Planning out our Goals

One of the things that we have loved and I am sure has driven James mad, is I love planning out our goals. How will we get from one point to another? In my post Disney World Planning I talked about the different options we have for either staying on Disney property or living in Florida for a bit of time. This got me to thinking how would we get there? What roads would we take? Straight short to Disney? Or, not tell the girls where we are going just yet and drive the coast?


Disney or BustI remembered I use to have the app RoadTrippers on my phone and it had some of the best locations and things to see when planning other road trips in the past. You set up a profile and you can plan out as many road trips as you want. Check out our profile HERE or click the picture to the left to see if I have added more to our trip from Mesquite Texas to Fort Wilderness (or another RV Park if we change our minds.

I love that I can look on this app and not only see campgrounds but places to eat, shop, parks, and sites to see. You’re also able to go in and rate the places you have been to and leave reviews for others also. I know that there are other apps out there for RVer’s but I just love that I can find so much in one little app.

So other than mapping out our route, what are our goals?

For now, I need to buy camping gear. I have found some awesome locations along the beaches now that are only a few bucks a night that would make awesome locations for camping with the girls. This will also help the girls see Texas before we take off.

The next goal over the next few years is actually buying our 5th wheel and truck. We know about what we are wanting. Then I do what to have a few things inside changed before we actually leave. More on this later.

I also what to add our Logo and information so others are able to find us on the road. I think a custom graphic on the back of the 5th wheel and the back window of the truck would be great for this.

So long story short?

Once this website is really running the way we hope it will, we will be blogging and vlogging our adventures here in Texas until we are earning a decent income. Once we have enough to buy the RV and then also do some work in the house here, we will open it up as an Airbnb. We do need to do some work to the house to prepare it for that.

We hope you follow along on our adventures.

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