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His Love Language is Physical Touch

Early on in our relationship, I sat down with James and we did one of the Love Language quizzes. As I knew, my love language ended up being Acts of Service. Unsurprising to him, his was physical touch. It was interesting to see the quiz and to learn that about each other.

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Commitment Ceremonies & What Are They

Sunday, I did something that was against the norm. I sat down with James and I told him my feeling for him and how much that I love him. I told him I wanted to give him a ring for Christmas, but I wanted it to be more than just a ring. I want to give us a little more than the title of “Boyfriend and Girlfriend.” I wanted commitment. He knows that I will either never legally marry or will be several years before we financially can. Now, this post is title Commitment Ceremonies & What are they? Have you ever heard of a Commitment Ceremony? What Are Commitment Ceremonies and Why Should We Consider One? In all honesty, a commitment ceremony means something different to everyone. A Commitment Ceremony could look like any other wedding, just without the marriage license. A Pagan ritual called a Handfasting, is also another avenue. A Commitment ceremony is one that does not involve the state or government in any way. After watching my brother marry and divorce the same woman twice, and with the divorce rate rising, I won’t lie, I honestly don’t think a piece of paper will tell James and I we love each other any more than we do now. In the state of Texas, we do have something called a Common Law Marriage, but you do have to sign a form provided by the county clerk and you must agree that you are married, cohabit, and tell others that you are married. There is also a Declaration of Domestic Partnership that may be filled in Travis County.  Both of these are legal and include the state or government in the relationship. Travis County has more information on their website and also include a sample agreement. We may have a Domestic Partnership later down the road, for now, A commitment ceremony is what we would like. What Will Our Commitment Ceremony Look Like? Our Commitment and Exchange of Rings will be just that. Our promises to each other and an exchange of rings.  We will not be doing a big party. It will just be us exchanging words on Christmas Morning and gifting each other with the rings. What do the rings mean to us? Our bond and our love for each other. That is all. No fancy dress, church, or 100’s of people looking on. That does not matter to us. Christmas morning will be the morning that we will remember for the rest of our lives together as the morning that we started on a new journey of something more.

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Deep Ellum Photo Walk

This past weekend, James and I wanted to go for a walk, but not just anywhere. 15 Minutes from our home is Dallas’s own Deep Ellum, and it is a great place to walk and take pictures. Deep Ellum always has something going on and is Dallas’s hottest nightlife spot. During the day, you will find photographers and their clients posing in front of the different artwork. The artwork, graffiti, and sculptures are scattered over and on the different buildings. Megan has taken many clients down to this area but has never really paid much attention to the different businesses you will find in the area.

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Dinner at Zenna Thai & Japanese

Our first stop for the Dating in DFW would be at Zenna Thai & Japanese Restaurant in Mesquite Texas, but there are also locations in Plano, North Dallas, and Downtown Dallas. We highly enjoyed our visit, and after seeing the menu, I realized I had ordered delivery from here a few months ago.

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Dating in DFW | Foodie Love

Welcome back to the Dating in DFW Series. Here you will find all of the ideas for Foodie Love.  Please stay with us as we update all of the wonderful restaurants in DFW on this list. If you would like to sponsor a post and/or be added to the list, please contact us on the Work With Us Page. We would love to hear from you.

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Dating in DFW | Staycations

Welcome back to the Dating in DFW Series. What is a Staycation? A Staycation is a vacation spent at home or nearby. In this series, we will be staying in our own backyard at DFW’s most romantic hotels and venues. We need a break away from the kids to, so a staycation for a night or two is a perfect couples getaway while also staying close to home. We will be updating this list often, want to be on this list or to sponsor a post? We will be staying at each hotel and reviewing both video and articles. Sponsor a post at Work With Us Contact page

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Dating In Dallas | Sweet Tooth

Welcome back to the Dating in Dallas Series. Here you will find all of the ideas for Sweet Tooth. Â We will be updating this article regularly. We will have this page update shortly with all the ideas and locations.

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Dating In DFW & 59 Awesome Date Night Ideas

One of the things that James and I try to do is have at least a couple of nights a month. As we were looking for date night ideas that range in price, I thought that this might be a great series for us over the next couple of months. That is when the ideas for Dating in DFW series came to mind. The first post, our introduction to Dating in DFW is a list of date night ideas. I am passionate about still having date nights even after James and I moved in together. We have to have time away from the children and also from my mother. Want to sponsor a Date Night Idea? Use the Work With Us contact form.

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Waffles & A Coffee Date

Friday I told you I was going to start writing about James and myself, and I would be posting every Sunday. I wanted to start from the very beginning, and that starts with waffles. You will need to know why we love waffles the way we do. But, it’s not just waffles that we love. We love Waffle House. Why We Love Waffles – It Starts With Coffee I’ll take you back before the coffee to start, I don’t remember who reached out to who. James and I started to talk on one of the dating apps. We talked for a couple of weeks getting to know each other, and added one another on social media. James was a true gentleman in the fact that he never once attempted to start something sexual. He really was trying to get to know me. I’ll say it now, it was a breath of fresh air to start to get to know him. We had made plans to meet at the Waffle House near my house for a coffee date. I arrived first and waited in my car for a few minutes, then went into the restaurant to wait for him. I always seem to be early and wanted to make sure I was really meeting who I had been talking to. When he got there we sat down and talked. Enjoyed our coffee and just talked. When it was time for me to go home, we sat outside and talked for a few more minutes while we both smoked a cigarette. Then something happened to confuse me. I really thought he was about to try and kiss me when we hugged goodbye, but he didn’t. I thought that the coffee date had gone extremely well and we made plans to see each other again, so I was really confused. Later when I asked him about it, I found out he was just being a gentleman again. Since our first date, we have been back a handful of times. One of the employees has even recognized us and mentioned it to us. So Waffle House is kinda special to us. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I have met the man that I love there (at least in person) and we do enjoy their food too.

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The Ultimate Geek Gifts Guide

I absolutely can not believe that Christmas is just around four months away now. I started looking for awesome gifts for both James and Skyler when I thought about creating a list of the Ultimate Geek Gifts Guide for the two geeks in my life, I may have snuck in an area or two of things that I would love. What to Jump ahead? I created an index of all the Geek Gifts Guides where you can look by topic. Star Wars Lovers Minecraft Lovers Coffee Time Camera Geeks Science Experiments Survival Gear Funko Pop Toys Build a Micro Computer Star Wars Lovers We know who these are for. I love you James for everything that you have done for us! Minecraft Lovers Skyler loves this game, even though I don’t fully understand it myself. Coffee Time You know this one is for me. Camera Geeks Another one for me 😀 Science Experiments Since Skyler seems to love science, why not find some awesome experiments for her to try out. [wp_ad_camp_2] Survival Gear The survival geek or the prepper will love these items Funko Pop Toys James and I seem to be exchanging these as we can already. Build a Micro Computer I love computers and want to build one of these little Raspberry Pie’s as a media center for us.  

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