10 Easy Ways To Save Money on Utilities

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Since we are saving money to buy our first RV, I have been looking at ways to save more money around the house that we already have to stick back for the RV. I found 10 easy ways to save money on our utilities and wanted to share them with you.

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Utilities

  1. Turn things off. This seems like it would be a no-brainer, but most people do not realize how much power we use when we just leave things running. Leaving anything plugged into an outlet will still use electricity, even when it’s not in use. Unplug those chargers. I know it seems like it wouldn’t use much power, but it still sucking electricity. You can also upgrade your outlets to the in-wall outlet chargers too.  Just make sure to unplug the cords when you are done charging.
  2. Find Other Ways to Cook. I love my oven, but it sucks when it comes to heat efficiency, especially in the summer months. It heats up the whole house making it hard to keep it cool. I love my crockpot (we have the Ninja cooking system), plan to buy an Anova and who doesn’t love the grill.
  3. Avoid Direct Sunlight. I miss my big tree outside the front of my house. It would shade the front of my house, keeping both of the girl’s rooms cool, and my office. Now I have blinds tilted up slightly to let the girls have some natural light come in but, keep their privacy. My office has a lot of curtains to let the light through because I use it as a natural light studio. It’s hard to keep it cool because it is a garage conversion, but I suffer through the heat when I have to.
  4. Adjust the tanks on your toilet. When I had to fix my bathroom toilet, I changed out the parts inside also to a system that I can use less water and still flush the toilet. We got the Fluidmaster repair kit.
  5. Hang dry your clothes. This is great for the RVers with a washer and dryer too. The dryer is another appliance that sucks at heat efficiency. Get a clothesline and use it in the summer to dry your clothes outside and then in winter, you can set it up inside.
  6. Check your fridge and freezer. The fridge should be between 35 and 40 and your freezer between 0 and 4 degrees. When your appliances are full, it also takes less energy to cool the space.
  7. Use weather-stripping. Air can leak out of your doors and windows, making it hard for your air conditioner to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Make sure that you do not see any light coming through, if you get bugs in, or if your seal is falling down. Switch them out. You can buy new seals at any local hardware, or online. Buy a new door bottom and weather-stripping even at places like Amazon.
  8. Have Appliances Services. Air conditioners need to be serviced every year and the air filter needs to be switched out every two months. Amazon is great about their subscribe and save, you can sign up for it and save even more money on different products. Filtrete has a great offer.
  9. Water Heaters checked for efficiency. How hot is your water heater set to? The water heater is a huge check of your utility bills and if you can set your temperatures down some and not notice a difference, then you can save a bit. We have been looking at changing ours out for a while now to an on-demand system like EcoSmart. These systems have come down significantly over the years in price, but it can be costly to install them. If you’re building a tiny house these are the way to go, even RV’s are going to an on-demand system.
  10. Do you really need that? Take a look around your home for things that are plugged in and not being used. Unplug them. It’s the little things that count right? Even a few dollars saved can add up over time. But if you can save money on utilities think of all the trips you can take.



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