Are You Looking For Fun Parks In Mesquite Texas?

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Summer is in full swing and are you looking for fun parks in Mesquite Texas? If you’re anything like I am, you are looking for anything to keep your kids busy and happy this summer. So, I started to look up the different parks other than the closest one to my own home, and I found out that Mesquite Texas has over 60 parks in total! 

So over the summer we will be featuring all of the parks on our Instagram Page so make sure you check out our stories to find all of the different parks for your family to have fun at and always check back here to see an updated list and information about that park!

The City Of Mesquite Has Over 60 Parks! Here is A List Of Them All

  • Americana Trail Head
  • Austin School Park
  • Beasley School Park
  • Blackwood Park
  • Brandy Station Park
  • Bruton Park
  • Cannaday School Park
  • Cartwright Pocket PArk

  • City Lake Park
  • Clay Mathis Greenbelt Park
  • Creek Crossing 6 Greenbelt
  • Debusk Park
  • KidsQuest
  • Dunford Recreation Center
  • East Glen Greenbelt
  • Eastfield Soccer Complex Park
  • Evans Baseball Practice Field
  • Evans Park
  • Florence Elementary School Park
  • Florence Ranch Homestead
  • Freedom Park
  • Galloway School Park
  • Gentry School Park
  • Hanby School Park
  • Hodges Park
  • Indian Trails Greenbelt
  • Kimball School Park
  • Kimbrough Athletic Complex
  • Lambert Park
  • Lawrence School Park
  • McKenzie School Park
  • McWhorter School Park
  • Mesquite Girls Softball Field
  • Mesquite Municipal Golf Course
  • Mooreman Property
  • Motley School Park
  • North Mesquite Creek Preserves

  • Opal Lawrence Historical Park
  • Palos Verde Lake Park
  • Paschall Park
  • Pirrung School Park
  • Porter School Park
  • Proctor Oates Park
  • Range School Park
  • Rorie Galloway Day Camp
  • Rugel School Park
  • Rutherford School Park
  • Seabourn School Park
  • Shands School Park
  • Shaw School Park
  • Smith School Park
  • Thompson School Park
  • Tosch School Park
  • Town East Park
  • Travis Williams Park
  • Truman Heights Park
  • Valley Creek Park
  • Vanston Park
  • Westlake Park
  • Westover Park
  • Wildflower Park

As you might have guessed the list above has check parks and x’s next to a few meaning those are parks that I have been to in the past, so It looks like Odysseys With Love will be visiting a lot of parks over this summer. If I have a post directly relating to one of the parks, you can click on it as it will be a dark blue link. 

Why We Choose Mesquite Texas Parks?

Are You Looking For Parks In Mesquite Texas 60+

I have lived in Mesquite Texas for over 30 years and I am raising my children here also. So knowing that I am able to bring my girls to parks near my home, and let them run and play is important, but every park in Mesquite is a little different and offers something that other parks in the area may not. 

My Favorite Parks that I have been to so far would have to be Beasley, Convenience is a big thing and since it is the closest to my home we head there a lot. Then you have Palos Verde Lake Park, or as we have always called it Porter Pond. You have a huge walking path around the pond and it has a dock to fish off of. I have to say this was where I learned to fish growing up. You also have a exercise area now and disk golf for those that play. Then head over to KidsQuest that last I knew had a bad rep but I hope by the time I feature the park on instagram has upped its safety and upgrades, but I am not holding back any pro’s and cons of a park when we visit. 

Why am I doing this? Over half of these parks I had never heard of till I visited the Mesquite Parks List. Sure, I have been to a few of them but its time that we got the word out to all of mesquite the different parks and what you can expect to find there. 

City Lake Park also holds a special place in my heart, this is the park my father use to bring me to growing up to feed the ducks. There is more to do now than when I first visited, and I can’t wait to feature it here too!

Future Blog Post For Mesquite Texas Parks

Thats right, not only will I be sharing these parks on Instagram, but these parks will be written about here with a detailed review of them. So make sure to come back here and find all of the Mesquite Parks Blog Post. Bookmark it and keep reading!

City Lake Park | Mesquite Texas Guide

City Lake Park in Mesquite Texas has a lot of memories for my family. Developed in 1947, this is one of Mesquite’s oldest parks, and most families are like mine and have memories like mine.

  • 01 July 2019

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Are You Looking For Fun Parks In Mesquite Texas?

Summer is in full swing and are you looking for fun parks in Mesquite Texas? If you’re anything like I am, you are looking for anything to keep your kids busy and happy this summer.

  • 17 June 2019

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Opal Lawrence Historical Park and Mesquite Legends

Every little city and town has their own Urban Legends, and Mesquite Texas is no different. Today, while going through my images I came across a file of images from an old website and blog

  • 26 October 2018

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Want to find out where all of these parks are located? Head over to the City’s Website Linked Here and read up on each of the parks. 

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