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What You Have To Have When You Have A Roadside Emergency

The last few months have completely stunk for the Odysseys With Love Family. It has been one thing or another every week that has kept us from our adventures. This past weekend was no exception. We did have a mini adventure out to Ikea and to Stonebrier Mall in Frisco, Tx but on our way home we had a HUGE disaster. 

A Blowout on 635

As we were driving home on 635 in the HOV Lane, my rear passenger tire blew-out. I am stuck in the HOV lane with two kids in the back seat, and cars flying up behind me. I couldn’t move more than just trying to get my car as close to the divider wall as I could and inch it up as much as I could so the cars could see me in time. I hate to say it but several cars did not see me in time at least one accident did happen. We were never hit thankfully. I know James tried calling the number on the back of our Texas Drivers Licences, but they were not able to get out to us fast enough, and we called 9-1-1. 

I was scared. I will not lie. I freaked out. Panicked.  When the officers got to us, they were able to block traffic behind us and we were able to change the tire… or could we. 


I have always had a jack and the tools to put on the spare tire. WHERE is it? The donut was in there, but my Jack and tools are gone. I was not able to change my tire to get us off the highway. I was heartbroken because I was not able to do this. James was on the phone trying to get someone out to change it for us, when the police officers came back and I told them what was going on. 

Impound or Where We Needed It

The officers said that they would be calling for a tow truck and who’s ever truck go there first would be picking my car up. Well the police tow truck would always get there faster than a privately owned tow truck company. We were given the option to have it taken to the Dallas Impound Lot, or for $120.00 plus $2.00 per mile outside of Dallas, they would have it dropped anywhere we wanted it. Well, you know I wanted it brought home. So $130.00 later and my car is outside of my house. 

How Did We Get Home?

It really sucks being a introvert. I have no friends really. I didn’t even think to call my neighbors for help. When the Dallas Police Officers asked me how we would get home, I told them the truth. I have no idea. I didn’t have anyone to call. I was stuck on the side of the highway with my kids and significant other and no way home. One of the officers asked for where we live, and told us that they would be able to take us one child and one parent per car home. 

I had no idea the DPD could do this. I am so thankful to those two officers for helping keep me calm and getting us home safely and quickly. I just feel bad for the officer that drove Rhyan home as she talked his head off. Both of the girls had a blast riding home in the police cars. Chief Hall or other command staff, if you see this, these officers went above and beyond for my family and I can not thank them enough! 

So What Do You Need In Case of a Roadside Emergency?

What You Have To Have When You Have A Roadside Emergency

90% of this could have been fixed by me having the correct tools and resources in my car. If only I had known they had disappeared, I would have already had them replaced. These things are what I am ordering for my car! 

  1. A Cell Phone. Always make sure your cell phone is charged and ready to go. We had to call the police to come out and make sure we were safe. You might also need to call roadside assistance. 
  2. A Roadside Emergency Bag like the WNG Brands Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit and First Aid Kit. It includes Jumper Cables, Tow Rope, LED Flashlight, rain coat, tire pressure gauge, safety vest and more. 
  3. A Jack like the BestEquip Electric Car Jack. Why do I like this one? Its Electric, meaning you can have your car lifted quickly and this one also comes with a electric impact wrench. YES! this is what I need! 
  4. A Spare Tire or Donut!. Thankfully I have a donut in my car, but come to find out it is 15 years old. We were able to get to the tire center, but it wasn’t the easiest. We saved one of the old tires that is “ok” to put on a rim as a spare tire for the car. 
  5. Roadside Assistance! Since we talk a lot about RV’s I want to mention one for all those that might be traveling with an RV, but right now we will be buying just the Platinum Auto Roadside from Good Sam. You have three options for this Platinum Auto, Auto and RV Standard, and Auto and RV Platinum. When we have our RV, we will be going the the Platinum plan for the RV also. 

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