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Rhyan, my youngest daughter is extremely hyper, inappropriate at times, and headstrong. I kept her home last year with the idea that I would home school her. That idea flew out the window because I had no idea what I was doing. Well, we are giving a year of first and Home Schooling another go this year with a little help. 

I tried to get her into the K12 online public school, but in the state of Texas, they do not offer the free program for her grade. They offer a private school online for her. I have also found that My EP Assignments is a great resource for us this year! 

Customizing Her First Year and Kindergarten Into One For Homeschool!

Rhyan is extremely smart, and I don’t want her to get board, so with the programs I am using to teach her at home, I am hoping to get her where she needs to be and keep her attention. We have enjoyed the first part of her morning so far, spending just an hour on Kinder. Since I want to get her caught up and with these programs help I am customizing her education to her and what I feel she is able to do. I am so excited to see where she goes with this! 

What I Am Researching For Her First Year of Homeschool?

Anything and everything. What ever I can do to help this child become the best child that she can be. One of the first pages I read about was 88 Things First Time Homeschool Moms Need To Know and I can only hope that I can find more articles like that one to give me courage to continue doing this with her! I am so excited for this year! 

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Teaching Rhayn during her First Year of Homeschooling. What I am Learning and more
Teaching Rhayn during her First Year of Homeschooling. What I am Learning and more
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