5 Awesome Tips for Six Flags Over Texas

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Have you ever been to Six Flags and no one was there? Today, we are listing 5 awesome tips for Six Flags Over Texas. We ended up at Six Flags this weekend again, and we had a lot of fun. Why? No one was there.

5 Awesome Tips for Six Flags Over Texas

We are not sponsored by Six Flags, we just LOVE going and spend a lot of our time at the parks. Skyler has been going to the parks since she was 6 years old and we have always spent at least 3-4 times a year if not more exploring. So between us, we can give you tips and tricks for maximizing your time and enjoy the most rides there. We have spent two weekends in a row visiting, with two different experiences. See last weekends post here. Want to know more? Keep reading below.

Buy The Season Pass

Are you planning to head to Six Flags more than once this year? Look at purchasing the season pass. It is a little bit extra compared to the daily ticket, and you can go unlimited times during the year. Can’t afford the daily ticket or the season pass for the whole family? Take a look at the Season Memberships they have. I am able to visit Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, and other six flags locations all year for around 6-10 dollars per month per person. Its only $10.00 more per year than the season pass is outright. You also don’t have to repurchase them every year like you do the regular season pass. It auto renews for you.

Food & Drink At Six Flags

5 Awesome Tips for Six Flags

You actually have a couple of options here on the food. If you are looking to save money, pack a cooler and leave it in your car. When you are ready to eat, head to the main gate and have your hand stamped. Pick up your lunch from your car and head to the picnic ground. When you are done, head back to your car, and then back to the park. You have to have your hand stamped otherwise you will not be able to return, even for a season pass holder.

A different option would be purchasing a dining pass or membership. Six Flags food is EXPENSIVE. With these plans, you have three options. The Basic, Deluxe, and Premium plans. Basic you get lunch and a snack with every visit. Deluxe offers a lunch, dinner, and a snack. Premium is lunch, dinner, a snack, and the sports bottle with unlimited drinks. When we did our memberships, we added on three dining plans, which were the premium ones. So we ended up with three sports bottles, and all the food our family of four can eat. (Little one and I shared our food). This is a big saver because it allowed us to have both meals, a snack, and keep us hydrated all day at the parks. One meal cost the same as the membership so we got a lot more, if you go more than once a month, your membership pays for itself.

If you opt to bring your own food, I would still buy a sports bottle for in the park. They have water fountains throughout the park, but they are not always easy to find. The booths set up for food and drink are EVERYWHERE. Plus water from these tastes better. There are two different bottles every year. One is unlimited refills on the day of purchase, but $0.99 when you return or around $5.00 for the drink to be unlimited the day of. Then you have the other bottle that cost a little bit more upfront but it is unlimited refills all year-round.

If you do choose to eat in the park, eat at off hours from your normal times. This means while everyone else is eating, you will have less wait for the rides even on the busy days.

Choose your day wisely.

Last week we went on a bring a friend free day. It is a perk of being a member or pass holder. The downside to that is, it is CROWDED! The park was packed, and we got there late in the day. This was before we upgraded to a family four pack so we went to see if James and Rhyan would even enjoy going with Skyler and me.

This weekend was different for a few reasons. It was considered a light attendance day. Sundays during Fright Fest are normally lighter than any other day before about 6 PM and it was opening weekend at the State Fair of Texas. NO ONE WAS THERE! We were walking on the rides all day. The longest lines really were for the older rides. We were able to walk right onto Mr. Freeze, Batman, Superman, Titan, and The New Texas Giant has a short wait of fewer than 15 minutes. As we were walking into the park this morning, we were able to jump right onto Runaway Mountain. No wait at all. Six Flags has also introduced The Joker ride this year and the line is ALWAYS long for this, not true this weekend, it was another one we walked right on.

Weekdays during the summer are lighter than the weekends. Offseason months are April, May, June, and September. October gets busy after 6 PM and November and December are a little longer for wait lines due to it being Holiday in the Park.

Have Little Ones and Big Ones?

Skyler is a lot older and a heck of a lot taller than Rhyan. This means we would either need to split up and one of us spends the day in the Bugs Bunny area for littler kids, or we could do what Six Flags calls a parent swap as we work our way around the park. A Parent Swap is where one parent and child rides the ride and when they come back, the parent’s swap and the child rides again. This lets the older children ride twice, while the younger always have someone with them. We switched back and forth between rides that both children could ride.

Child Safety

This weekend I ended up helping a mother look for her child. She had had surgery and was using a walker to keep off of her foot. I found her phone but when she came to me to get it, she let me know she could not find her son. This brings me to the Lost Parents Caboose in the Looney Toons area. If your child is lost, they will be brought to this area. Go here after searching your immediate area.

In this ladies case, she let me help her search for her son. If I would come upon him, he had a password that he was to ask me for if I was helping her find him. She gave it to me and her phone number if I found him. I went to the Lost Parents area and let them know. If we did not find him within 15 minutes or so, Security at the park would put out a message for other employees to look for the child. Thankfully the child miss understood her when she told him to look where they had just been and he went to a different area of the park. They were reunited tearfully, but he was not harmed.

Rhyan use to be a runner, I had a little backpack that was a monkey, and the monkeys tail was a lease. If she was down, she couldn’t take off from me. I have looked into a few different GPS trackers also to hang on the girl’s bags or clothing while we are out there also. Meaning Skyler can go do her own thing next year for a while or if Rhyan gets lost, I can track her.

Do you have any tips for visiting Six Flags or other Theme Parks? Let us know down in the comment section.


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