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Sometimes Life Happens

I few weeks ago, I purchased my original domain name, and I have worked on it off and on getting it up and running, but I am so intertwined with Odysseys With Love that I think I am going to just keep the new site as my photography site. I was going to move over different aspects of this site to the new one, but I just don’t think that would work for me. I love Odysseys With Love and the Odysseys brand.  But you know what? Sometimes life happens and I have been very busy in other areas of life than the website, but things are starting to calm down, and I will be back here soon. With a complete new look and overhall of Odysseys With Love and so much more. So loyal readers, keep a lookout! 

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Where Did We Go? A Odysseys With Love Update

A few weeks ago, I posted that I would be doing better time management wise, and well, me being me, that just did not happen. I really am trying to do better but well life gets in the way, and Odysseys With Love took to the back burner. That is changing today, it has to. I have put a lot of work and effort into this and I guess I have just burned out myself too. So Where Did We Go?

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The Future of Odysseys With Love

Since Odysseys With Love began, I have noticed one thing about the articles I have been writing. I really wanted us to be a travel blog. I am noticing that a lot of the travel-related post has been kind of put to the side here lately for other things. That’s ok, Odysseys With Love is growing and that’s a wonderful thing. I sat back this morning and really thought about what I want Odysseys to really be about. What I want our YouTube channel to be about.

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Love Languages | 78 Ideas for Your Acts of Service Partner

Back in November, I wrote the post, His Love Language is Physical Touch and shared 50 ideas for the physical touch partner. Today, I am going to share ideas for the partner whos love language is Acts of Service. This is my love language, and James comes by speaking this easily. He seems to do something small every day at least that speaks to me in this way letting me know that he does love me.

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DIY Home Decor | His and Her Vows

  Christmas Morning, James and I stood in front of our Christmas Tree and said a few words that will forever be imprinted in my mind. I knew I wanted to take these words that we had thought long and hard over and turn them into something that we will always be able to see and look back on. The Printable I made it easy for those that do not have Photoshop to recreate this printable by going to Canva, a free designing app. Its available for computer access and for iPhone. It took me about 5 minutes to make this and I will have it printed and framed to go on our bedroom wall. You can edit everything about the printable from the background color, fonts, text size, and more on Canva. Professional Prints I am sending this in to have it professionally printed by Mixbook’s Home Decor or their photo prints depending on where I am going to place them. I am thinking two 11X14 prints and then framing them to go on the outside of a picture of James and me.  Mixbook’s has a lot of options from canvas to acrylic prints to choose from. Once I have the prints hung, I will be sharing them on our Instagram. So be sure to keep an eye out at What were our Vows? I sat down over several days really thinking about what I wanted to say to James. I wanted it to be who I am and show James how much I love him. I wanted him to know that even though this was just a commitment ceremony that it meant more to me than a wedding or us going and getting legally married. I can not speak for James on his words to me on Christmas morning other than they really did bring tears to my eyes. They were the most heartfelt words I think I could have ever heard him utter to me.

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37 Winter Date Night Ideas

Baby its cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your love life with your spouse has to be cold also over the next few months. We have put together a list of 37 Winter Date Night Ideas from cheap and inexpensive at-home dates to romantic carriage rides.  Let us know if you have tried any of these date ideas or if you have other date night ideas to keep you and your honey warm and cozy this winter. Go ice skating. Bake muffins or cupcakes together. Spend the evening relaxing by the fire, reading or playing games in the candle or firelight. Go after Christmas shopping. Create winter decorations for your home together. Have a Streaming Movie Night. (Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now) Make homemade hot chocolate together. Go hot tubbing. Go to a Korean style spa. Do an act of service together. Take a carriage ride. Take a cooking or dance class together. Make Christmas ornaments together. Build a fort out of blankets. DIY Photo Shoot. Take a drive and explore your city. Have a scavenger hunt. Go bowling. Play video games. Go to the theater. Have a coffee shop date. Go for a walk. Visit a museum. Have a winter picnic. Go to trivia night at a bar. Go sing karaoke. Have a palm reading. (Just don’t ask questions about your relationship.) Go on a ghost tour. Go to a stand-up comedy show. Attend a wine tasting event. Wine and cheese at home. Go to the zoo. Play the Newlywed Game. Have a fondue night. Plan your next vacation. Create a bucket list. Have an at-home spa night together.    

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Happy New Years

First, I want to say Happy New Years Everyone! It is that time of year that everyone starts to make their resolutions about becoming a new you, making your life better, and so on. I have failed at my resolutions every year so I am going to make it a LOT easier for myself this year. Happy New Year, New Me! This year, I want to start to complete a new 30-day challenge each month. One of them I will be trying to complete each month until it becomes ingrained in my brain. The other challenge can change each month as they will be: work out challenges relationship challenges parenting challenges photography Challenges. I will be introducing an Instagram hashtag each month for those of you that want to follow my progress each month. January’s 30 Day Challenge Part One I looked through Pinterest last night before the ball dropped for ideas. I came upon the Popsugar 30 Day Cleaning challenge and this one I knew would make my mom happy as I will admit it, I SUCK at cleaning. #30DayCleaningChallenge January’s 30 Day Challenge Part Two The next Challenge since I want to do the cleaning one every month until it is truly ingrained in me will be Instagram related. Not only will this make me a better blog photographer, it will also give me a chance to learn more about my new iPhone and how to use it. So I want to do the January Photo Challenge from Fizzle Out with the hashtag #iamgrateful

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Christmas Traditions | Part Four

Who doesn’t love surprises! Part four of our Christmas Traditions Series is on Christmas Eve! I couldn’t leave out writing about the most magical night of all nights, could I? Make sure to go back and read about our other Christmas Traditions in Part One, Part Two, and Part Three! Most Magical Night of The Year Why do I think Christmas Eve is the most magical night of the year? It is when Santa comes and leaves all of his presents under the tree. You can hear the sleigh bells ring in the night. Tracking Santa, this year with the Amazon Echo Dot. Waking up to find a little magic dust and so much more. I hate that I will be working Christmas Eve photographing a wedding, but when we get home we will have a wonderful night with the old and new Christmas Traditions. Everything from baking cookies for The Jolly Ol Man and making reindeer food, to opening their Christmas Eve Box. We have Christmas Traditions for everyone. And I can not forget about making something to keep us all warm and cozy. As we are in Texas, and we never know how the weather really will be on Christmas or Christmas Eve, I still make Hot Chocolate every year. Christmas Traditions | Baking Cookies Every year I tend to make peanut butter cookies for Santa. I know some people swear that Santa only loves Chocolate Chip Cookies, so we have to prepare our Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies. Something a little different for Santa to snack on. These are our favorite cookie recipes and so much fun to make with the girls. Christmas Tradition | Opening One Present We haven’t done this one since I was a child. And my mom says I made this up in my own head, and we never did anything like this. But my own memory still tells me about the time I was given the smallest present under the tree to open. I remember a necklace with Tinkerbell on it one year.  A makeup kit another. My easy bake oven for another year. (I made Santa a cake that year.) I have not followed this tradition with my own children but I am thinking about starting the next tradition this year. Christmas Tradition | The Christmas Eve Box Have you seen the Christmas Eve Box on Pinterest yet? I have seen several of them all over Pinterest and I keep thinking about making one for the kids. Do I want to make one for the whole family? Or, do I want to make one for each of the kids, and James and I are out on this neat little traditions. We chose to go with the family box. Once it is done, I will write an article for here on how we put it together. Here are a few Ideas that I have found on Pinterest The Chirping Moms -  PJ’s, Books, and a Game  Every Child is a Blessing – PJ’s, Movie, Book, Bib, Cup, and Plushie – PJ’s, Gingerbread kit, movie, popcorn tubs, book, coloring books, Christmas bingo game, hot chocolate, and fun cups.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Very Happy New Year. We couldn’t do this website without our readers and I am so excited to bring you all new things next year.  

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