8 Epic Places in Texas You Must Visit

Are you looking for places to visit and camp out at in Texas, then don’t forget these 8 Epic Places in Texas you have to visit. From national parks to state parks this list has it all. Big Bend National Park This National Park on the border between Texas and Mexico and shares the border for 118 miles. The fee for entering the park starts at $25.00 for a vehicle with up to 15 passengers, but this fee is for a week-long pass. If you plan to visit more than once, I would recommend buying the annual pass for $50.00. There are three developed campgrounds that are $14.00 per night or with the applicable pass, $7.00. For more information on reserving these visit NPS.GOV. You can also use the Backcountry Campsites for $12.00 ($6.00 with applicable pass). What is there to do in Big Bend? Backpacking, River trips, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Day Hikes, Ranger-Led Programs, and Stargazing. Not to mention with 100 miles of paved roads and 150 miles of dirt roads you can always enjoy a Scenic Drive through the park. Santa Elena Canyon Inside of Big Bin National Park, you will find Santa Elena Canyon. The dramatic beauty of this site is easy to see, and with 13 miles from the put-in at Lajitas. Class IV rapids, Rock Slide is the largest rapids just two miles down river. Palo Duro Canyon State Park In the heart of the Texas Panhandle lies the second largest canyon in the country. Palo Duro Canyon State Park located near Amarillo is a beautiful area to see. The Fees for Palo Duro Canyon adults is $5.00 and children 12 and under are free. With many campsites to choose from, and pricing ranging from $12.00 per night (plus the entrance fee) to the Wolfberry Group Camp for large groups camping for $250.00 per night. Palo Duro has over 30 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails. Camping, geocache, and bird watching. You can bring your own horse or take a guided tour at Palo Duro also. Dinosaur Valley State Park Who wouldn’t love discovering dinosaur tracks. Just head down to the river at Dinosaur Valley State Park or explore the 100 acres primitive area on horseback. Adults 13 years and older can visit the park for $7.00 per day and 12 years and younger for free! There are also a number of campsites from $15.00 to $25.00 per night (plus the entrance fee.) Galveston Island State Park Take a stroll on the beach in Galveston Island State Park. Sun yourself on the beach, swim in the coast, bird watching, picnic, mountain bike, and camping all on the beach. $5.00 per adult per day with campsites ranging from $15.00-25.00 per night. This was a hard choice for us when we went on our first camping trip, it was a toss up of Galveston or Padre Island [wp_ad_camp_2] Davis Mountain State Park Camping or staying at the historic motel in the park at Davis Mountain State Park. The night sky at this site is breathtaking. Bring your own horse for overnight stays at Limpia Canyon Primitive area, or go hike or mountain mike on the 4.5 skyline drive trail. Adults are $6.00 per day and campsites range from $8.00-25.00 per night. Caddo Lake State Park Down in the bayous, Caddo Lake state park you can not only camp, but try our fishing, paddling, and go boating. Caution! Alligators do live in the park, but you have a choice of staying at 46 campsites ranging in price from $10.00-20.00 per night and a entrance fee for adults $4.00 per day. Mustang Island State Park Another coastal site to visit is Mustang Island State Park in Port Aransas Texas. Stay at one of the 98 campsites and relax on the 5 miles of coastline. $5.00 per adult per day and the campsites ranging from $10.00 – 20.00 per night, you can’t go wrong on this Island.

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Making Money with Amazon Associates

I absolutely love Amazon. I joined Amazon Associates a while back with the hopes of earning a little extra pocket change. I used it on my YouTube channel and linked the Imako Cosmetic Teeth on it all the time. I didn’t earn a lot from it, but just a few extra dollars here and there from those sales. I am learning more and more about it all the time and love that I can add links here and earn for writing about things I love. I no longer run that YouTube Channel so I started to do a little research on how I can still use it. What is Amazon Associates? Amazon Associates is a commission based affiliate program with you guessed it, Amazon. The commission isn’t large. What it does is pay their affiliates for sending traffic to Amazon. The good thing about it is, it doesn’t matter if they buy what product you have linked. As I said I promoted Imako Cosmetic Teeth on my old YouTube Channel and I had a few people buy them through Amazon. I didn’t know about this when, but I had one viewer buy a few other things after clicking the original link. I received a commission on that purchase also. What is the Commission? Well, the commissions depend on what product is being sold. It use to be based on the amount of sales, but after reading about it more on the website, it is based on the category the products sold are in. So from what I am reading is Video Games and Video Game Consoles are only 1% commissions. Where Amazon Fashion Women, Men & Kids Private Label, Digital Video Games, Luxury Beauty, Amazon Coins (but when I started to link coins, it said it wasn’t qualified???) is 10% commission. One of the things I link on here is to Try Amazon for 30 days for free. I also receive a commission on this for everyone that tries Amazon Prime. I really can’t recommend their Prime Membership enough. Just at the holiday it has saved me so much in shipping cost and even gas money from searching for presents for my kids. How are you paid? I have chosen to be paid by direct deposit. But, they offer Amazon Gift Cards and also a hard copy check.

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