Its 2019, And I Am Still Struggling

It’s officially 2019, actually 4 days in now, and I still have not had anything really to write about. I am still having a VERY hard time with blogging the last few months. We have not been going out to do anything really, its just a boring cold winter here. 

I feel as if I have lost my touch, I know I need to start writing again, but I have lost my enthusiasm to write. I know I need to. Now that I am working with the Silhouette and I am working on Odysseys Creations, maybe I will have more to write about now. 

Silhouette And Me

I’m still learning about the Silhouette and its operation. I am learning about making different cut files and projects. I will be sharing a lot of my work here in the coming months, mainly the different projects that I do for holidays and more. 

I did my first t-shirt order the on the 29th, and had it finished in 3 hours with the help of Skyler and James. It was 18 unicorn shirts for my neighbors daughter. They turned out great, but I forgot to get pictures!

Valentines Day is around the corner and I am planning on creating a few decorations for around the house with the Silhouette. I can not wait to show you. 

Birthday and Holiday Cards have been a favorite here lately. I have really been enjoying making popup cards including Skyler’s Birthday Card below.

A Nightmare Themed Bedroom Is In The Works

Well, since we have the silhouette, I am planning to work with it to create bedroom decor for Skyler, Every week we will either purchase a new “Nightmare” themed item for her room or I will be creating something to help this along. James is also working with me on this in the furniture department. Sorry for my desk… Vinyl and the transfer tape and the desk do not get along.  

Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge.

I am taking up a side project from my photography work. I am starting the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge again this year. I participated in this in 2016 and almost made it the full year. Since my rut has also rubbed off on my photography, I am doing this to get my creative juices flowing again. I may be posting about the theme here, but you can also see all of my images on my Instagram account. 

Odysseys Studio

My First Challenge Photo was a Self-Portrait without showing my face but tells the story of who I am. I know this image is a little dark and as James said “freaky.” But if you look closely, you can see where my face disappeared, that I have incorporated everything I am. 

The Vision Board

My vision board is about to come down. I am going to be doing a new one every year from now until I can’t create them anymore. I will be creating an article about my vision board and creating a digital one on Odysseys With Love as some of my goals have officially changed with a few things. 

Travel 2019

We don’t have much planned out for 2019, I learned not to try and have too many goals for one year as I have learned not all of them work out. 

Follow Our Dental Story

James is up first! We were blessed in our meeting with Dr. Stimpson at Same-Day Dental in Mesquite  and I am going to be sharing our dental story over the next couple of months. James has even said that he is willing to model for me after his are done! As long as I am able to record I will be sharing everything I can but keeping it rated family friendly. (I don’t think James will be too made about this image.)

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Its 2019 And I am still stuggling with the blog. Maybe these few projects will help us continue to grow.

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