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The Mischievous Rhyan | Raising a Four Year Old

I post a lot about Skyler here at the blog, but I don’t post a lot about Rhyan? This is changing as we get ready for the school year and we start trying to teach her what she will need to know before I unleash her on her Kindergarten Teacher. I will not lie, I am worried that this child will act the same way she does at home. Spoiled rotten. Opps. 

I have been working on her manners for one thing. Both James and I insist she says please and thank you. It has been a trial and a few hurt feelings over this. But, I want her to be as well behaved as her sister was. 

The other thing is watching what I say and others say around her. She is one of those children that REPEAT everything. 

What Should My Four-Year-Old Little Girl Know?

I wont lie, I have worried over this for the last semester of school. I feel I should have enrolled her in Pre-K or kept her in a daycare that has lesson plans for the kids. But, I also know that every child learns at their own rate. So when I looked up a list of everything this little fournado should know by now, I felt like I have failed her, but I know that she hasn’t been interested in learning them either. I wont let other moms around me make me feel bad for what she has refused to learn so far. 

Fun Home School

No, I am not going to home school her next year, unless we are on the road full time. But, I am scheduling out time during the day to create a fun school period at home. I am buying workbooks and arts and crafts to get her interested in learning with me. 

Learning Her ABC's

A Letter a Week. Until not only does she recognize the letter, but is able to write it also. I found a font that I am able to create my own work sheets for her. The First one we are trying is the one below. I will be adding these to our resource gallery as I make them. But feel free to download this one from here. Just right-click and save.

Other Things A Four Year Old Should Know

Rhyan really is a bright little girl. Her vocabulary is outstanding, and her pronunciation is above her 13-year-old sisters even. She is able to follow 3-4 step directions, and count to around 25 now. 

So what else does she need to know or do I want her to know before she starts school? I want her to know how to draw different shapes. Fasten her clothing, and a few other things. I will be keeping you all in the loop of how we are progressing with this Home Schooling a mischievous little one.

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