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2019 Elementor Blog Post Template.

Thank You for downloading our 2019 Elementor Blog Post Template. I really do hope you will enjoy this and it makes blogging a little easier for you. First, a little bit of information about this template and why you should use it. Blogging is already hard enough, formatting your blog post should not be something that you really need to think about. That is where this template comes into play. 

The first two paragraphs of your blog post should let your readers know what the blog post will be about. Each paragraph needs to be between 3-4 sentences long, but not all of the information needs to be given in this area. But first, the template for this formatting is available in our resources page. AKA Start Here to download.

***Delete This caption*** Create a twitter card that is 1024X512. Make it easier by creating your graphic at https://www.canva.com/

Most People Do Not Read The actual Post, they tend to scan the headings

As the heading above states, most people when they arrive on your website to read a particular article, they tend to scan the headings first to see if there is anything there for them to learn. This is a place to capture their attention. This also breaks up long and winded text on your site. 

Again you will only want to have between 3-4 sentences in each paragraph, with two paragraphs between each heading. You can also break up your text with images, quotes, and videos for example. 

Images on your site Need to be appropriately sized .

One thing that will drive a reader away is slow loading time of your website. One thing that will cause your site to bog down and run slower is images that are too large. I am guilty of not resizing my images for the web, but I have found that using https://www.canva.com/ helps with the sizing of images for me. I use a few different templates for images on Odysseys With Love. 

These templates include:

  • Twitter Cards
  • Facebook Post
  • Instagram post
  • Blog Banners
  • Pinterest Graphics

Sometimes You Follow The Rules - Sometimes You Need To Break Them

There are no hard rules to blogging, these are just tips that you can follow to make reading blog post on your site easier for your readers. A few more tips:

  • List – Everyone loves list
  • Images that can catch your readers eye, but still flow with your site.
  • Find your style and make a template like this one with Elementor, or download this one if you love my style. 
  • Have a call to action at the end of your blog post. 
  • Make sure your images are pinnable, and give your reader a few choices. 

Ask your readers a Question

One of the biggest things you can do is ask your readers questions within your blog post. This creates engagement with the post. After all, that is why we are here. To give our readers information that they find useful 

Thanks For Reading!

***Delete This Caption*** I like thanking my readers

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2019 Elementor Blog Post Template.

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