17 Day Trips from Dallas

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Day Trips From Dallas Ideas

As we start to gear up for Full Time Traveling, we have started to look at Day Trips from Dallas. There is so much to do that is within a couple of hours of Dallas. We are in love with our home state and want to share it with all of our readers. This list of locations to head out to that are things to do in Dallas and up to 6 hours away. Several of these are also on our Bucket List also.

Floating The River

With five rivers within six hours of Dallas, you have many options for Floating The River.

  • Guadalupe River is one of the most popular options to choose from. On the weekend it is a party river and it’s crowded. This river is LARGE, so the crowds will not affect your tubing experience.
  • Another Day Trip from Dallas river would be heading down to the Comal River. The shortest river in the world, but the 2.5 miles you get a chance to go on their tube chute.
  • The Hidden Gem of Texas, also known as Frio River. The Frio offers a more secluded tubing option.
  • San Marcos River offers some of the cleanest water you can find. The float is one mile, but hike back to the start and do it again.
  • You also have the Brazos River that you can also head down to. The river is dependent on Lake Granbury and will often be very low in late summer.

When you finish Floating The River, and don’t want to make this a Day Trip from Dallas, but an over night, or weekend road trip, these locations have either great camping, even on the river, or hotels and cabins nearby. Check out more information from Tube Texas.


Theme Park Day Trips

Day Trips from Dallas Theme Parks

Interesting Places To See

  • Possum Kingdom located 2 hours and 45 minutes from Dallas. This State park is great for the Outdoorsy people. From Hiking to camping your bound to have fun here.
  • Marfa located a little over our Six hour mark. Marfa would be an over night trip anyways since you have to see the unexplained lights. The large Glowing spears appear on the outskirts of town. There isn’t a set pattern for when they will happen, so it isn’t guaranteed that you will see them. But, its worth trying anyways right?
  • Hamilton Pool located three and a half hours away. With the grotto that has a 45 foot waterfall and the swimming hole, you will want to make sure you get there early. There is only parking for 75 cars and after that it is one in and one out.
  • Another for the camper and hiker is Enchanted Rock about four hours away. Legend says that the pink granite has a spell casted on it by a Spanish conquistador.
  • Do you like Shiner Bock? Why not head down to where it is made? Shiner Texas is 4 hours from Dallas. Shiner Bock has great commercials also that promote their home town.

17 Day Trips From Dallas. Theme Parks, Rivers, Historical Sites and so much more. Odysseys With Love Shares our secret travel destinations in the Lone Star State.
Are you looking for a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Dallas? We have the top 17 Day Trip Ideas to get you out of DFW!

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