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I Now Own A Silhouette!

Last week I was asked what I wanted for Christmas. Truthfully, I had no idea until I went through my Amazon Wish List and saw the Silhouette sitting there. Something that mom and I always talked about doing was making t-shirt and other craft items. So, after seeing the Silhouette just sitting there and then again seeing it at my local Michaels store, I knew what I wanted. 

As soon as I could, I went to Michaels and picked up the Silhouette Cameo 3. I also picked up a few accessories and other things that I wanted to go with it. I got it home and immediately got it out and started working with it. 

Ideas and Inspiration!

I know that I am going to need lots of ideas and inspirations as I learn to use this machine! So far I have created three shirts (two with Odysseys With Love) a few boxes, a wine glass, and personalized my new planner! I am looking through the Silhouette Store and picking up a few items with my $25.00 credit that was included with my Silhouette. I have also found that I can download other peoples files and make cut files that way.

I also started to create a design inspiration board on Pinterest too. 

Where To Get Free SVG and Cut Files

I am always finding new sites and files to download. I am currently working on importing the Designs By Miss Mandee as we speak! I saw the Nightmare Before Christmas Lanter that I am going to have to make for Skyler! 

Making My Own Designs and More

I am still REALLY new with this. I have made a few items myself that I want and can’t wait to start trying them out. I am using the files that I am downloading for myself and my family and I’ll go from there with learning and add my own designs as I go too. I thought about opening a little storefront on here but maybe not yet, we will have to see. 

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I may have opened my Christmas Gift A Little Early! I Now Own A Silhouette! Get Ready For Crafty Goodness!
I may have opened my Christmas Gift A Little Early! I Now Own A Silhouette! Get Ready For Crafty Goodness!

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