Update on Skyler | Neurologist Appointments

Last week we had our followup appointment at Childrens Hospital with the Neurologist Department and we wanted to share an update on Skyler’s Blackouts. 

Update on Skyler Neurologist Appointment 1I have to say I love Childrens Hospital and how they have treated us over the last year. Not only does her Neurologist listen to me and my concerns about Skyler and her blackouts and headaches, but she doesn’t give me a run around on what could be going on. Even though Skyler has not had a blackout since July of last year, she has had increased headaches. The ophthalmology department did not find anything wrong with her eyes other than giving her a new prescription, which was wrong by the way. I have to schedule her another eye appointment to see about getting the correct one now as she is back wearing her old glasses. So we know it isn’t her eyes, but then what is going on with Miss Skyler? 

The Wait and See

I hate to say it but it is another wait and see type of thing. Since Skyler only had two small blips on the EEG they don’t want to do medications which I completely agree with! This week we are going to start testing Skyler for Autism to see if perhaps this might be the cause for all of this. Maybe with the stress of Starr testing, noise levels and other things, her brain just shuts down. My mom doesn’t believe this is what is happening with her, but with her emotional responses and physical/mental responses to things going on around her, I can see this. So after the Autism testing is done, I will update you on Skyler again.  

In Home Speech Therapy.

I am even more excited to announce that since January, Skyler has been receiving In Home Speech Therapy! We have a few goals to work on and everything is going great so far! I can’t to start to share these updates with you as Skyler progresses. 

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