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Oh My, with the Mega Millions reaching over 1.6 BILLION (or 904.9 Million in the cash option), I wanted to share what our Dream Home would look like when we move to Golden Oak at Walt Disney World! Go ahead and check out our post about Golden Oak and come back here to read on about how we plan to style our Dream Home would look like at the Happiest Place on Earth. 

Did you know I love Pinterest? I have so many different boards and that includes my Dream Home Board. Don’t worry, unless you want to head right there and check it out and hopefully follow, you don’t have to leave this page just yet! With Pinterest, I am able to look at others ideas and build boards for inspiration. I had so much fun sitting down and putting this together and even more fun sitting down with everyone and discussing what they would love in their dream bedroom!

Tuscan Dream Home at Golden Oak at Walt Disney World

When looking up other houses at Golden Oak at Walt Disney World, I noticed that several of the homes were Tuscan and Mediterranean in style. I also know that the exterior of the homes has to have certain things to stay in compliance with Golden Oaks HOA requirements.  

Talking to James, we both love the Tuscan style homes that are there more so than the Italianate or other styles. So I started looking up floor plans and ended up on Pinterest looking around. That’s where this idea to build a board around our dream home. Saying when we win the lottery, I want to give our builder a few ideas and let them home up with a custom home for us. 

My favorite out of these is the one to the right. I am not sure that Golden Oak would let us have that type of water feature running through our front yard, but I do know I would love to have some sort of water feature. I love the idea of running water. 

Go ahead and view a few of these images and let me know down in the comments which one is your favorite! 

Dream Kitchen

I LOVE to cook! It has always been a pastime of mine, and I have had a dream kitchen in my mind since I was a little girl. I have always wanted a large space and bright and open. It might be because I have always had a galley kitchen and at times it felt claustrophobic. Again the fully board is on the left and my favorite kitchen is on the right!

Dream Formal Living Room

I always loved my aunt’s house because she had a formal living room for when a guest came to visit. I think my love of formal living rooms also come from the romance books that I read including Victorian age and London seasons. Having a morning room to entertain in. This is something that’s not 100% important to me, but I would love to have a little space just out of the books I read. Now my style for these types of rooms is not out of that age. I love Modern Romance and would love an updated Modern and Glamourous room to spend time in. NO KIDS ALLOWED! Well… Maybe. 

Dream Formal Dining Room

Another thing that my Aunts home had was a Formal Dining Room. This room was rarely used again, but mainly for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. This would most likely be what happens with our Formal Dining room, only be used for special occasions, but with that in mind, why not design something special. 

I love the Ballroom in Beauty and The Beast, and LOVE Be Our Guest restaurant. So, even though the images below are not that,  it is the style that I love and would want the colors from the Ballroom. 

Dream Bedroom

Romantic and Cozy! That is what I dream of when thinking about my dream home’s Master Bedroom. I don’t want my dream homes Master Bedroom to be Disney Inspired really. I love cool greys and whites, some silvers. BUT, I love the idea of stars or a galaxy on the ceiling.  

Dream Master Bath

James only had one request for the master bathroom. Rainfall shower with many heads. I mainly want a DEEP soaking tub. Toss in a little romance, and I have my dream master bath. 

Dream Master Closet

If only I could have the modern day closet from Clueless! That would be awesome. But a spacious Master Closet for James and I would be lovely. 

Dream Office/Library

This would have to be the most themed room of the house. I REALLY want a smaller version of the Beast Library that he gifted to Belle. I would also want a home office along with all the books that my family reads. A comfy place to read would also be nice too. 

Dream Media and Home Theater

This would have to be the second most themed room in the house. Thanks to James, I am now in LOVE with Star Wars, and that is exactly how I would want my Media and Home Theater styled after. 

Dream Craft Room

Skyler only had one request, a place to paint and draw. I asked her what about a full craft room. Everything from painting and drawing, to paper crafts and sewing. 

Skyler's Dream Room

Skyler LOVES Nightmare Before Christmas, and has always wanted her room designed with that in mind. I have to say, I love the black bed more than anything else!

Rhyan's Dream Room

I really can’t say that Rhyan would love these themes very long but that is ok. She loves Elsa, and Olaf. So that is what she is wanting to go with for now!

Dream Backyard

You already know I love water and would love to have not only a pool but a lazy river like pool in our backyard. 

Dream Workshop

James only wants one thing really. A workshop to work of his woodwork. I am not sure how Golden Oak would respond to this, but we may be able to work this in somehow. 

Other Rooms and Things In Our Dream Home

There are a few other things that I would want in our dream home that I don’t really need to have several boards for. So I kinda lumped them all in the Miscellaneous Board. One thing that I HAVE to get is Cinderellas Castle. I want an area in our house to showcase all of our collectibles including this as the centerpiece. 

Do You Have A Dream Home Board on Pinterest?

I really believe in the Law Of Attraction, so putting these boards and this post together is part of that for me. I know that one day I will have my home at Golden Oak at Walt Disney World. I know that I will be hiring Derrick Builders since I have fallen in love with the homes they have sesigned so far. 

Do you have a dream home? Have a board over on Pinterest? Let us know down in the comments below!

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Another Law of Attraction Vision Board for our Dream Home at Golden Oak at Walt Disney World. We will one day live at the Happiest Place On Earth
Another Law of Attraction Vision Board for our Dream Home at Golden Oak at Walt Disney World. We will one day live at the Happiest Place On Earth

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