75 Mommy Daughter Date Ideas

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With two girls ages 13 and five, its not always easy to come up with ideas that both of the girls would enjoy since their idea of fun is vastly different from each other. Now that Skyler is back in school, I want to spend some one on one time with her since we will be home schooling Rhyan at least for her Kindergarten year. These 75 Mommy Daughter Date Ideas will help with both girls since we will be spending time together and also one on one. 
Skyler loves all things that get her adrenaline pumping. She is also starting to get into a few of the girly girl stuff like hair and makeup. While Rhyan also like to get her adrenaline pumping, she is too small for some of the things Skyler enjoys and it makes her REALLY mad. BUT she likes anything animals, flowers, and just playing right now. 

75+ Mommy Daughter Date Ideas

  1. Backyard Bamping
  2. Blanket Fort
  3. Build A Bear
  4. Build With Legos
  5. Cuddle
  6. Dance
  7. Dinner Date
  8. DIY Facials
  9. Do A Craft
  10. Do A Science Experiment Together
  11. Dress Ip
  12. Drive Go-Carts
  13. Feed the Ducks
  14. Game Night
  15. Geocaching
  16. Girls Movie Night
  17. Go Bowling
  18. Go For a Hike 
  19. Go Ice Skating
  20. Go on a Nature Walk
  21. Go Out For Breakfast
  22. Go Out For Pizza
  23. Go See A Ballet
  24. Go Shopping At A Thrift Store
  25. Go Swimming
  26. Go To A Book Store
  27. Go To A Children’s Museum
  28. Go To A Farm
  29. Go To A Outdoor Festival or Craft Show
  30. Go To A Park
  31. Go To A Science Center
  32. Go To A Trampoline Park
  33. Go To A Amusement Park
  34. Go To The American Girl Doll Store
  35. Go To The Aquarium
  36. Go To The Farmer’s Market
  37. Go To The Library
  38. Go To The Mall
  39. Go To The Zoo
  40. Go Treasure Hunting at Yard Sales
  41. Go Ziplining
  42. Hair Salon Date
  43. Have a Karaoke Night
  44. Have a Mother-Daughter Photo Session
  45. Have a Spa Weekend
  46. Horseback Riding
  47. Ice Cream
  48. Learn A Few Words In A New Language
  49. Let Her Dress You
  50. Make Cookies
  51. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  52. Make Homemade Pizza
  53. Make Jewelry
  54. Make Slime
  55. Mani-Pedi Date
  56. Netflix & Popcorn
  57. Painting
  58. Petting Zoo
  59. Picnic At Home
  60. Picnic At A Park
  61. Plant A Garden
  62. Plant A Tree
  63. Play With Water Balloons
  64. Put Put Golf
  65. Puzzles
  66. Redecorate Her Room
  67. Ride Your Bikes Together
  68. Rock Painting
  69. Roller Skating
  70. Scavenger Hunt
  71. See A Broadway Play
  72. Stargazing
  73. Start A Family Cookbook
  74. Take A Boat Ride
  75. Take A Class Together
  76. Tea and Scones
  77. Theme Dinners
  78. Video Game Night
  79. Visit A Cave
  80. Visit A Coffee Shop 
  81. Visit The Garden Center
  82. Yoga

Do you have any Mommy Daughter Date Ideas? Let us know down in the comments below! When we have one of these date nights, we will link them here!


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