Educating Skyler

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2017)

As we prepare for the next school year as we wait for test results from the STARR exam for our Owlet Skyler, we fear the worst. That Skyler will need to repeat the 5th grade. See Skyler has a learning disability that the school seems to think is no longer there. I see it, my friends see it, and even James, a man who entered I lives half a year ago sees it.

What is the problem

Skyler has comprehension issues. She also has a speech delay that we have worked on for years. Put her in a room with other 12 year olds and you can tell. She is behind in mental development. The child is ahead in physical development, but it does not match her mentally. This worries us in finding the right kind of education. We were blessed that her teacher last year had the education and experience working with children like Skyler, but she still was focused on getting her class to pass the benchmark exams. This left Skyler out still and has forced us to look into other education for her.

Public School, Private School, Charter Schools, Home School, and UnSchooling OH MY!

Choices, Choices, Choices. There are so many choices in educating her that it is a little overwhelming. Public school is just about out in my opinion. It is all about fitting a child into a square hole, when no child really fits in that. I don’t have the funds for Private School, so that is out.

What about Charter School? It seems to be a possible answer, if I just knew I could get her into one that is near us here in Mesquite TX. After sitting down and looking into it, it’s more one on one with the teachers, they have options to teach differently, and so much more.

Home Schooling? It can get expensive but I have noticed there are some free options. There are also discounts on other things. Do I really have what it takes to Homeschool? I didn’t do well in school especially since I had similar issues as Skyler growing up.

Then came UnSchooling. Interest or learner lead learning. Not as structured, and helps develop a love for self learning, something as an adult most of us have? What about years ago, when a child was growing up in the real world and not the classroom? Sure, a good part of people were uneducated and couldn’t read and write. But, that’s not the case in today’s world. I and “educated” I can read, write, count, etc. I can lead Skyler as a facilitator in what she would like to learn but be in the real world. Teaching her a trade, how to get on with others, etc. If she wants to learn about animals, take her to the zoo, and let her interact there. Reading the information at each show and interacting with the zoo keepers.  Head to the museums and spend the day with an audio tour.

A great way to learn more about Unschooling is reading up on these great unschooling website list found at Encouraging Moms at Home