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? What about daydreaming of winning the lottery? Over the past few years, I have had several dreams of winning the lottery and it is always fun to think about what I would want to do with the lottery wins. I even have a secret Pinterest board of what I would want to do. I will set it to public as this post goes live. What Is The First Thing You Would Do If You Won The Lottery? Have you ever really thought about the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? This will tell you how much I have thought about it so far. I know that I would protect my ticket first and foremost as I start to put together a team to help me navigate my windfall. I would have to hire a tax attorney, family planning attorney, licensed accountant, financial advisor, CPA, whatever I needed to protect myself and the new assets. The State of Texas has laws in place that would allow me to remain anonymous, so it would be a huge help to keep people that I do not want knowing that we won such a huge amount. The attorneys would help me claim my ticket and let me know how to go about this. Let’s think of how much now I normally start playing the Powerball once in a while after it is over 150 million. I am going to give a say that the jackpot for this post would be about 500 million, and the cash option prize is at 250 million. After good old Uncle Sam takes his money from that, I would have a take-home amount of about 125 million. That is a good chunk of change! What would I give to family? The next thing I would do after claiming my win would be to pay off all debt. My team would help me make sure nothing is left unpaid. I am not sure how much that would be but I am going with a VERY generous estimate .05%.  After that, I would get my mother set up for the rest of her life. If she wants to keep this house, we would have it gutted and remodeled for her, even though I would prefer for her to move into the Edgemere. I have worked with the security team there and I would trust them with my mother. Since my dream would be to move down to Flordia, I would check and see if she wanted to come with us, or if she would prefer to stay local to Texas. Check out Edgemere below. I would then set her up with her own lawyers and team and a for all of I would set aside 5% just for her. 6.25 million should set her up for the rest of her life. My Children, Set For Life? After this, I would look at setting up Trust Funds for my children. Each of them would receive 8% in a trust fund for college, and at the age of 25, they would be able to start receiving a monthly transfer into their accounts. I would support them until that time unless they went to college, etc. This would be right at 10 million for them. [wp_ad_camp_3] As for Jacobs mother, I would have our family law attorney call her up so that we could set a new house for Jacob (we would figure out how to make sure the house was his) and funds for Jacobs upbringing to be transferred to her account to care for him. This would also set up him coming to Florida to stay with us whenever he wanted hopefully. I am not a mean woman and would never try and take a child away from his mother. Giving to My Brother and a few others. With both mine and James’ families, I would set up an account if they were to come to us to ask for money, or if they needed help with something. This way our attorneys can field what is given and to who.   After This is Set up, How much is left? Let’s look at what I have given so far in my Dream: So, I would have approximately 45 million after all major purchases Dreaming of Winning The Lottery? What About Investing? So, I would have around 45 million left. How much of that should I invest? 50% of it would be invested! 22 million would be invested. I would have 22 million to survive on for bills and HOA dues. I even took a few CD rate and looked at splitting them up between four banks. I have set asside a few accounts for things like the dream home and other things I consider major purchases. A New House! I already said I wanted to move to Flordia. The images I created for this post have Dream Big Princess on them. Can you image where I would want to live? No, I don’t want a house in Orlando, or around Disney World. No, I have to DREAM BIG! I dream of living AT Disney World. Have you heard of the community called Golden Oak? It is a community only four miles away from the Magic Kingdom inside of the Disney World Resort. I have looked at a few of the houses at Golden Oak, and I know which one I want. The first one that I REALLY want is The Capolavoro. The Capolavoro is located in the Four Season Residences area at Golden Oak. If I am talked down from this price range. I would love to have one of the ones under construction or move in ready at the other areas of Golden Oak. They have a list of homes on their website, and two others also in the Four Seasons area also. The Four Seasons one is a little under 8 million, and I would have to see if that would be doable with what I have left because it also comes with HOA dues. I don’t want to purchase something and have to do what a lot of lottery winners do and end up going bankrupt. What is also awesome about living there? Being able to call for a car and be taken to Disney World, and so many other amenities. I did put aside 15% for our dream home, and that is right at 18 million. If we do not use all of the funds, it will be added to our bill money account. Travel Dreams One thing that I also want to do other than live at Disney World, is to travel. I want an RV so bad and I dream of owning one. The Foretravel Realm. I want the LVB Bunk Model floorplan. Check it out below. MHSRV has it priced at $859,999, what an upgrade to the Jayco one we are currently looking at! We wouldn’t be able to do it with this amount that is set aside, so whatever is left over from the dream home could help with the RV. The other thing I would like to do is a cruise. Disney Cruise anyone? For the Walt Suite, on a 7 7-night cruise, its about 60K. Cars and More I have a list of cars I want a mile long, First is the Dodge Durango STR, James has the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The only other car I want more than anything is a Dodge Demon. Medical and Dental I have to have dental work done. I would be putting aside approximately 1% just for mine and James’ work that needs to be done. I need a full mouth of new teeth and would look at doing a hybrid denture. I am saving for a plain denture now, because you know implants are EXPENSIVE. I may consider full implants, but I like the idea of a hybrid denture also. I have played around with James about wanting it done, but I really don’t want any other cosmetic surgery. I may have a tummy tuck or things like that, but no boob jobs or facial work done. After two c-sections and two large babies, I would like a flat tummy. Since We live at Disney, What about the Parks? You knew this one was coming. Shortly after moving into our new house, I want to do the Private VIP Tour of Disney World. One day for each park. That way we can figure out how to get around and get a close look at Disney World. I also want to do some shopping for the house and for friends and family. I would also invite my family and friends for a trip out to Disney also. After we get accustomed to our new life. An estimate of this would be around $30K or so for all of the parks. Marriage on the Horizon? You already know that James and I plan to have the commitment ceremony this year. We may consider actual marriage after everything settles. When talking about paying off debt, I would be paying his off too, and the account would be both of ours. This would be our win. If we separate, which I already know will not happen, it is just like any relationship. It is split 50/50. If we do the actual marriage thing down the road, I want to be married at Disney World. We would be living there and living that life. Why not let good old Mickey Mouse marry us. What Would You Want To Do With A Lottery Winning? Have you ever sat down and thought about what you would want to do with a lottery win? I know 99% of people don’t plan like I have in this, but it was fun every time I have a dream about winning, I take the amount of the win and see what I could REALLY do with it. Pinterest and Amazon Things I dream of You can check out our Pinterest Board HERE and the things I would want from Amazon are listed below.

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Disney Dreaming | Our Dream Disney Vacation

I always see how to plan a Disney Vacation on a budget but I never see Planning a Dream Disney Vacation. I seem to do this every time that a large Powerball or Mega Millions Lottery is going on, I always think about what I would do if I had a large windfall and had no worries over what I would do financially. When asked what I would do with all that money, the first thing I would say is to plan our dream Disney Vacation. But, have you ever really sat down and thought what that would be? I mean plan out your own dream vacation? Please don’t tell me I am alone in this. Disney Dreaming | Where Would We Stay? If you look at the main image and the one to the left, it might be a giveaway. These are not at Disney, but the Hotel we are dreaming of staying at are themed after those images. My first choice of hotel HAS to the Polynesian Village Resort. If money isn’t an issue and I could have my choice of rooms, it wouldn’t be just the regular room, but the Club Level theme park view. Club Level includes a dedicated concierge, advanced planning and reservations, turn down service, and then the FOOD!  Club Level offers a continental breakfast, snacks, drinks, appetizers, and deserts. For those 21 and older, you also have beer and wine out during certain times. So why the Polynesian? The theme of the resort is the main reason. It would be like visiting Hawaii for us. (Yes I know, with a large lotto, we could go to Hawaii and Pacific islands.) It is also on the monorail for the Magic Kingdom and we can watch the fireworks on the beach. How long would we want to stay? If it wasn’t an issue, I would stay the maximum of 15 days with 10-day park hopper plus tickets. This way we would be able to see and do just about everything at an easy pace and not worry about the timing of everything. We would have three days of park breaks other than the day of arrival and departure. Are Tours just Disney Dreaming? Even with the pricing of $425 – $600, I would want to enjoy a Private VIP Tour for at least one day. Have you seen the Cast Members in Plaid out at the parks with a group of visitors? That was most likely one of the tour groups. Disney offers several types of tours, but the Private VIP Tour would be what we would want. Not only does the Cast Member plan your day with you, but they tell you all about the parks and show you tips and tricks along the way. You start your day at your desired time by your guide picking you up. You would then have a day packed full of shows, rides, parades and more. You also have reserved area’s at parades just for your family. If we were in a time crunch, this might be a great idea to visit all of the parks and ride all of the rides. Disney also offers the Ultimate Day of Thrills and Day of Classics. I have also noticed the new addition of The Nights of Adventure. Disney offers other tours but the ones mentioned above are what we would want to experience if we could. [wp_ad_camp_3]     Epic Disney Dreaming Dining The Disney Dining Plan has been upgraded in 2018. The Deluxe Dining plan now includes an alcoholic drink were in previous years it did not. Most of the restaurants that we would love to visit are on the deluxe plan. If we could, I would prefer to have dinner at the Dinner Show Spirit of Aloha on our day of arrival. The good thing about being in club level is the planning service. The concierge helps with dinning reservations, and I would love their help planning our epic Dream Disney Vacation. We would like to have meals at, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Be Our Guest, Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, California Grill, and many others. One other thing that we would be doing while at Epcot is eating our way around the world, I am not a heavy drinker and can not hold my alcohol, so, drinking around the world would not be a fun trip, but going to each country in Epcot would be right up my alley. Maybe the concierge could help planning this day? Just a Dream Disney Vacation I wish I could say that this vacation was possible for us right now. Maybe one day we could actually do this. Only other thing I would want to do is give James his nights in the Star Wars Hotel along with this Epic Disney Dream Vacation. Without the VIP Tour and extra food, just the resort, tickets, dining plan, and flight alone would cost around $25,000. This would be a dream vacation for us if we hit the lottery one day.

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Date Night Ideas | Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

I had the pleasure of photographing my neighbor’s daughter, Meghan, the other day at one of my favorite locations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Her boyfriend Alex asked me to capture his proposal at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Meghan has always been like a sister to me and I was excited to do this for her.

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Skoolie Dreams | Floorplans

We talked about Disney allowing Skoolies at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds a couple of days ago, today lets talk about Skoolie Dreams and floorplans. In 1995 laws were passed that school buses could not be longer than 40 foot in length. Recently that has changed to 45 feet. With purchasing a used school bus to convert into a motorhome, AKA Skoolie, We would most likely be purchasing a bus that was between 36 feet and 40 feet. If we could find a newer one that was closer to 45 feet in length, I would be happier, but I have been able to keep our dream plans below 38 feet so far. First Skoolie Floor Plan   The first thing I did after hanging up with the Disney Cast Member, I started thinking up ideas for our floor plan. Discovering Us Bus, was one of the websites I browsed and joined their facebook groups that I am still waiting to be excepted. Without much research other than the buses are typically 8 feet wide, I started to draw. I love the fact that I can print graphing paper with my HP Printer. I used the 1/8th-inch graphing option and started drawing with each grid equalling six inches. I knew that we would have the front 4 feet or so taken up by the dash and captains chair, not to mention the stairs. With us having three kids, I knew we needed seating for at least four in the living area of our future bus. I am not happy with a galley kitchen but I am still playing with the floorplans, and I have found a range that is 24″x24″ and a small fridge also. We know we want bunks for the kids, and we would need a bathroom also, I found a 30″ wide tub that we could also do a shower in the tub area. The last thing we need is a master bedroom. This floor plan is around 38′ in length. I am not really happy with it, and yes I know the floor plan walls are way too thick. I am just feeling a little dubious about this plan for now. The Second Floor Plan The second floorplan that I came up with has a little different specs. The front would be changed to have a co-captains chair right at the stairwell like in a class a motorhome. We will work out how to cover the stairs while in motion hopefully. We still have the galley style kitchen but after some research, I found out that Ikea has base cabinets that are only 24″ in depth. I was able to sneak in a larger French door style fridge also. We would have a larger couch that seats three since we have the co-captains chair and a media center. I need to work so we have that also. The bunk beds would be turned and have custom mattresses in it. This would let us all have a little privacy as the bunks would be built in. Yes, the electrical closet is near their bunks but we could have it locked down so the little bit cannot get into it. The bathroom would be accessible from the hallway and the master would have a closet if we can find a long enough bus. These are just ideas, and we will be playing with it for a while until we find the perfect for us bus.   Other Skoolie Floor Plans

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