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Visiting The Dallas Zoo

Have you been to the Dallas Zoo? What about saving money and going on Penguin Days? That is what we did the other day and we had lots of fun while exploring and seeing all of these wonderful animals. 

One of my favorite things to do at the Dallas Zoo is taking photos of not just my family, but of all the incredible animals that we see! I love bringing my camera and capturing some of the birds the best. The two parrots that look like lovers is my favorite image.

They were located just outside of the flamingo area and were out in the open.  

As we walked around we encountered the birds of prey area. My favorite bird here would have to be the Harpy Eagle. He kept a close eye on us. 

I still can’t get over the images I captured of the snakes in the reptile area. I have to say for a cold day like it was for us, it was nice and toasty warm in there. Has to be since these animals wouldn’t have a easy time living in the cold. It was a nice break for us from the colder weather. 

Other Animals That We Saw At The Dallas Zoo

So What is There To Do at The Dallas Zoo?

We didn’t do everything there is to do, but we did a lot with the girls. 

First lets look at pricing for admission

  • Adults are $15 (age 12-64) 
  • Children are $12 (age 3-11)
  • Seniors are $12 (age 65 and up)
  • Children 2 and under are free
  • Dallas Zoo Members are Free

But! For Penguin Day in January and February Adults, Seniors, and Children are $7! 

Parking is always $10 per car and free for members. 

Riding The Monorail

One of the things I remember doing growing up is riding the Monorail at the Dallas Zoo. This trip we didn’t ride, but we look forward to going on our next trip out. It is $5.00 for each ticket. 

Feeding the Animals!

While at the Zoo we did feed the birds in the Travis & Zach’s Bird Landing where the seed stick cost $1. This was our favorite experience at the zoo. 

If you head over to the Giraffes, you can purchase their special food for $5.00 and get up-close and personal with one of these magnificent animals. We didn’t experience this first hand but we watched several other families feeding them. I was more interested in capturing pictures of them all!

The Backstage Safari at The Dallas Zoo

This is something else we did not experience this time, but is something we would LOVE to do. The Backstage Safari is a 90 minute tour. Want to feed an elephant a apple? Meet a endangered penguin and so much more with the Backstage Safari. The cost for Non-members is $125 for an adult and for children age 6-15 $110. If you are a member, you save quite a bit of money, Adults are $100 and 6-15 is $85. Rhyan isn’t quite old enough yet for this experience. 

Other great things About The Dallas Zoo

I wish we had known about this earlier, but The Dallas Zoo and Children’s Aquarium offer Youth Opportunities also. Would your child love to be a Junior Zookeeper? Children age 11-12 can sign up to work 4 1/2 hours a week working with the Lacerte Family Childrens Zoo. 

For children Skyler’s age (13-17) you can sign up to be a Conservation Guide and help teach guest about the different Animal Species. (4 1/2 hour shifts once a week)

Park Ambassadors are children 16-17 years of age that have been a Conservation Guide or Aquarium Guide. (4 1/2 hour shifts once a week) (4 hour shifts once a week)

The Aquarium Guides are 14-17 year olds that educated guest about aquatic life. 

Junior Camp Counselors are 15-17 year olds that work with children and animals leading campers. These counselors work a in full week increments and need to be available for the full 3 week session. 

So, why isn’t Skyler joining as a Conservation Guide this year? We were a little late in applying for her for the spring or summer positions. We are working on next year. 

All of these programs cost $70 for new sessions or $50 for returning. 

Zoo Education!

Want to find out more about Zoo Education and information? Head over to the Dallas Zoo’s website to read about the Wild Adventures Camp, Family Programs, Night Programs, Scout Badge Programs, and Early Childhood Programs

Save Money While Visiting Dallas

Dallas CityPASS

The Dallas Zoo is part of the Dallas CityPASS program and can help save you money! 

Visiting The Dallas Zoo with the Odysseys With Love Family. Find out everything there is to do while exploring and learning about the animals and animal conservation efforts at The Dallas Zoo

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