5 More Awesome Places in Texas

After seeing how well our 8 Epic Places in Texas post went, I wanted to follow-up with 5 more awesome places in Texas. Our little family loves day trips, finding new place, learning new things, and doing new activities. So here are the next 5 awesome places in Texas. For all the non-natives, Texas may be big, and Texas may be hot, but Texas is beautiful and full of history. Which of these locations would you like to visit? Leave your reply down in the comments.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

One of our favorite locations to visit within a few hours of Dallas would be Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, in Glen Rose Texas. Adults are $25.95 and children 3-11 are $19.95 for the park admission. You can also buy a bag of feed for the animals for $7.00. Fossil Rim isn’t like a zoo, and they are doing so much for the animals it is amazing. At Fossil Rim, you drive your vehicle through the park. The animals, including deer, rams, giraffes, zebras, and many other animals. Last time Megan and the girls were here, they couldn’t stop laughing at the wild turkeys chasing after the car. We plan to head back for an over night trip in the Cabins. Want to learn more about Fossil Rim, click here.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Did you know Texas is also home to Dinosaur prints? In 1938, some of the best preserved specimen were found also in Glen Rose Texas.  Some of the tracks are also on display at the American Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. At Dinosaur Valley State Park, you are able to find your own tracks, play in the river and hike the trails, but whats more is there is CAMPING!

Dinosaur World

If you want to make the trip down to Glen Rose and visit the last two locations, Fossil Rim and Dinosaur Valley State Park, why not make it a weekend trip as we have one more place to add to this area. Dinosaur World is also keeping with the, well Dinosaur theme and will extend your learning about Dinosaurs. Kids are able to dig for fossils and it is included in their admission, and you can also opt for the Dino Gem Excavation also.

Texas State Railroad

Heading out to East Texas and into the 1800’s we have a steam train that runs from Palestine Texas to Rusk Texas on the Texas State Railroad. With prices ranging from $59.95 for adults and $39.95 for children to the private Caboose for parties of 6 or less at $800.00 there is something for everyone. Do your children love the Polar Express? Jump on board and enjoy a magic trip to the north pole and a special gift for each child from the big man Santa.

The Big Texan

Out in Amarillo Texas, you have The Big Texas and the 72 oz Steak Challenge. If you win the challenge, you get the meal for free! If not, you get to take the leftovers home. You have an hour to eat it, but whats more is you also have to eat shrimp, bake potato, salad, and the roll. I think I have a young lady that loves steak and would love to attempt this. Check out the rules for this challenge here


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