Free Travel Planner

One thing I love more than anything is printable planners. I love to browse Etsy and Pinterest for ideas on designing my own printable planners. As time is getting closer to the new 2018 year, I am starting to create a planner for not only my personal life but for Travel Plans and Blog Planners.

About The Free Travel Planner

The things I wanted were destination ideas, flight details, hotels, packing list, and daily and an outfit planner. The hotels printable has all the information for comparing and contrasting the information about hotels and Airbnb’s.

I have also included the packing list as an editable worksheet in Adobe Acrobat DC. There is my packing list for our trips and a blank packing list that you can fill out with your own list.

Sometime, you will need more than one flight. I included a flight details worksheet, for both your departure flights and return flights. This way if you have multiple flights to get where you are going, you will have all the information in one spot.

Outfit Planners are something I need. Not only does it let me know what I need to pack, but also lets me know if I need to purchase anything before we leave for the vacation.

I use the notes page to notate anything about the location that we are going to, things I want to do, etc. Some of this information can be placed on the Destination Ideas. But the notes page is extra space to make notes.

The best was saved for last. The Daily Planner. Starting at 5 am and going to 2 am, you have a full day of planning for things to do. You can also note down dining reservations, things to do while at different attractions, and a spot for notes.

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