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RV Life | Learning To RV and The Products You Need To Get Started

I am a planner and as such, I like to know what I will need and when I will need it. This even goes for when we start our RV Life and adventures. I know that we will need to buy different products to start this lifestyle when that day comes. That is where this site comes in. We are using this site as a means to make the money in order to not only buy our First RV, but to also make an income to purchase the things we will need for the RV. 

Our RV Shopping List

RV Life and Learning to RV. Products That You Will Need To Buy For Your RV Life Adventures. Learn about the products you will need in order to hook up your RV

When putting together our own shopping list and share that list with our readers, we take our research seriously and we have a few standards when adding something to this list.

The first being that others that have been RVing full-time have recommended these products, or the products that we have found and would like ourselves have a higher star rating on Amazon or other RVing websites.

The next thing is, will this make RVing easier for us, or is the product necessary for RVing? Will this product help us live a healthier life while on the road.

So, while creating this list, I am sharing a lot of information that I have learned and I am passing this information on to you. That is what Odysseys With Love is about, learning and planning for adventures in life.

When we start to buy these products, we will be making video un-boxings, indepth reviews, and sharing how we use the products when we have our rig! Did you know that we will be remodeling a Vintage Airstream? We will share the list of products that we need for our remodel in another post next week.

Lets Start With Hooking Up Your RV

Today, I have put together a list of the products that you will need for hooking up your RV at your campsite. 

How do you purchase the item? Just click on the photo or the title to head over to the Amazon shopping page for that product!

Stanley 42-480 48-Inch Professional I-Beam Level

Leveling Tools

The first thing you will need is a leveling tool, as you will want to make sure that your RV is level both front to back and side to side. The 48" Stanley Professional I-Beam Level is the perfect length to make sure your rig is level. It has 213 customer reviews and is rated 4 stars!

Comco FasTen Leveling Block with T-Handle

Leveling Blocks

It is important that your rig is level and these Leveling Blocks From Camco have a 4.5 star rating by 234 customer reviewers.

Camco Curved Leveler with Chock

Curved Leveler with Chock

Make sure your RV doesn't roll away from your campsite with the Camco RV Curved Levelers. These are rated 4 stars with 52 customer reviews.

Camco Power Defender Circuit Surge Protection

Electrical Surge Protection

It would be a nightmare to plug into a improperly wired electrical box. The Camco 55310 Power Defender Circuit Analyzer with Intergrated Surge Protection is rated 4.5 stars by 215 customers.

Drinking water is important, so I put together a quick and easy Amazon Shopping Ad just for the Freshwater hookups. You are able to see the price and ratings. From the RV, you will want to use the elbow to the filter, then attach the hose, from the hose you will want to attach it to the Pressure regulator and then to the water wye valve. 

Learning to RV | Sewer Hookups

Now lets get into the dirty job. Sewer hookups. This is the part of RVing that I am not looking forward to and that is dealing with our poo. This might just be a job for James, as he has a stronger stomach than I do. I did included two different treatments for the holding tank as if we get a smell in the RV from those tanks, I don’t think I could do this full time. 

Check back next week

We will be posting every week our research on RV Life and setting up camp. 

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