Movie Night with Jigsaw

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2017)

Last week James, Skyler, and I had a Movie Night with Jigsaw. Why was this movie special enough to require me posting about it? I have been working with Skyler to get her to start doing chores around the house and for her to do her homework. Mykie from Glam and Gore had posted her Billy the Puppet SFX makeup video and I knew then what I had to do. It didn’t hurt that she had the code for us to also get a free ticket from Atom Tickets. I do need to say thank you to Mykie for helping us get Skyler in line as she REALLY wanted to see this movie.  What to see the video from Glam and Gore? Check it out below.

Why a Movie Night with Jigsaw for a 12-year-old?

If you know anything about Skyler, you know she is our 12-year-old Daughter, but you probably didn’t know that she loves Horror and Gore! She doesn’t have any issue watching these movies. Agree with my parenting or not, she LOVED this movie. It got her to do her chores around the house and pretty much got my lazy pre-teen off the couch or her bed. I had already taken her phone all week last week due to this and that she tried to hide her failing grades from me. When I told her if she did what she needed to do, I would not only give her her phone back but would also let her go watch this movie.

What did James and I think of the movie?

Without giving any spoilers, we felt a little confused as we left and had a lot of questions. Also, does this mean that there will be more coming out in the future? We enjoyed the movie, don’t get us wrong, but it did have a REALLY good Twist to it. Check out the Movie posters below.

A Movie Night With Jigsaw