Six Flags Over Texas Update and News

We recently visited Six Flags Over Texas since the Summer season is almost over. It is now time for the park to start working on the Fright Fest updates. The best thing is, I noticed something new and we also got emails the other day that they will be adding a new right for the 2019 season!

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Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Bedroom

I have known for years now that Skyler LOVES Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. This Christmas, James got her a poster for her room of Jack, and it has me thinking that its time to re-decorate her room. Why not decorate it with a Nightmare Before Christmas Theme. Making My Own Printables I have Photoshop for a reason. I use to love making scrapbook digital elements, so I have a little knowledge of making things for these printables. I started off searching for silhouettes of Jack and also of Jack and Sally together. If I wasn’t able to find a silhouette, I found images that had a white or solid color background. Using the Magic Wand Tool, I selected the solid backgrounds and inverted my selection. I added a new layer and then using the flood fill I filled in the new selection. This gave me a blank canvas. Under this layer I always flood fill it with white, or what ever color I want the background to be, but for today’s, I used white. I had a few stock images of watercolors that I knew Skyler would love, so I added those to a new layer above my new silhouette. Right Clicking on this layer, I selected create Clipping Mask. This applies this layer only to the black silhouette. The only other thing I did was add a few words to a couple of them Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Bedroom I created a wishlist on amazon for the things that I am either going to start buying or, since I am so lucky to have such a handy man in our lives, have James make. The dresser, nightstand, and artist table are things that he can make for us. The artist table would be even better because it would be more solid, and I can have a light box in the top for her. As you know I have the printable above that you can just click on and save if you wish. The Paint color is Sapphire Glow by Valspar and is available at Lowes. Amazon Wish List GreenForest Twin Size Metal Bed Frame with Stable Metal Slats Stable Headboard/Black 6-PIECE Black Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter Set Fancee Nightstand Fancee Dresser Simple Designs Mosaic Tiled Glass Genie Table Lamp Kenney Mirror Mosiac Glass Window Curtain Rod WPM 2 Piece Beautiful Sheer Window Elegance Curtains In Black and Dark Purple Studio Designs 10088 Triflex Drawing HSicily LED USB String Lights Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Portable Pet House Dog Bed / Cat Bed  Do you have a themed bedroom or one of your children? Let us know down in the comment section below.   Stay in touch with Odysseys With Love and receive weekly newsletters, enter for a chance to win the monthly giveaways, freebies, and so much more! Opt in to receive news and updates. I Want In Now! Thank you! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Head over to our Freebie Library now! The Password is OWL2018

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Planning Our South Carolina Road Trip and a FREE printable

In April, we are going on the longest/shortest road trip for the first time as a family. The Girls have made the trip to East Tennessee with us a few times, but other than the Padre Island National Seashore beach trip, James hasn’t been on a long one with us yet. I am nervous and excited at the same time. Why am I saying this is the Longest/shortest road trip? Well we are going to my cousin Amy’s wedding in Fort Mill, South Carolina and we are only going for the weekend!This also means I have to plan carefully so that we can make it there in time.  That is where I started to look for a planner that would work for this type of Road Trip. See, I wanted to be able to track where I will be and when I will need to stop for gas since we are leaving out at 8-9 pm the Friday before the wedding.I couldn’t find a planner ANYWHERE that had a 24 hour schedule! So what did I do? I made my own and I am sharing it with you! Just jump on down to the bottom of this post to sign up not only for this printable, but all of our Resource Library materials! Driving VS Flying I had to weigh out the cost and comfort for everyone when it came to this trip. Which would be better and financially doable? This chart will show my reasoning for choosing to drive the 15 hour trip instead of Flying. Driving To South Carolina $250 in Gas $150 – $200 for Rental Car $200 in food (round trip, lesss since we are packing food too) 15 Hours Non Stop Driving One Way $650 for just driving Flying To South Carolina $2,000 + for the four of us to fly in. 4 Hours on Way Airport Security $200 in Food $2,200 For FlyingSo it REALLY make sense that we Drive to save the money. I know we won’t have a lot of time to stop and visit different things, but we are planning on making one big stop on our way back. I am also planning this stop for around lunch time. We will be stopping in at Six Flags Over Georgia! I called the membership support to find out if we would be able to use our dinning passes also at the Georgia property, and since we have the Premium Dining Passes, we are able to us it there (FREE LUNCH!) Either way we would have enough food packed in our cooler to eat lunch before we entered the park. But this way the food cost above just got a little cheaper! Friday before we leave So, we are planning on leaving the day before the wedding, at about 9ish. You can see above that I have even that day planned out and approximately where we will be every hour after we get on the road.I even planned on when I will pick Skyler up from school, naps, and our dinner. If James gets home from work at 9:30, we wont get on the road til 10ish, but we believe he will take off a little early or take off for his second job. I will have the car ready so when we do get on the road, that’s all we have to do. Who is doing the Driving? On the way there I plan to do the first half of the driving. That is why I am napping off and on all day Friday. I’ll probably stay up all night Thursday working within *Tailwind scheduling Pinterest stuff and working on the following Monday’s Newsletter. This way James can sleep on that first leg on our journey to South Carolina since he worked all day. After he wakes up and we have breakfast in the morning, we will switch out so I can at least take a nap for a little while.On the way back, as we are leaving out it doesn’t matter who drives for the first few hours. Just that I am driving the last leg home so that James can nap even though we will be home before he has to work that Monday. Are You Following Us On Social Media? FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestOnly Three More Years! Skyler will be Sixteen in THREE YEARS! That really is a scary and exciting thought! At 15, I had a hardship licences and drove some of the way to Tennessee, so I can not wait till Skyler is old enough to help drive with these trips, especially when we have the Airstream… YES I will be teaching her to tow because she is already wanting a r-pod or T@B for when she goes to collage. Maybe I could talk her into a small Airstream too?   Follow Us On Social Media Facebook Instagram Pinterest Youtube Twitter Google-plus Join The Tribe! This form collects information we will use to send you weekly updates, special offers, exclusive newsletter-only content, first look at what is new in the resource library, Monthly Giveaways and so much more! Read Our Privacy Policy I Want In Now! Your In! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Head over to our Resource Library while you wait for your first email! Make sure to check your spam folder! The confirmation email may have been delivered there. Once you are confirmed, you are eligible to win the monthly giveaway!

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How To Earn Money While Living Full-Time in an RV

James and I are still young and we still need to have an income right now and also when we get on the road and start traveling full time in the Airstream when we have it. I knew I would have a small income coming in from my photography business, and it is also one of the reasons I started this website.

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Remodeling A Vintage RV

Last week we talked about our dilemma in choosing between a new RV, Remodeling an RV, and building a Skoolie. After the family talked it out, we are choosing to remodel an RV, but not just any RV. We are wanting to remodel a Vintage Airstream. So, let’s talk about a few things in this post of not just the Vintage RV, but Airstreams, remodel tips, inspiration and so much more. Why a Vintage RV? And Why The Airstream? First, lets talk about why we are wanting to remodel a vintage RV and specifically the Airstream. I have always loved Airstreams, but every time I have ever looked at one of their models that would fit our needs, I was looking at $90K+. I love the clean lines of the Airstream and the fact that the Airstream has not changed on the outside at least since they started manufacturing. This pretty much means the Airstream has never gone out of style. They seem to hold their value if they are in good condition better than other RV that lose their value real quick. Another reason I like the Airstream is due to their size. 99% of the Airstreams I have found are under 30 feet in length. Why is this important to us? If you look at National Parks you will see that most of them require rigs under 35 feet in length. We might be able to find a different vintage trailer to meet that requirement, but it wouldn’t be the Airstream. So for us, when we do get on the road and start traveling full time, being able to get into the parks we want to visit. This would also make it a lot easier to tow as we won’t be towing a huge 5th wheel that requires us to have a larger truck (saving money) Or buying a huge Class A RV and towing a car behind us. Remodeling an Airstream also was appealing since we wouldn’t have to add plumbing or electricity (even though we might have to replace them). Finding Our Vintage Airstream Instead of searching Craigslist every day, I have set up IFTTT app on my cell phone to search Craigslist for me and send me a report of their Airstreams it comes across in the DFW area. If I find another avenue of searching for ours, we will update this post to include it also. Comment below if you know of another means of finding a vintage airstream. Inspecting a Vintage Airstream When inspecting a Vintage Airstream expect a lot to be needing work. What do you need to look for? Airstream model in the late 1960s has known issues with the wiring. Any appliance over 20 are NOT trustworthy and will need to be replaced. If your potential rig is older than 20 years old, the axles will most likely be shot. Smelling fresh chemicals, caulk, glue, and carpets under the sink and under windows are prone to damaging leaks. Expect leaks, if the potential rig has been leaking for a long time, expect a lot of damage. Look for corrosion on the frame. Look for outriggers that have rubbed through the belly pan or body especially in the 1950’s and early 1960’s while checking for corrosion. Check the frame connection at the tongue and bumper. Check for softness in the plywood floors around windows, doors, and wheel wells. Check for weather sealing. Has the plumbing been updated? If not, there may be drips or leaks that caused damage over time.   Airstream Inspiration! Looking for inspiration in remodeling your Airstream? Below are some of our FAVORITE Airstream remodels we have found so far! Is your Airstream on the list and you wish it wasn’t? Let us know and I will gladly take it down. Less Junk < More Journey Not only do Marissa and Nathan have one of my favorite Airstreams, they are also one of my favorite YouTubers! Check out our post about Our Favorite Fully Time RVing YouTube Channels. Marissa and Nathan’s Airstream is beautiful with the white walls and cabinetry. LYNNE KNOWLTON I am not going to lie and say I have followed Lynne for a long time, the truth is I just found her and her Airstream while looking up inspiration photos to pin. When I originally pinned her Airstream it didn’t even go to her blog. It had her name in the description and I was able to find her blog and a VIDEO tour of her Airstream! She has a new follower also since I just LOVE her blog! Rachel Horn Rachel Horn’s design of this Airstream is dreamy to me, a little darker than we would like ours, but this design is beautiful. Check out her design and services page! Hopscotch The Globe  Kristen and Siya from Hopscotch the Globe also own another AWESOME vintage Airstream that we are in love with. Not only do they have a blog post about their remodel, but a video also explaining everything about their Airstream. Even down to how much they spent on their renovation.   Pinterest Board! These were just a few of our favorite Airstream remodels, we have a board over on Pinterest with all things Airstream just waiting for you to go explore. Go ahead and head over there and explore everything that we have found![pin_board url=”” size=”custom” image_width=”200″ board_width=”600″ board_height=”500″] Things We Want to Buy For Our Airstream! There are a few things that we do want to buy for our Airstream. Knowing space will be limited, I am searching for smaller appliances or items made for RV’s and small homes. All of these links are associated with our Amazon Affiliate Account and are products we want to buy. When we start to remodel our own, We will have reviews of all of the products that we used for our Airstream. In The Kitchen I love to cook and have never had a gas stove or oven before. This 20″ range seems to be perfect I am still looking for a refrigerator but this one kinda looks promising, but we may want a larger one. Looking for a space saving sink and I found a 17×17 one… that may be a little too tiny for us. That is when I found the 25X22 inch one. Fabrics, Paints, Flooring and more We will need to either reupholster different things or make new things. We will also need to paint and lay new flooring down. These items below are just a few that I would like to use. Fabrics I may not be able to talk James into all of these fabrics, but I LOVE them!!! We will also need to find a theme for colors once we get the Airstream. I like blues and purples. Paints We already know that we will need to paint, and paint a lot. For a light and airy feeling, we will need a LOT of whites. Once we have a theme, we can add in a splash of color here or there. Flooring Carpet is SOOO hard to keep clean. I want to use Vinal or Laminate flooring. Have you Remodeled or Renovated an Airstream? As we start looking for our own Airstream to gut and make into our dream home on wheels, we will be following other Airstream owners and getting ideas for our own. Let us know if you have renovated or remodeled an Airstream down in the comments so we can go follow you! *Special Note: Featured image is by Duncan Rawlinson, 203 Airstream and AEZ At Roughly 7 and E Burning Man 2014, Liecence Some rights reserved Downloaded on 1/24/18)

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Six Flags Birthday

I still can not believe that we just finished celebrating Skyler’s 13th birthday. Skyler’s happy place is out at Six Flags Over Texas. In the past I have talked about our day trips, upgrading our passes, and 5 awesome tips for six flags. So I want to talk about Birthdays at Six Flags at the DFW park.

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RV or A Skoolie | The Dilemma

One thing I keep going back and forth on is are we going with an RV, RV Remodel, or a Skoolie. This has been an issue since we started to dream about our traveling plans. I keep going back and forth with what I want to do in the long run. There are pro’s and con’s to both of these and I really need to work this out. So maybe someone out on the vast internet can help us if they have done these. Purchasing a New RV Our first option is to purchase a new RV. This isn’t a fully customizable option and we are limited by our budget or wait a few years to save up for one that we would REALLY like. We would also need to choose between a Trailer Pull, 5th Wheel, Class C, and Class A rigs. The Pro’s It’s brand new, never used, never slept in. Don’t have to worry about previous owners maintenance Warranties Updated Gadgets. Some dealers include upgrade packages. The Con’s Price. What materials were used in building the RV? Limited Floor Plans. Limited decor options. Loses its value quickly. Longest time for us to get on the road.   Remodeling a Used RV While we are considering remodeling a used RV, I would not want to completely gut it and start over. I would also not want a rig that was too old either. We would still need to make a choice between the trailer, 5th wheel, Class C, and Class A rig. The Pro’s They are cheaper and have already lost their value. IF they are taken care of, they have good bones already. We can redesign how we want over time. Shortest time to getting on the road. Really cool vintage RV can be found. The Con’s How was the rig taken care of? For Motorhomes, how was the engine maintenance? Limited Floor Plans. Repairs can be costly. No Warranties. Some RV Parks Restrict by the Rig’s age. Building A Skoolie   Building a Skoolie is a time-consuming process if it will just be James, the kids, and I building the bus. This option offers a lot of great Pro’s for us and that is why it is still on our list of options. But…. one of the con’s may prevent me from doing this one unless we do something to the bus to prevent it from doing what happened while on Skyler’s field trip. The suspension in a bus STINKS. I came out of my seat on the back of the bus and hurt my back. So this is why I am on the verge of saying one of the other two options. The Pro’s Fully Customizable Can create a more homey feel. We choose the floor plan and design it to our needs. Home goes where we go. We can choose the materials that go into the bus. The Con’s The Suspension issue. RV Park restrictions. Where can we park while we build? The conversion time frame. price of materials to go into it.   Which one is it? Truthfully, we have no idea. I love the idea of a Skoolie. I REALLY love that idea. But the RV remodel idea is also on my mind. If you had to choose one of these which would you look at? Let us know down in the comment section. Go ahead and pin this post to Pinterest. There are more pin designs when you use the floating Pinterest button below!

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Texas Campgrounds

Last Summer we went camping down at Padre Island National Seashore. I wasn’t sure if this was something that we would enjoy, so I didn’t go all out on our camping gear. We found out that not only James and I loved camping, but so did the girls! As we are starting to plan our family trips for this year, I started to look for campgrounds near and far. Today I am sharing with you our bucket list of campgrounds that we want to start visiting. Head over to the State parks website by clicking on any of the titles below! As we visit each of these sites, I will be updating the images to our own. Currently, the images are from the Parks websites. Caddo Lake   Out in East Texas, you will find Caddo Lake State Park. This park is great for paddling the bayous that are lined with Bald cypress trees draped in Spanish moss. Cedar Hill Just minutes from Downtown Dallas is a little oasis in the big city. Cleburne Spring fed lake and trails through the forest in the Texas Hill Country! Davis Mountains I can not wait to see the night sky like those in the photos from Texas Parks and Wildlife. Dinosaur Valley Where Dinosaurs Roamed! Play in the water and track dinosaur tracks at this state park. Enchanted Rock With a little bit of hiking, you can camp out at Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg Texas Garner Right off of the Frio River, you can swim or hike. Why not take an inner tube down the river and relax at your campsite! Kickapoo Cavern How would you like to see the evening bat flight? Head into the wild caves on a $10.00 per person tour on Saturdays and explore underground. Mustang Island  Five Miles of beachfront camping. Palo Duro Canyon Another location with beautiful night skies. Up in the Texas Panhandle, you can explore the canyon by foot, biking, horse or even car.

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Dallas CityPASS

This upcoming summer we will be visiting all of the attractions that the Dallas CityPASS offers. I have been to four out of the six options over the last 30 years and three of them in the last five years. So why am I writing about this now? Dallas CityPASS boast that they will save you money when you use the pass versus paying for each attraction individually.

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