I Am A Mother, Daughter, and Wife

This post isn’t 10 things about myself. But, is about the fact that as a Mother, Daughter, and Wife, life isn’t always so easy. Life is filled with ups and downs, and lately, life has been filled with stress and truthfully depression. So what has me so stressed and depressed here lately? How am I dealing with it?  I am not a doctor and have no qualifications to tell you how to overcome any of this, but this is just how I deal with my life right now, right or wrong, this is what helps me overcome everything going on in my life. Don’t forget to check out the giveaway at the bottom of this post. Why So Stressed? You may be asking yourself why I am so stressed and as I said, depressed? I have beautiful children, a loving mother, and a husband who adores me. What is there to be depressed about? I get to stay home with my kids, care for my mother, and spend the evening with my loving husband.  Stress comes from not pulling my own weight in this family. I feel like I am putting undue stress on my husband that he doesn’t deserve. Everytime I try to make a run of my photography career, it seems to just slap me in my face. No one wants to hire a photographer anymore. Even with a special that is just $25.00 (with a special first 15 get it for $15). I have thought about just selling my camera and not temping myself anymore with that. I was blessed to get my Silhouette for Christmas, but then I feel like I made a HUGE mistake by helping someone else now… I made decals for her business but when I upgraded my machine, I sold her my old one and now I don’t have any business at all. I know I can get my name and goods out there sooner or later, I just don’t have that many people in my social network to sell locally.  Did I make a $1,500 Mistake? I posted about my smile and haven’t done an update yet. It is partially because I am slightly depressed over what is going on. Yes, I paid right at $1,500 for my new dentures and I am still suffering from depression over my teeth. It has been something that has been 6-7+ years in the making but I am just 32 years old and wear a denture. I know I will be sharing more about this in the future, but this is one of the things that has me feeling even worse for wear than I really should. I see myself in the mirror when I get ready for bed, and I do not want to come out of the bathroom.  I hate myself when it comes to this damn denture. Or more when I take it out. I hate how I look like the cartoon of old people with no teeth. I don’t want to take the denture out when I am around my husband because I don’t want him to see me like this. I know that he is due to have one place also, and I know he doesn’t care, just wants me health and happy. One day I hope to have a hybrid or snap in one that I never have to take out.  Watching Someone You Love Disappear. I know my mother loves me. I know that she appreciates everything that I do for her. BUT! I hate watching COPD take over her life. I hate watching this brilliant and energetic woman slowly disappear before my eyes. From the 6′ tall native american woman, with a heart full of adventure, to the woman that can barely move off the couch. I know that she will not be with us for long.  So What Do I Do To Overcome All Of This How do I pull myself up out of bed every morning? How do I get the courage to curl up in bed every night with my husband? So what do I do? First I remind myself that I am loved by my family. That all of them love and need me in their life.  My computer work is the next thing. I get on here and figure out something to do. Be it, working on the Odysseys Creations site, learning a new skill like I have over at *SkillShare (Get Two Months Free With This Link) Curling up in bed with a big cup of coffee and *Amazon Prime Video or even a book from *Kindle Unlimited.  And yes, I just plugged in three different affiliate links in a row. Simply because those are the three things that I believe in now.  I also have been enjoying my baths, its helped me a LOT in relaxing after dealing with a 5 year old’s tantrums and the teenage entitlement. They really are not that bad, but sometimes they get on my nerves.   So What About That Giveaway? I hope that you enjoyed this post, and haven’t just skipped down to this section for the giveaway. It’s been a while since I have done one, and here is what I will be doing this month. First thing that you have to do is be signed up for the Newsletter below. The second step is to comment down below.  WAIT what is this giveaway?  I will be select 2 winners for $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards!  Thanks For Reading! Don’t Have Time To Read This Article? ***At the end of every post I like to include this little bit of information for readers. Its my pinterest *** Would you like to save this article to pinterest for future reading? Pin me for later! Stay in touch with Odysseys With Love and receive weekly newsletters, enter for a chance to win the monthly giveaways, freebies, and so much more! I Want In Now! Opt in to receive news and updates. I Want In Now! Thank you! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Head over to our Freebie Library now! The Password is OWL2018

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Where Did We Go? A Odysseys With Love Update

A few weeks ago, I posted that I would be doing better time management wise, and well, me being me, that just did not happen. I really am trying to do better but well life gets in the way, and Odysseys With Love took to the back burner. That is changing today, it has to. I have put a lot of work and effort into this and I guess I have just burned out myself too. So Where Did We Go?

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I Now Own A Silhouette!

Last week I was asked what I wanted for Christmas. Truthfully, I had no idea until I went through my Amazon Wish List and saw the Silhouette sitting there. Something that mom and I always talked about doing was making t-shirt and other craft items. So, after seeing the Silhouette just sitting there and then again seeing it at my local Michaels store, I knew what I wanted.  As soon as I could, I went to Michaels and picked up the Silhouette Cameo 3. I also picked up a few accessories and other things that I wanted to go with it. I got it home and immediately got it out and started working with it.  Ideas and Inspiration! I know that I am going to need lots of ideas and inspirations as I learn to use this machine! So far I have created three shirts (two with Odysseys With Love) a few boxes, a wine glass, and personalized my new planner! I am looking through the Silhouette Store and picking up a few items with my $25.00 credit that was included with my Silhouette. I have also found that I can download other peoples files and make cut files that way. I also started to create a design inspiration board on Pinterest too.  [pin_board url=”https://www.pinterest.com/odysseyswithlove/ideas-for-the-silhouette/” size=”custom” image_width=”200″ board_width=”1200″ board_height=”700″] Where To Get Free SVG and Cut Files The Hungry JPEG SVG & Me JenniferMaker LOVESVG SVG Files Free Designs By Miss Mandee Love Paper Crafts Printable Cuttable Creatables (not all free) I am always finding new sites and files to download. I am currently working on importing the Designs By Miss Mandee as we speak! I saw the Nightmare Before Christmas Lanter that I am going to have to make for Skyler!  Making My Own Designs and More I am still REALLY new with this. I have made a few items myself that I want and can’t wait to start trying them out. I am using the files that I am downloading for myself and my family and I’ll go from there with learning and add my own designs as I go too. I thought about opening a little storefront on here but maybe not yet, we will have to see.  Thanks For Reading! ? Pin Me For Later Don’t have time to fully read the post? Want to share it to come back to later? Use your favorite ? and share it on our favorite site, PINTEREST!  Not only does it help you, but it helps us grow and get our information out in front of others too! Are You Following Us On Social Media? Want To Keep Reading? Camping Gear Awesomeness September 20, 2017 Who doesn’t look at some awesome camping gear on Amazon. Check out our newest list of Camping Gear Awesomeness! I saw the BioLite camp-stove on… Learn More 17 Day Trips from Dallas August 14, 2017 Day Trips From Dallas Ideas As we start to gear up for Full Time Traveling, we have started to look at Day Trips from Dallas.… Learn More Discover Dallas | The Hidden Gem – Dragon Park August 22, 2017 Welcome to the Discover Dallas series, where we share local finds around Dallas TX. Hidden away in a little corner of Oak Lawn in Dallas… Learn More Upgrading Our Six Flags Over Texas Passes September 26, 2017 Over the weekend we headed out to Six Flags Over Texas. When checking our passes Saturday morning, I noticed that the month of September we… Learn More JOIN THE TRIBE Stay in touch with Odysseys With Love and receive weekly newsletters, enter for a chance to win the monthly giveaways, freebies, and so much more! SUBSCRIBE Thank you so much for joining our tribe! I am excited to have you here. Make sure to head over to our FREEBIE LIBRARY and enter the password OWL2018

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The Future of Odysseys With Love

Since Odysseys With Love began, I have noticed one thing about the articles I have been writing. I really wanted us to be a travel blog. I am noticing that a lot of the travel-related post has been kind of put to the side here lately for other things. That’s ok, Odysseys With Love is growing and that’s a wonderful thing. I sat back this morning and really thought about what I want Odysseys to really be about. What I want our YouTube channel to be about. Travel . Family . Love So, with everything going on, does the Travel part of our tagline really fit in? It does, as we write about different trips that we have or plan to take, but it really isn’t the #1 thing that and doesn’t deserve to be the first thing our readers see when visiting Odysseys With Love. Lets look at the definition of Odyssey: an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest I personally am on wanderer. I am always on a quest for self-discovery and learning who I am. Odysseys With Love is the journal of our family’s wanderings and learning who we are. A New Tagline? We need to find a new tagline other than Travel, Family, Love. I thought about changing the name as we move towards a blog about the DFW area, but Odysseys With Love still fits us. As we share our Journey in Love and Family, we share how we also fall in love with the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. A few things about the site will be changing. DFW has and always will be the focus of Odysseys With Love.  But is a tagline really needed? No, not really. I am sharing more about my own hometown, Mesquite Texas, should that be part of the tagline? This is something that I am not 100% sure on other than the fact I share a lot of other information about DFW too. Wandering in DFW That is who we are! I am constantly learning and wandering and expanding. We are a Wandering Family always our for learning not only about our little town but DFW In general. DFW will soon be the #1 menu item on this site. But what else will be changing? What Is Odysseys With Love REALLY About? First, let me introduce myself again. Hi, my name is Megan. I am a wife to James, and mother of Skyler and Rhyan. I am a DFW local that loves to wander and discover the world around us. I am also a photographer and scatterbrained “artsy-fartsy” type. We are always growing and learning new things and love sharing our discoveries. What will you find on Odysseys With Love? My journal pretty much. I share everything from what is going on in my life from my relationship with James to parenting the two most wonderful and infuriating girl. Six Flags and Theme Park Fun, things we find in and around DFW and SO SO MUCH MORE! New Additions To Odysseys With Love You might have seen the new Mesquite Texas Guide. That is the newest addition to Odyssey With Love. I am planning to adjust the YouTube channel to also include different types of videos, you just might have to bear with me for a little while. At least until I am used to being on camera. I am planning on introducing several new things to the channel including reviews, unboxings, and much more. Crafting? I may be sharing my adventures in “Pinterest Win or Fail” here soon too as I am trying my hand at crafting again now. It could be fun and interesting. Please Forgive Me While I Figure Out Who I Am And What I Want To Be When I Grow Up! Yes, That really fits right here now. I am still trying to figure all this out. You will be seeing more from us now that I kinda have a little figured out, but I am still learning and growing not only as a blogger but also as a person! Thanks For Reading! ? Pin Me For Later Don’t have time to fully read the post? Want to share it to come back to later? Use your favorite ? and share it on our favorite site, PINTEREST! Not only does it help you, but it helps us grow and get our information out in front of others too! Are You Following Us On Social Media? Want To Keep Reading? Discover Dallas | The Hidden Gem – Dragon Park August 22, 2017 Welcome to the Discover Dallas series, where we share local finds around Dallas TX. Hidden away in a little corner of Oak Lawn in Dallas… Learn More Travel Keepsake Ideas September 11, 2017 After visiting Padre Island National Seashore, we collected both sand and water from the beach there to bring home to start making keepsakes. After some… Learn More Whats going on at Odysseys With Love November 9, 2017 Sorry if it seems we have gone MIA the last few days! It has been a hectic few days over here at the Odysseys Household.… Learn More Our Camping Gear August 10, 2017 As time goes on Odysseys With Love is slowly building up our camping gear and we wanted to share with you what we are working with right now and what we plan to buy in the future. Learn More JOIN THE TRIBE Stay in touch with Odysseys With Love and receive weekly newsletters, enter for a chance to win the monthly giveaways, freebies, and so much more! SUBSCRIBE Thank you so much for joining our tribe! I am excited to have you here. Make sure to head over to our FREEBIE LIBRARY and enter the password OWL2018

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My Christmas Wish List | Gift Ideas For The Blogger, Photographer, and Disney Fan

I knew the other day when creating the 21 Blog Post Ideas, that I wanted to create a Gift Idea Guide, I will be going into more detail on the guides later, but this is my Christmas Wish List, Gift ideas for the Blogger, Photographer, and Disney Fan. I am all three so this is a HUGE HINT HINT for my own family as these items in this Gift Guide are all things that I, myself would love to have. Now, James if you are reading this, yes this is an idea of things that I want. Yes, this is a hint hint to you and for the rest of the family. I am not asking you or anyone else to purchase EVERYTHING on this page but should help you understand and help you while shopping for me for Christmas. Anyone else that has someone that fits one, two, or all three of these careers and interest, feel free to share it as your own “hint hint” to your family. As most people do, I have multiple interests.  I am both a blogger and photographer, and at the same time, I am a HUGE Disney Fan. I have other interest, but these are my main ones. I also love anything and everything to do with Beauty and the Beast. The Bloggers Christmas Wish List If you can’t tell, I run a blog. There are a lot of people that run blogs and write for a living. I already know James is going to know that I am putting journals and notebooks on this list. Afterall I do kinda collect them. He actually got me one last year that I LOVED and used a lot. I have moved on to a lined one now. Where I am able to jot notes down as needed. Below you will find my Bloggers Christmas Wish List, along with links to the product. Please note that these links are affiliate links in some cases and will help Odysseys With Love at no cost to you. Coffee Subscriptions Am I the only one that runs purely on caffeine? Well, more specifically Coffee? Those coffee lovers will love one of these subscriptions! Save $5.00 on Bean Box https://odysseyswithlove.com/BeanBox Gifts From Mickey Monthly Coffee Lover Box https://odysseyswithlove.com/GiftsFromMickey Cratejoy’s Massive Coffee Subscription options! Coffee and a Classic https://odysseyswithlove.com/CoffeeAndAClassic Coffee-Esperanto https://odysseyswithlove.com/Coffee-Esperanto Cratejoy’s Search Results For Coffee https://odysseyswithlove.com/AllCoffeeCrates I know there are a lot more coffee subscriptions out there. As I find my favorites, I will add them here. I LOVE Bean Box so that is why its first on my list here. The Notebook & Planner Junky I already know I mentioned above that I am a hoarder pretty much of planners and Notebooks. I just love them. Here are a few of my favorites! Day Designer https://odysseyswithlove.com/DayDesigner The Happy Planner https://odysseyswithlove.com/TheHappyPlanner May Designs https://odysseyswithlove.com/MayDesign Kate Spade https://odysseyswithlove.com/KateSpade Well, what about the Planner Junky that loves the extra stuff that goes with planning? A Planners Subscription Box is a great idea also for them. The May Box https://odysseyswithlove.com/TheMayBox Mocha Glam Box for Planners – WOC https://odysseyswithlove.com/MochaGlamBoxForPlanners Sticker Guru https://odysseyswithlove.com/StickerGuru The Creative With Bloggers expanding their skill sets into the creative world. Learning Photography, Graphic Design, and Videography have become important to Blogger. Help your partner out with a subscription plan to the Creative Cloud or other subscription services. Relax and Un”Wine” I have learned that James and I enjoy a bottle of wine every once in a while. Years ago I tried a wine subscription where we got a tasting kit and a crate of wine was delivered to my home every so often. I loved it. Below are the top wine subscriptions you can gift to your wine lover! Winc (Get $20.00 for your first order!) https://odysseyswithlove.com/Get$20ForWinc California Wine Club https://odysseyswithlove.com/CaliforniaWineClub VineBox https://odysseyswithlove.com/GetVineBox Tasting Room (Get A Free Tasting Kit) https://odysseyswithlove.com/FreeTastingRoomTastingKit Just For Her Subscription Boxes Boss Babe Boxes Running a blog takes a lot of work. These Subscription Boxes are for the Boss Babe in us all! TheraBox – Self Care Subscription Box https://odysseyswithlove.com/TheraBox Mom Time Delivered https://odysseyswithlove.com/MomTimeDelivered Boss Lady Swag Box https://odysseyswithlove.com/BossLadySwag The SHEclub Monthly https://odysseyswithlove.com/SHEclubMonthly Period Subscription Box Sometimes a little something extra during that time of the month can really help your partner out. Take a look at these CrateJoy Subscription Boxes. My Lady Bug The Perfect Monthly Gift https://odysseyswithlove.com/MyLadyBug Lotus Box | A PMS Care Package https://odysseyswithlove.com/LotusBox Rose War Panty Power https://odysseyswithlove.com/RoseWarPantyPower Photographer’s Christmas Gift Guide! Not only do I run Odysseys With Love, but I am also a photographer.  If you are in the Dallas area and need a photographer, head over to Odysseys Studio! Enough about me, what does a photographer want for Christmas?Check out these gift ideas below! House Of Flynn Camera Bags Camera Lenses From Amazon SHOP Try Out The Gear First SHOP Don’t forget all of the different photography magazines that your photographer loved one would like to have. But what else could you gift the photographer in your family? Sue Bryce Education I love Sue Bryce and would love to be in her class again. One day I will. Her website starts at $35.00 per month! Join Now! Creative Live Do you want to gift a class on Creative Live? I know of a lot of the classes on this site I would want to take! Get $15.00 Off your first class!  https://odysseyswithlove.com/Get$15OffCreativeLive Other Great Gifts For Photographers? The Disney Fan Christmas Wish List If you didn’t know already, I am a huge Disney Fan! Even though I have yet to visit the parks since I was a little girl, I dream of visiting and hopefully I will get to soon. I have a few things on my Christmas Wish List, but I am going to include a few other things here as well that I know all Disney lovers will well, love! Disney Subscrition Boxes I love subscription boxes! Why? You never really know what you are going to get until you open your box and the magic unfolds. Disney Themed Subscription Boxes are plentiful to choose from, ranging in all price points and what comes in the boxes. Also with the Disney Themed Boxes, you don’t only just have the magic of the boxes, but you are bringing a little Disney Magic into your home. Just a little pixie dust for your loved one. I have searched the internet for all of the different boxes available and these are the ones I have found so far! Know of a different one or one that I missed, comment below and let us all know about it! Magic At Your Door I was not able to find an about section on Magic At Your Door’s Website, but was able to find a small section on their facebook page. — “Delivering a magical variety of Disney products, including licensed Disney items and Disney Store/Disney Theme Park merchandise, at your door every month.” https://odysseyswithlove.com/magicatyourdoor I love that Magic At Your Door has an extensive questionnaire for your preferences. They do not guarantee that you will get everything you like in your box, but if you tell them the thing you do not like, they will try not to put it in your box. I have fallen in love with watching unboxings! Below are a few! This is a BIG HINT to James! https://youtu.be/p4P2dwf-RuAhttps://youtu.be/F7xnmgdnRKYhttps://youtu.be/p6RVxX_NgGg The Mickey Monthly Box What is Mickey Monthly? Lets look at their website! — “Mickey Monthly offers monthly Disney mystery box for diehard Disney fans. These monthly Disney subscription boxes can include Disney pins, officially licensed Disney items, or a Disney Parks items, and are delivered to your door every month.” https://odysseyswithlove.com/MickeyMonthly Ok Below are just a few of the items from Mickey Monthly’s website that I REALLY want! Not only does Mickey Monthly have several different boxes to choose from you also can go to their shop page and order specific things too! These are just a few of the things I would REALLY love to add to my collection! Just click the image below to be taken to Mickey Monthly’s page for that item! Gifts From Mickey With 12 different monthly boxes to choose from there has to be a box for everyone at Gifts From Mickey! Gifts From Mickey has the Monthly Palace Box to the Monthly Popcorn Box and everything in-between! I think my favorite box from them would have to be the Monthly Coffee Lovers Box! — “This pack is the perfect gift for the coffee lover. Get a box every month with a coffee blend direct from Walt Disney World. These coffees are served in various location such as Epcot’s Le Cellier, Animal Kingdom’s Sanaa, and many more. Each coffee is paired with a special mug from one of the parks or Wald Disney World Resorts.” https://odysseyswithlove.com/GiftsFromMickey Gifts from Mickey has the option to not only have the subscription boxes, but you can also get one time boxes, personal shopping, and so much more! Below you will find a few videos from other YouTubers about this box! https://youtu.be/FQA4cE6KI7ohttps://youtu.be/SiwZuwxCyOw Bibbidi Bobbidi Boxes With 5 different monthly boxes to choose from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boxes has a subscription for just about anyone! The What’s Inside page states: “The Genie himself would be surprised by the magic contained inside our Disney boxes!  We offer the most magical monthly subscription boxes, sure to satisfy all Disney lovers! Box sizes ranging from the “Dreams” collection to the “Ultimate Magic” box, and customized by our Disney personal shoppers just for you!   “ https://odysseyswithlove.com/BibbidiBobbidiBoxes I am not going to lie! I REALLY want the Ultimate Magic Box! I know its $119, BUT! It includes one designer item in each box! https://youtu.be/I2aNAzeWJlAhttps://youtu.be/8Z-FHuKXys8 Thanks For Reading! ? Pin Me For Later Don’t have time to fully read the post? Want to share it to come back to later? Use your favorite ? and share it on our favorite site, PINTEREST! Not only does it help you, but it helps us grow and get our information out in front of others too! Are You Following Us On Social Media? Want To Keep Reading? The “D” Word July 2, 2017 As most of you know I am a single mother. To top that off, I am the only parent my girls really know. Sure, Skyler knows who her Dad is, and has even communicated with him some. We have a pretty decent relationship. Rhyan however does not know her biological father. It is by his choice. I have never hidden her or kept her away from him. Learn More The Ultimate Geek Gifts Guide August 19, 2017 I absolutely can not believe that Christmas is just around four months away now. I started looking for awesome gifts for both James and Skyler… Learn More 2018 Jayco Precept 36T October 5, 2017 Last month we visited the Southwest RV Supershow and saw three RV that we loved in different price ranges. The more we think about it… Learn More Top 5 Destinations in Texas You Must Visit This Fall October 17, 2017 In Texas, the seasons are Summer, Summer, Summer, and Christmas. So, where did Spring, Winter, and Fall go? We really don’t have them. So what… Learn More JOIN THE TRIBE Stay in touch with Odysseys With Love and receive weekly newsletters, enter for a chance to win the monthly giveaways, freebies, and so much more! SUBSCRIBE Thank you so much for joining our tribe! I am excited to have you here. 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Mom's! You Need To Take Care Of Yourself

If you have noticed, I have not posted much over the last few weeks. I have been suffering from burnout and depression. I have put my family before myself, as I should, but at the expense of myself. After Skyler fell and fractured her knee, my mom’s health failing, and trying to home school Rhyan, I have not had any opportunity to care for myself or my relationship with James.How do I know that I have suffered from burnout and depression? I look at myself and I can see it. I look tired all the time, I have not had any desire to write lately, my creativity has taken a hit, and so much more. I know realize that I also have gained a lot of weight. Coloring My Hair Is A Favorite Self-care Activity I Love coloring my hair. Its been a long time since I took the time to really care for myself, and since my hair is getting longer, I thought it was time to color my hair since it was so healthy now and could take a little damage. Not going to lie, I used a box die.So If you haven’t seen my latest selfie on Instagram, can you guess what color I chose?A deep dark red, or accounding to the box, Red Velvet!I have always had reddish hair since turning 20. Only the last year or so have I forgone the red tones for my natural hair. Coloring my hair helped me feel good about myself again, but also helped me see something else that has happened. I need To Drop The weight Looking at my fair videos, and heck even looking in the mirror, I have noticed that I have gained weight. Earlier this year I said I was going to join weight watchers, but I didn’t keep up with either my exerciser routine nor my diet. I am Starting my 7-Day Free Trial with the Jillian Michaels personalized fitness app. I need to do something. Self Care So taking care of your body, both physical and physiological, is an important step in continuing to care for your family. I was starting to fail at that. So changing up my hair and starting to take care of my body, is one way to help fight the burnout and depression.Another thing, I am starting to use essential oils at home. I picked up a kit at walmart and I am loving the Harmony oil blend. We also use breath easy in the living room. As I learn more about oils, you may find a few more things about it on her.Taking time for myself is also something that I have started to do. I love my romance books, and have started to listen more to audible books. Even if its just a few minutes a day, I enjoy that. Thanks For Reading! Are You Following Us On Social Media? Want To Keep Reading? Remember the Alamo August 5, 2017 As we were leaving Padre Island National Seashore, we made a stop off in San Antonio so that we might explore The Alamo. It was a good experience for all of us including little Rhyan after she realized we would not find Elmo there. Learn More Work For Hire Chore List Allowance August 15, 2017 Megan does not pay an allowance to the girls, but over the last few weeks we have noticed that the oldest, Skyler, has not wanted… Learn More Happy New Years January 1, 2018 First, I want to say Happy New Years Everyone! It is that time of year that everyone starts to make their resolutions about becoming a… Learn More Weekend Adventures June 26, 2017 Over the weekend, Mr. James, Rhyan, Skyler, and I went out looking for something local to do. Our first stop was at Urban Legends Comic Book Store to see if maybe Skyler will enjoy reading those. We ended up getting the Wonder Woman collection for her.  We will see how she likes it Learn More JOIN THE TRIBE Stay in touch with Odysseys With Love and receive weekly newsletters, enter for a chance to win the monthly giveaways, freebies, and so much more! SUBSCRIBE Thank you so much for joining our tribe! I am excited to have you here. Make sure to head over to our FREEBIE LIBRARY and enter the password OWL2018

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Hi! I'm Megan!

I am a photographer and writer behind Odysseys With Love. I am a Mother and Wife and enjoy sharing our everyday life journey. From our The Mesquite Texas Guide and Wandering In DFW to helping other bloggers work from home, I love what I do. 

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