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Skoolies at Disney World

James and I keep going back and forth with the idea of a Skoolie. The main question I had was, What about Disney World? Are Skoolies at Disney World allowed? This question is the biggest factor in are we going to convert a school bus into an RV or will we purchase an RV or Fifth Wheel.

Does Disney allow Skoolies? Find out what Disney Told Odysseys With Love about Skoolies at Disney WorldAfter searching forums and other online resources about Skoolies being discriminated against at RV Parks all over the nation, I was worried the one location that truly mattered to us. Disney Worlds Fort Wilderness Campground. I had to pick up the phone and call their front desk.
I spoke to a wonderful cast member, Joy, and explained my question to her. She has not had this question asked yet, so off to do some research for me. After finding out that this question has come up, she sent me over to the Policies department. I wish I caught the cast members name but after a few more minutes on hold, I had my answer! Skoolies are allowed at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds!

Skoolies are allowed at Disney World's Fort Wilderness Campgrounds!Click To Tweet
Now, this is just at this time, and it could change down the road. Make sure you call before you Skoolie Lover’s take off for Disney World as policies can change overnight.

Since Skoolies At Disney World are Allowed, Why not RV Parks?

Why do other RV parks discriminate against older RV’s and Skoolies? Disney World doesn’t seem to have policies that would prevent a family from making magical memories, why do other parks keep the awesome rigs out if they are nicely kept and sometimes better than the new rigs?
Have you had trouble with your schoolie at an RV park? Have you spent your Disney Vacation in a Skoolie?
Does Disney allow Skoolies? Find out what Disney Told Odysseys With Love about Skoolies at Disney World

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