Happy New Years

First, I want to say Happy New Years Everyone! It is that time of year that everyone starts to make their resolutions about becoming a new you, making your life better, and so on. I have failed at my resolutions every year so I am going to make it a LOT easier for myself this year.

Its that time of year for resolutions, and this year my resolution is to complete two 30 day challenges each month. Happy New Year, New Me!

This year, I want to start to complete a new 30-day challenge each month. One of them I will be trying to complete each month until it becomes ingrained in my brain. The other challenge can change each month as they will be:

  • work out challenges
  • relationship challenges
  • parenting challenges
  • photography Challenges.

I will be introducing an Instagram hashtag each month for those of you that want to follow my progress each month.

January’s 30 Day Challenge Part One

I looked through Pinterest last night before the ball dropped for ideas. I came upon the Popsugar 30 Day Cleaning challenge and this one I knew would make my mom happy as I will admit it, I SUCK at cleaning. #30DayCleaningChallenge

It's not too late to get started on the 30-day cleaning challenge and get your home in tip-top shape — just start today, and follow the schedule for the next 30 days!
PopSugar’s 30 Day Cleaning Challenge

January’s 30 Day Challenge Part Two

The next Challenge since I want to do the cleaning one every month until it is truly ingrained in me will be Instagram related. Not only will this make me a better blog photographer, it will also give me a chance to learn more about my new iPhone and how to use it. So I want to do the January Photo Challenge from Fizzle Out with the hashtag #iamgrateful

30 Day I am Grateful Challenge by Fizzle Out

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