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I can not believe the school year is halfway over and Skyler will soon be moving on to 7th grade. One of the things we started to talk about the other day is extracurricular activities that she can participate in. We already know Art is one of the classes she will want to take. It is something that she loves and thoroughly. That is when she asked me about taking pictures and if that would be considered art. Are you here just for the tips? Scroll on down to the bottom of this post for the FREE Resource download.

Introducing Skyler To Photography.

Photography is art, and it always will be. It is an art form that I am very passionate about. So now that Skyler might be taking even the slightest bit of interest, I am EXTREMELY excited. Over the years she has helped me when I had clients and needed my scrim or if I needed help with my lights when I tried them in a home studio.

Photography Tips For Beginners. Teaching Skyler a new skill

I told her that photography isn’t just about taking a photo. It is about seeing the light. If she is wanting to take pictures of people, that is being able to see them in their best light and composing the image to make a story. If she is wanting to take photos of landscapes or things, she will still need to see the light and learn to compose.


Digital Photography has made trying photography not only affordable but also fairly easy. When I was growing up, I had disposable cameras and had to wait to get my images back after having them processed. Now, I have a large memory card in my camera and I am able to take as many images as I want. Digital Photography is also now available on our cell phones, and with the advancement in technology, cell phone photography is actually rather good. My little iPhone is easier for me to lug around than my rather bulky DSLR.

DSLR VS Point and Shoot VS Cell Phone for beginners.

As I said, years ago I started with picking up disposable cameras. When Skyler was little, I got my first point and shoot. Over the years I have upgraded my cameras and now currently own a Canon Rebel T5. But in all honesty. My cell phone (iPhone SE) is my go-to camera lately. It is always handy and I am able to take it places where my larger camera cannot go. A lot of beginner classes will tell you that the best camera is the one that you have. I have to fully agree with this. So, If you are just starting to learn and all you have is your cell phone, then that is the best camera.

First Thing, First

The first thing I did with Skyler is hand over my large bulky DSLR. I moved it over to Scene Intelligent Auto for her and asked her if she knew which button to press to take the photo.


This was her first image. With the DSLR, you need to half press the shutter button to focus the camera. After she got that down, I asked her to take a photo backlighting be with the office curtains. She kept saying it was dark, and she couldn’t see anything. I told her to try again anyway. Below is the image she took, but I edited to show her the possibilities.

Photography for Beginners and Teaching Skyler a New Skill backlighting

The next thing that I told her was that the light from the window is soft due to the white curtains and will look lovely when taking a portrait. I also told her to try to take a photo of me from the shoulders up. I have to say that I am proud of her for her being able to wait till she got this image of me. No, it’s not perfect, but that may just be me feeling blah and with no makeup, on and hair isn’t styled. (Side note, I have purplish-red hair again!)

Photography Tips For Beginners. Teaching Skyler a new skill



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