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WordPress Update | Will Our Sites Break Later This Month?

I am getting worried about the future of Odysseys With Love. WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Edition is coming and I have heard that it will start breaking websites. So after getting several emails from different people, I have not been wanting to write new posts yet. I use Elementor, and I am not sure how Gutenberg will react to Elementor and the different plugins that I am using on the site. 

I want to wait to see how Gutenberg is going to affect my website before I start writing a lot again. I will be back, but If Odysseys With Love is affected and I have to fix Odysseys With Love After this update, I know I can. Find out how I am backing up Odysseys With Love and How I am now saving all of my work on the site below. 

Will our WordPress Sites be breaking after November 27th? WordPress is rolling out 5.0 and some of our sites are not ready.

UpDraftPlus Plugin

The Best Free Backup Plugin on the market right now is UpdraftPlus at this time. BUT, I have been having a lot of trouble using it at this time. Yes, I am able to backup my site with it, but I have had trouble either downloading the files or uploading them to my Google Drive lately. I keep trying to get it to upload, but it doesn’t seem to want to. 

I have noticed that I can head into my file manager in iPage and download the backups from there but then I start getting errors downloading from there even, but they are downloading nonetheless. 


Backup Plan In Case UpDraftPluss Fails

I lost a lot of work in the past because I did not know anything about backing up Odysseys With Love. I am starting to work on saving all my work to my computer anyways. Not just the blog post, but all of the images that go to that blog post. I create a lot of graphics in Canva, and in PhotoShop. I want to make sure all of that hard work isn’t lost AGAIN. So what am I doing? 

Backing Up In Word

The first thing that I am doing is coping all of my blog posts into a word processor. I have LibreOffice but you can do this in any program you have including the Google Word Docs. 

I am making copies of all of the blog post and saving them to my external hard drive because I REALLY do not want to lose all of this work again. If WordPress 5.0 does break the site, and I have to wipe it clean (again) I want to make sure that EVERYTHING is still where I can find it. 

What About The Images?

That’s where my external drive is going to come into play. I need a new one, but I still have enough room on it for a little while. I plan on creating an archive on my computer of EVERYTHING.  

My Filing Method

The first thing that I am adding to my filing system is an Odysseys With Love File Folder. Following that will be Months. I will then save each file folder with the date of the original blog post. Inside of each of these folders will be the saved word file and any images or graphics created for that blog post. Ignore that this is the only post so far. I am going to go back here soon and do all of the saving. 

What Will I do If WordPress 5.0 does break my website?

In the past, I have completely wiped out the site and had to go by an old backup to get everything back. As a just in case thing, I am making whatever backups I can of the website to help if I do have to start completely over in the database. EVERYTHING is being saved. since starting to write this post, I am going back in and adding more folders to the Odysseys File Folder on my hard drive. One specifically for the blog post, and then another for the web design. I am also going to include a list of all of my plugins and more. 

So, If the site breaks again I will go back and wipe it clean and pretty much start over. If the backups don’t work using UpdraftPlus, I can use my hard copy backups. 

Are You Making Plans For WordPress 5.0?

I’m curious, are other small bloggers like myself that run their sites by themselves without help making plans to save all their hard work in case something happens? I am planning on asking iPage to stop automatic update till everything is worked out. But just in case I want to ensure that I have all my I’s dotted and T’s crossed. 

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Will our WordPress Sites be breaking after November 27th? WordPress is rolling out 5.0 and some of our sites are not ready.

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  1. And iPage is AWESOME! They disabled the auto update on this site! After everything has been tested and I am sure that WordPress 5.0 will not break my site, I will update then!

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