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some cool adventures in DFW and Beyond that we must share

Welcome to the archive pages! I hope you are able to find everything that you need within these pages and so much more! 

Shopping At Aldi in Mesquite Texas

With a very limited budget, I knew I would only have $70.00 to purchase at least a week’s worth of groceries (I would love for this to last two weeks), so off to go shopping at Aldi in Mesquite Texas.

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Dinner at Zenna Thai & Japanese

Our first stop for the Dating in DFW would be at Zenna Thai & Japanese Restaurant in Mesquite Texas, but there are also locations in Plano, North Dallas, and Downtown Dallas. We highly enjoyed our visit, and after seeing the menu, I realized I had ordered delivery from here a few months ago.

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Coffee Around The World

Let’s not lie here, I am addicted to coffee. As we plan our future travels, I started to think about all the different coffee around the world. Every country has a different method of making coffee and I found it interesting when doing research on it. Wouldn’t it be neat to try out different coffees without even leaving my own home? That is when I found Bean Box on Amazon. It is 16 gourmet coffees from the world’s top microlots. We haven’t tried it yet. We just ordered it. But we came across it when doing research when looking into it.  Coffee Around The World Argentina Café – is a shot of espresso Café en jarrito – basically a double espresso Cortado – a macchiato, or espresso cut with a little milk Café con crema – same as a cortado, but with cream instead of milk Lagrima – espresso cup filled with milk and a touch of coffee Americano – Hot water is added to a shot or two of espresso. Café con leche -half coffee half milk Capuchino – visible layers of coffee, milk, and froth, topped with cinnamon or chocolate. Austria Kleiner Bruaner and Groβer Brauner – close to what people consider ordinary coffee Melange – frothed milk and steamed coffee Milchkaffee or Café Latte – large coffee with frothed milk Einspänner – Strong black coffee with a dash of whipped cream Fiaker – coffee with a shot of Austrian rum and whipped cream Mazagran – A cold Fiaker variation Konsul – Black coffee with a small spot of cream Verlängerter – a diluted version of the Groβer Brauner Schwarzer or Mokka – Strong black coffee with lots of sugar (but not served with it) Kurzer or Espresso – espresso Türkischer – coffee boiled for a long time with sugar. Served very hot and grains still in the cup. Eiskaffee: Cold coffee with vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and whipped cream. Cappuccino – not the international version, but coffee and whipped cream. Cuba Café Cubano or cafecito – espresso mixed with sugar Cortadito – espresso topped with steamed milk Café on leche – coffee and hot milk Colado – Cuban espresso in larger portions. Want to learn more about coffee around the world? Sign up for our newsletter and we will be featuring countries around the world in every issue.      

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Dating in DFW | Foodie Love

Welcome back to the Dating in DFW Series. Here you will find all of the ideas for Foodie Love.  Please stay with us as we update all of the wonderful restaurants in DFW on this list. If you would like to sponsor a post and/or be added to the list, please contact us on the Work With Us Page. We would love to hear from you.

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Dating In Dallas | Sweet Tooth

Welcome back to the Dating in Dallas Series. Here you will find all of the ideas for Sweet Tooth. Â We will be updating this article regularly. We will have this page update shortly with all the ideas and locations.

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Waffles & A Coffee Date

Friday I told you I was going to start writing about James and myself, and I would be posting every Sunday. I wanted to start from the very beginning, and that starts with waffles. You will need to know why we love waffles the way we do. But, it’s not just waffles that we love. We love Waffle House. Why We Love Waffles – It Starts With Coffee I’ll take you back before the coffee to start, I don’t remember who reached out to who. James and I started to talk on one of the dating apps. We talked for a couple of weeks getting to know each other, and added one another on social media. James was a true gentleman in the fact that he never once attempted to start something sexual. He really was trying to get to know me. I’ll say it now, it was a breath of fresh air to start to get to know him. We had made plans to meet at the Waffle House near my house for a coffee date. I arrived first and waited in my car for a few minutes, then went into the restaurant to wait for him. I always seem to be early and wanted to make sure I was really meeting who I had been talking to. When he got there we sat down and talked. Enjoyed our coffee and just talked. When it was time for me to go home, we sat outside and talked for a few more minutes while we both smoked a cigarette. Then something happened to confuse me. I really thought he was about to try and kiss me when we hugged goodbye, but he didn’t. I thought that the coffee date had gone extremely well and we made plans to see each other again, so I was really confused. Later when I asked him about it, I found out he was just being a gentleman again. Since our first date, we have been back a handful of times. One of the employees has even recognized us and mentioned it to us. So Waffle House is kinda special to us. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I have met the man that I love there (at least in person) and we do enjoy their food too.

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Who Likes Phat Wings? We Love Phat Wings!

Last year, the art institute had an assignment where we had to go out and photograph a local business and their products. I knew that I wanted to go out to the local wings place that is a hidden gem right outside of Dallas but has the best hot wings in all of DFW. Seriously you will not find a better wing than that at Phat Wings.

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Discover Dallas | Dallas Arts District

Did you know that the Dallas Arts District has a lot of free things that we can do? We visited the Dallas Museum of Art and the Crow Collection of Asian Art on our last visit, but we will be visiting again VERY soon.

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