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Travel Keepsake Ideas

After visiting Padre Island National Seashore, we collected both sand and water from the beach there to bring home to start making keepsakes. After some research online, we settled on doing glass jars with a cute label and cork. But we also wanted to share with you all the ideas that we loved and considered using for our Travel Keepsake Ideas.

Travel Keepsake Ideas

Daisy and Daydreams

Over at Daisy and Daydreams one of our favorite ideas of adding soil or sand from each location that they have been to along with the dates that they were there. Geralyn states that all you need is a tall mason jar, clear labels, and sand from your vacations.


Married With Style

Married With Style has a similar idea of using the mason jars also, but adding in other trinkets from your trip, creating several jars for each site. Wendy give you instuctions on how to create your own jars and is waiting to make more and have several on display in her home.


Martha Stewart

The Queen of crafts also has a cute idea for your travel keepsakes. Martha Stewart has keepsake boxes. Using the Walnut Hallow boxes and painting them your favorite colors then stenciling on the country of the keepsakes origins on the sides.

Paging Fun Moms

 Louise & Jenni has an awesome idea of using the sand from your beach trips and creating wall art on their blog Paging Fun Moms. We didn’t take enough sand from Padre Island National Seashore for us to create of these this time, but maybe for our next trip and have it hung up in the entryway.

Scrapper Girl

This is a cool idea from Scrapper Girl, and it may be neat with different things other than maps too??? I had the thought of using the brochures from the locations we visit. It could end up looking cool for our fridge.  It just takes clear pebbles and some superglue along with a string magnet.

Sweet Paul

Ready made tags and glue, add in the ground samplings from your trips, and you have a neat idea that is also a sensory project. Sweet Paul has the full tutorial ready for you


The Inspired Room

Another twist on the mason jar idea is over at The Inspired Room.  Melissa also has the shadow box idea on her page too. She also give out ideas on other things to put in the jars for your memories.


The Shabby Creek Cottage

This is partly where we got our idea from. The Glass Jar with the Cork top. Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage has created little ornaments with her vacation mementos. We may make a few of these for our Christmas tree as we already have the glass bottles that we need. I just need the tiny eye hooks.

Wit & Whistle

I have to say thank you to Amanda at Wit & Whistle for giving me a honey do for James. Since we are doing the tiny bottles with ground and water samples from each place, I knew I would want a way to display them. After finding the display she uses for her dirt collection, I have begged James to make me one now.

So what are we doing? I said we would be doing the little Jars with Cork lids and a cute label. This is the finished product.


What We Used

Axe Sickle – 20ml glass bottles,18 Pcs ended up being perfect for our project. I have to say that the jars packaging made me nervous. I don’t think it was packaged well, but none of the bottles were broken so I really cannot complain. 


Mudder Fancy Shape Kraft Paper Essential Oil Bottle Stickers have cute shapes and are small enough to fit my bottles, plus some. There are larger stickers also. These are great! The only thing is the wrinkle in them from the packaging.


We just added a bit of the sand and then the water from the beach trip we went on a while back. We will also be collecting other samples from all of our trips. I asked James to also make a cabinet for me as he can as we only have one so far.

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