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Remember the Alamo

As we were leaving Padre Island National Seashore, we made a stop off in San Antonio so that we might explore The Alamo. It was a good experience for all of us including little Rhyan after she realized we would not find Elmo there.

Alamo Parking Nightmare

After parking in one of the parking lots, we headed to the payment center and waited in a line that felt like it took us 30 minutes to get through. Megan tried to download the Parkmobile app, but it does not accept American Express at this parking lot. A warning if you park in the parking lot behind the Alamo that I’ve marked on the map below, it cost $15.00. So if you have any other payment method than cash or American Express, download the app and have it ready with your license plate number and payment method to beat this line.

Alamo Parking Lot

Alamo or Elmo?

Alamo Front with visitors

As we were walking up to The Alamo, Rhyan thought we were going to see Elmo, we all tried to tell her that it was The Alamo and not Elmo’s house. She wouldn’t listen to us but she still seemed to enjoy our little side trip on the way home. It’s against the rules to take pictures or video inside of The Alamo, so I did a little video outside and in the courtyard while there and also got to see a reenactment while we were there. They also had a gift shop that you could buy a lot of souvenirs and even the pictures from out-front. Warning, again they do not accept American Express! We didn’t get anything from there this time, but did go across the street and purchased a few things.

The Good Side

  • It’s a historical site, and educational for children.
  • Shade in the courtyard
  • Inside is cool
  • Watching Reenactments
  • Seeing historical artifacts with information about all the items.
  • Shade in the Texas Heat

The Bad Side

  • No one accepts American Express Credit Cards it seems
  • Parking is HIGH
  • Not being able to take video or pictures inside


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