Have You Created A Passive Income?

A few weeks ago I started to follow Graham Stephan on YouTube. It started with me watching his millennial money episodes, but I also got into watching his Passive Income videos also. As you know blogging can be a passive income if you are doing it right, but it also requires a lot of work to get it there. This means that I am also going to be launching a few new things on Odysseys With Love along with my Mesquite Texas Guide and Wandering In DFW. I am also looking into a lot of changes that need to be made here to really optimize the blog.

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A Millionaire Mindset and The Law Of Attraction

’ve talked about the Law Of Attraction for some time now and have even mentioned a few times that I have dreamed about winning the lottery. I have been doing a lot of research into achieving both of these. I have started to read and watch videos on both The Law of Attraction and having a Millionaire Mindset.

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21 Ideas For Blog Post When You Have Writers Block

I have sat here for several days thinking of the next blog article that I could write. I have come across writer’s block and it is truly starting to bother me. I really don’t know how to overcome it. We have not had much of a chance to travel even in our own small town since Skyler got hurt. I have not had any inspiration to write about family because in truth Skyler is healing and I am dealing with a child that seems to be ADHD, but not at the same time. My mom’s health is perfectly fine for now with the exception that her Alzheimer seems to be getting worse by the day. There isn’t anything new in James and my relationship to write about. So how do I overcome this writer’s block? I watch Disney YouTube channels all the time, I watch the Star Wars Channels all the time, I watch review channels, and photography. What can I write about? I started writing some about the Law Of Attraction some, maybe if I write more about the research I do for my dream home and life? Maybe there is someone else out there like me that wants to know more about Living at Disney? I started to write down ideas for a new blog post. I wanted to share with you a list of ideas that I could be writing about. That is how this blog post came about actually. I started to just write and flowed with it. I ended with the idea of writing about finding some inspiration for my own writing and thought there might be someone else out there that may also need the same inspiration too. 21 Ideas For Blog Post When You Have Writers Block Dream Closet Dream Home Ideas Bucket List Ideas Vacation Mementos Ideas My Christmas Wish List Photographers Christmas Wish List Bloggers Christmas Wish List What is on my Disney Bucket List? Easy meal plans for weight loss Easy meals for lowering cholesterol My favorite family recipes 10 Things about you Home date night ideas Local Travel guide Monthly favorites Morning Routine Evening Routine Your Favorite blogs or blog post Share a memory XX ways you reduce stress. What is your biggest dream Thanks For Reading! ? Pin Me For Later Don’t have time to fully read the post? Want to share it to come back to later? Use your favorite ? and share it on our favorite site, PINTEREST!  Not only does it help you, but it helps us grow and get our information out in front of others too! Are You Following Us On Social Media? Want To Keep Reading? Christmas Traditions | Part Four December 18, 2017 Who doesn’t love surprises! Part four of our Christmas Traditions Series is on Christmas Eve! I couldn’t leave out writing about the most magical night… Learn More 5 More Awesome Places in Texas September 7, 2017 After seeing how well our 8 Epic Places in Texas post went, I wanted to follow-up with 5 more awesome places in Texas. Our little… Learn More DIY Home Decor | His and Her Vows January 14, 2018   Christmas Morning, James and I stood in front of our Christmas Tree and said a few words that will forever be imprinted in my… Learn More Six Flags Over Texas Update and News September 4, 2018 We recently visited Six Flags Over Texas since the Summer season is almost over. It is now time for the park to start working on… Learn More JOIN THE TRIBE Stay in touch with Odysseys With Love and receive weekly newsletters, enter for a chance to win the monthly giveaways, freebies, and so much more! SUBSCRIBE Thank you so much for joining our tribe! I am excited to have you here. Make sure to head over to our FREEBIE LIBRARY and enter the password OWL2018

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Must Watch YouTube Channels for Video Editing

When I started Odysseys With Love, I had already had one YouTube but didn’t do too much with it. I also didn’t put to much thought into my education on video and video editing. When we started Odysseys With Love, I know that I wanted to use video a lot! So I started researching different YouTuber’s to start watching and picking up different tips and tricks. I am not perfect with my own video editing, or even my video skills. But… Since I am learning myself, Why not share my new knowledge with you. I now watch quite a few different YouTube Channels. I am going to include their Channel trailer for you to watch and figure out if you would like to follow them also. My All Time Favorite YouTube Channel That I Think You Must Watch To Learn Video Editing Peter McKinnon! Yes, he is my all time favorite video educator on not only video editing, but all things video. I enjoy all of his YouTube videos and have the notification bell set up to let me know when he uploads something new. Favorite Female YouTube Video Content Tutorials Premiere Gal is my favorite female YouTuber that produces tutorials on Premeire Pro! She has so so many tutorials for me to browse through and I love looking for what I am wanting to do in her playlist. I do have to say that her video on editing faster has helped me out a lot! I’m Going To Use Their Tutorial To Make Our Channel Trailer! Cinecom.net has so many awesome tutorial on how they recreate different music videos and from this I found one that I am excited to try and recreate myself with their helpful YouTube tutorial.  Check out his How To Stay Creative video and then check out the tutorial below that to see what we are going to try and do for our own trailer. https://youtu.be/v66rjv3bk9khttps://youtu.be/gjN500LQqek I just recently found them I haven recently started following Mango Street. Its not often to see a woman, but Rachel isn’t just there she really is apart of these tutorials. As she is also a photographer, I am kinda partial to her. I will be using quite a few of their tutorials for my own videos, and maybe even part of our Channel Trailer. From One YouTube Account To Another Matti Haapoja was introduced to me through Peter McKinnons YouTube Channel. I started to follow his channel because I loved not only his work, but feel I could learn a lot from him. The Very First Tutvid was the very first YouTube Channel that I started watching in regards to video editing. I still have my notifications on and watch a LOT of these videos. I used one of them to make the intro for my photography company’s videos for my clients even. Do You have any YouTube Accounts I need to subscribe to? These are just a few of the YouTube Content Creators that I subscribe to. So, are you a tutorial creator and think I need to check out your channel? Let me know down in the comments below! READ SOMETHING ELSE Pin Me!

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The Best Lightroom Tips For Instagram

As a blogger and photographer I have learned over time that it is VERY important to keep all of my images consistent. And as a way to do that I have figured that since I am already paying for Lightroom, I might as well also take full advantage of what I am paying for. I am paying for the full Adobe Creative Cloud, which you can find out more information about here: https://odysseyswithlove.com/AdobeCreativeCloud BUT if you don’t need or want all of the Creative Cloud apps, you can get just Lightroom and Photoshop at a cheaper rate with their photographer plan https://odysseyswithlove.com/GetAdobeLightroom.  So today, we are going to learn how we can get image that are consistent. Even when you are on the run and using your cell phone to post images. Lightroom Presets on your cell phone, how to get Lightroom presets on your phone, how to get your photos on your phone to your computer and so so much more.  Presets Are A Time Saver Even as a photographer, I use Presets in my every day work. I recently purchased something that I REALLY REALLY love. Pretty Presets. I purchased the PRETTY FILM: Bohemian Collection from Pretty Presets and I am completely in love with my images for both my client work and work here on the blog.  As time goes on you will soon see more images with one particular preset. Serendipity. It is my favorite out of all of the presets in this collection. https://odysseyswithlove.com/PrettyPresetsBohemianCollection (I don’t have a discount code anymore for this but it is WAY worth the money).  Download Lightroom On Your Cell Phone My Biggest Tip for Instagram or just your blog in general is to download the Lightroom CC app for your cell phone. Lightroom For iPhone and Lightroom for Android. There are great tutorials on how to get your cell phone to sync with Lightroom so not only do you have all of your cell phones images on your computer, but you are also able to have certain Lightroom collections synced with you your cell phone. You are then able to send photos back and forth between devices with out having to come up with odd methods to get things from your computer to your cell and your cell to your computer.  But how do you get your presets to your cell? I am not going to take Pretty Presets thunder on this one, I REALLY want you to visit their site to learn how to do this. They have the best and, in my honest opinion, easiest method to get the presets you want to your cell phone to edit images on the go. Their post Using Presets in Lightroom Mobile Apps is a must read.  What About Sizing Images? What size images should you be uploading to Instagram? If you are uploading a portrait oriented image, selecting 4 X 5 is the best and for Landscape images, you might want to send it over to your computer to do the 1.91 X 1 . Uploading a video 16 X 9 is the best size for these.  Do you have any tips for Lightroom for Instagram? These are just a few things that I have learned. Do you know of any other tips and tricks?  READ SOMETHING ELSE Pin Me!  

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RV Life | How To Choose A Tow Vehicle

Now that we have started our search for a vintage Airstream, we need to start thinking about choosing a Tow Vehicle. The most important thing in choosing tow vehicle is knowing what we will be towing behind us. Since we don’t know the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio) of the Airstream we will be towing, I am going to go off of a new 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk model.

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Love Languages | 78 Ideas for Your Acts of Service Partner

Back in November, I wrote the post, His Love Language is Physical Touch and shared 50 ideas for the physical touch partner. Today, I am going to share ideas for the partner whos love language is Acts of Service. This is my love language, and James comes by speaking this easily. He seems to do something small every day at least that speaks to me in this way letting me know that he does love me. So What is the Love Language, Acts of Service? If you head over to the 5 Love Languages website, you will see that this love language is for those people who actions speak louder than words.  This is doing things that your partner would like you to do. You seek to please them by serving them. Expressing your love by doing things for your partner. This love language literally means being in service to your partner. Actions that require thought, planning, time, effort and energy done in a positive light, all express love. It is the simple things that mean the most to the person whose love language is Acts of Service. The video below explains it pretty well. 78 Ideas for the Acts of Service Partner Ask “How can I help?” Ask “How can I make it better?” Ask if they need you to pick anything up on the way home. Ask their advice and follow it. Bathe and groom the dog. Bring their car for an oil change. Bring them dinner if they have to work late. Bring them lemonade or ice water when they’re doing yard work. Bring treats to their office. Clean the cat litter box. Clean their computer monitor. Change the lightbulbs in all the lamps. Draw them a bubble bath. Do a home improvement project they have hinted at. Do the one thing they have been bugging you to do before they have to bug you again. Do their least favorite chore for them. Do something they forgot. Doing the dishes Doing the laundry Doing things without being asked. Fill up their car with gas. Fixing things around the house. Fold all the socks in their sock drawer. Frame their favorite quote. Give them a pedicure. Give them uninterrupted video game time or time to watch a sporting event. Go to the museum or exhibit they have been dying to see. Have dinner ready when they get home. Help them clean out the garage. Helping them with a project. Hire a maid for the day, or better yet, clean the whole house top to bottom. Hold the doors open. Let them choose the movie. Let them sleep in. Look for opportunities to serve them. Make a list of the things they have requested or mentioned needed to be done. Then make it a point to do one once a week or so. Make a special dessert for them. Make lunch for them the next day. Make the bed. Make them a cup of coffee or tea. Make them breakfast. Make them breakfast in bed. Mow the lawn. Offer to give them a back rub. Offer to give them a foot massage. Offer to wash their hair for them. Organize a surprise party for their birthday. Pamper them. Pick up a bottle of their favorite wine or case of their favorite beer. Pick up a small trinket they would like but wouldn’t buy for themselves. Plan a weekend getaway where they have to do nothing but enjoy. Plug in their phone if they forgot. Print and frame their favorite photo. Put love notes in their lunch. Put the kids to bed. Rake the leaves. Run their errands so they can rest. Sacrificing what you want to do for them. Say “Can I help you with that, honey?” and then do it. Send them flowers at work. Shine their shoes. Shovel the snow without being asked. Subscribe them to a magazine they may like. Surprise them at work with their favorite coffee drink. Surprise them with a bonfire and s’mores. Surprise them with their favorite treat. Treat them to a night at a hotel. Their Choice, ask them to write down the things they would like done, and then work on getting these things done. Warm their towel in the dryer after their shower. Wash their car. Wash their favorite coffee mug. Water the plants for them. Take care of the kids for one whole night. Take out the trash without being asked. Take the dog for a walk. Thank them for the acts of service they do for you. Untangle a mess or cords. Visit them with their favorite lunch.  

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How To Earn Money While Living Full-Time in an RV

James and I are still young and we still need to have an income right now and also when we get on the road and start traveling full time in the Airstream when we have it. I knew I would have a small income coming in from my photography business, and it is also one of the reasons I started this website.

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Texas Campgrounds

Last Summer we went camping down at Padre Island National Seashore. I wasn’t sure if this was something that we would enjoy, so I didn’t go all out on our camping gear. We found out that not only James and I loved camping, but so did the girls! As we are starting to plan our family trips for this year, I started to look for campgrounds near and far. Today I am sharing with you our bucket list of campgrounds that we want to start visiting. Head over to the State parks website by clicking on any of the titles below! As we visit each of these sites, I will be updating the images to our own. Currently, the images are from the Parks websites. Caddo Lake   Out in East Texas, you will find Caddo Lake State Park. This park is great for paddling the bayous that are lined with Bald cypress trees draped in Spanish moss. Cedar Hill Just minutes from Downtown Dallas is a little oasis in the big city. Cleburne Spring fed lake and trails through the forest in the Texas Hill Country! Davis Mountains I can not wait to see the night sky like those in the photos from Texas Parks and Wildlife. Dinosaur Valley Where Dinosaurs Roamed! Play in the water and track dinosaur tracks at this state park. Enchanted Rock With a little bit of hiking, you can camp out at Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg Texas Garner Right off of the Frio River, you can swim or hike. Why not take an inner tube down the river and relax at your campsite! Kickapoo Cavern How would you like to see the evening bat flight? Head into the wild caves on a $10.00 per person tour on Saturdays and explore underground. Mustang Island  Five Miles of beachfront camping. Palo Duro Canyon Another location with beautiful night skies. Up in the Texas Panhandle, you can explore the canyon by foot, biking, horse or even car.

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Hi! Im Megan! I am a photographer and writer behind Odysseys With Love. I am a Mother and Wife and enjoy sharing our everyday life journey. From our The Mesquite Texas Guide and Wandering In DFW to helping other bloggers work from home, I love what I do. 

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