Welcome Back to School | No Home Schooling

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2017)

Its back to school for Miss Skyler. So, I have to say, WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL SKYLER!

We have talked about us home schooling Skyler over the summer, but Skyler has been promoted to the 6th grade and chose to return to her school. I am a little sad that she would prefer that now, but as we are not ready to start full-time travel, you know its okay for now.

Meeting the Teachers at the Welcome Back to School meetings

I just got back from meeting all three of Skyler’s teachers and two of them are new to the school. I spent more time with her English and Language Arts Teacher, and really focused on what Skyler has struggled with. Reading comprehension. I am confident in her abilities and her willingness to communicate with me on everything. She is not sending home homework, but Skyler is to read 30 minutes per day. Now I just need to find books that Skyler will enjoy.

Helping at Home

With our travels and weekend trips that we are taking, I have played around with letting Skyler write on the blog also. So, I have set her up with her own login on the site to start writing about her research and trips. I am going to encourage her to also write about the books she reads. Where will you find her articles? Under the family tab called Our Owlets and then her name. Or, you can just click HERE and even on her photo on the main page and after she writes her first article it will show up HERE. If she ends up writing a lot of articles, I may set up a sub-domain where its a side site for her also.