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Pinterest Tips and Tricks | How I Reach 141,049 Monthly Views

When I started blogging, I didn’t know that I would start blogging about blogging and the different social media platforms that bloggers use. Pinterest has always been a favorite of mine since I found it when it started years ago. If you search my full name you may even find a few old accounts other than my Odysseys With Love account. opps. I don’t think I even have access to those accounts anymore either. 

How I Reach 141,049 Monthly Views On Pinterest with my Pinterest Tips and Tricks! Find Out How On Odysseys With Love

First I want to note that I am not an expert at Pinterest. This is the tips and tricks I have learned about pinterest and I am still learning. If you know of a tip or trick, go ahead and leave it down in the comments section so we can all learn!

Follow Larger Pinterest Users in Your Niche

Following other influencers in your niche, start repining their pins. Did you try their pin? Add a photo or note to their pin and let them know. Not only will this let them know and start social networking, but it gets your account out there too. 

So get out there and start making connections genuinely with other influencers as you grow your own audience. 

Create Pinterest Board Covers

Get a more professional look going by branding your Pinterest Boards. Not only does this create a more cohesive look, but will make your Pinterest account look more put together and thought out. 

How do you create pinterest board covers? Head on over to Canva and create a 500×500 template and get to creating. We even have our set of Board Covers available for download in our Resource Library. 

Your Profile!

Not only can you brand your Board Covers, but you can also brand your profile also. My biggest tip is to have a profile photo of you.

Make sure it is not blurry and if you can, a professional style photo. I was lucky in having Kindred Photographer take my photos a little while ago and need to reschedule with her soon, I need to feel beautiful again soon. 

The next tip is to fill out the Bio in your profile with Keywords that describe your Niche. 

Get Personal

Let your followers get to know who you are by what you are pinning. I love owls, coloring, crafts, and so much more that I may not personally write about, but I want ideas for my own home and family. 

Get Pinning!

How many different people are pinning every day? In order to get your pins on the pinterest feed and in front of others, you HAVE TO PIN A LOT. From all of the articles that I have read, you need to pin anywhere from 30 – 100 pins per day. 

80/20 Rule

Everyone that I have read about pinning to pinterest says not only to pin your own pins but to pin from others as well. What has worked for me so far is the 80/20 Rule. What is that? 80% of the pins on my boards are from someone else. 20% of them are from Odysseys With Love, my affiliate links, etc. 

Pin as many different post from others as possible. This helps curating great boards. Did you know Pinterest likes to show boards that have a lot of pins with repins on them? 

30 - 100 Pins a Day, That seems like a lot!

It may seem like a lot to pin anywhere from 30 – 100 pins a day, but the bottom line is if you want your pins and your account to be seen, you have to get your pins in front of people. 

Make it Easier With a Scheduler!

You can either be pinning all day, or sit down for a little while and schedule your pins to go out at different times of the day. I use the scheduling method. Thanks to Tailwind, I am able to schedule my pins to go out at optimized times and reach more people at those times. Want to try Tailwind for free? http://odysseyswithlove.com/Tailwind. Give it a shot and see how you like it. 

Below is my current schedule. The dark green is my main schedule, the lighter greens were added since Tailwind said those times are when I am getting the most views. The white ones are additional times that I can add in. Tailwind has made this VERY easy for me by viewing my account and telling me when the best optimized times are. 

Timing can be everything

Not only does scheduling pins out through out the day get your account out there, but it also gets you infront of users that use the platform at different times of the day. 

If I pinned 30+ pins all at once that may overwhelm my users, and most likely wouldn’t be viewed by them. 

Check the Links!

I made this mistake a while back where I didn’t look at the link before scheduling it to go to Tailwind. This pin had over 200+ repins within a week from my board. I went to see if it was something that I could draw inspiration from again and thats when I noticed it was going to the wrong URL. I was so mad. I reached out to the original pinner and let her know that I fixed the pin on my side but it didn’t go to all of the other pins that were repined from my account. 

This is stealing traffic from this blogger and I felt so bad. I reported the account to Pinterest, but the damage had been done. 

If it looks like a spam link or the link or the logo doesn’t match what is on the pin, either fix the url or just report the pin. I have since been followed by this blogger and hopefully have made a new friend. 

How I Reach 141,049 Monthly Views On Pinterest with my Pinterest Tips and Tricks! Find Out How On Odysseys With Love

Pinnable Images

Notice the first image on this page? It is a optimized image for pinterest. What do I mean by that? It is 735×1102 pixels wide. 

Remember how I mentioned Canva above? They have templates that you can use to create your own Pinnable images quick and easy. Change colors, add your own images, different fonts. Check out Canva’s Pinterest Templates HERE!

Monetize Your Pins

I pin from my affiliates dashboard if they have pinnable images, I also pin from Amazon and change the url to my affiliate link url. I don’t pin these a lot but they are on there. 


Did you know that Pinterest really isn’t a Social Networking Site? It really is a search engine! I will say it again PINTEREST IS A SEARCH ENGINE! How do we get your pins to show up on others feeds? Keywords and SEO! Without these keywords you will not get in front of the people who are searching for the information that you have! 

What do you do with the key words? Put them in your pins description, board description and profile!

Pinterest Image ALT Tag SEO Keyword Rich Discription!If you are using wordpress and upload an image, you can add in the Alt Text Area your Pin Description. 

This way, you are able to pin directly from your website and the description is already there for you. 

What keywords do you need to use? Research targeted keywords and find out what people are searching for on pinterest. Type in the search field and see what other suggestions pop up and go from there. 

Action Words

What do I mean by action words? Lets look at one of my favorite pins. 

5 Awesome Tips You Must Know About Six Flags Over TexasDid you notice the Awesome and Must Know About? Those are action words that help get other users to either open the article, or to save it for later. 

Take a look over at PopSugar and Buzzfeed. Look at their title of their post and the way they are structured. 


  • How To ___ with ___
  • How To ___ In ___
  • ___ Ways To Do ___ 
  • ___ Must Have ___
  • How I ___ to ____
  • The Ultimate Guide to ___
  • Cheat Sheet for ___
  • Before ___ You Must ___

This is just a few tips but take a look over at my Blogging Pinterest Board for a lot more, or better yet have you joined my mailing list yet? You will gain access to our Resource Library that is growing every day with more information just like this! 

22 thoughts on “Pinterest Tips and Tricks | How I Reach 141,049 Monthly Views

  1. Love this! Very informative! I just thought it was so crazy to pin 30-100 times a day! My mouth literally dropped open the first time you said that! LOL. Then as I continued to read it made more sense. 🙂 I have a question though. Do you just pin anything and everything you love, or are all your pins something you’ve created? I just feel like it’s so much to create that many. I will also definitely be checking out Tailwind. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the link… It copied the copy to clipboard wording also. I have that fixed now.

      I pin things that I love and think that my audience will also like. I couldn’t make that many pins either. I schedule out about 5-10 per day that is my own or an affiliate link ad. It seems like a lot at first, but I am able to go into the tailwind tribes even and schedule pins from there and easily get that many.

      1. You’re welcome. Awesome, I will check it out now!

        Ok, sweet. That sounds a lot easier than what I was thinking about. Lol. I know someday soon I will get in the rhythm of it all. Hopefully soon though!

  2. Wow love this and have this learning in the cue to execute…..there seems to be a lot I need to execute as a new blogger! Thank you!!

  3. Thanks for the great post. I have been on Pinterest for some time now but don’t utilize it as much as I should for my blogging strategy.

    1. 90% if not more of my traffic is now coming from Pinterest. Before I was getting a few people per day, but after learning these tips, I am getting 50-150 people per day to the blog. It is growing every day and I am now figuring out how to keep other on the blog longer. My main subject they are coming for are my RV and RV inspiration post. So it isn’t a large niche yet.

  4. This is a great post with a lot of really good ideas for building traffic. I have a long way to go from my one post a week up to 30/ day. But your 140k + viewers is great inspiration!

    1. Oh I am not writing 30+ post per day. I write about 3-4 post a week. My 30/day is just pinterest pins. I am so sorry if this was confusing. I get my pins from the trending tab, tailwind tribes, pinterest groups, and if I am searching for something personally or for a subject within my boards. I easily have that many pins saved per day…. I also may be a little addicted to pinterest.

  5. Totally Pinterest clueless and only opened for my blog. I’m learning new tips from people like you daily and I’ve learnt more new things on here. Thank you! I’m saving to re-read and put to practice.

  6. Thanks for all the tips! I’ve used Pinterest so much personally before I started blogging, but now I feel clueless as to how to maximize its potential for my blog. I’m going to implement some of these strategies now!

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