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Dreaming Of A Perfect Closet | My Closet Wish List

Yesterday, I shared our plans for our Dream Home, but for today I want to share what is in our Dream Closet and our Closet Wish List. This is mostly for ladies, but I am also including a section for men.  As you are looking you will notice my Pinterest board I created for my dream closet, but I am mainly going to be sharing what items I plan on purchasing to expand my wardrobe. 

My Dream Master Closet

First Place that we are going to look at is my Pinterest’s Dream Master Closet. I dream of a large open closet with an island all the time. So below you will find my FAVORITE Closets that I have found on Pinterest and Houzz. 

[houzz=https://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/115426261/thumbs/dream-home-closet w=620]

My Dream Closet Outfits

I have always loved playing on Pinterest and pinning different outfits. I have a HUGE board that I plan on organizing one day with type of outfits, but right now anything I like goes on the master board. Do you organize your boards?

Shoppable Outfits

Now I promised a shoppable post for you and I have loads of ideas. Below is my Shop Style Collective Outfit ideas, and even better, if you click on one of the outfits, you are helping to keep Odysseys With Love going. End up purchasing an item? We also receive a small commission on that item at no cost to you! Read more about our Disclosure Policy

My Wardrobe Basics

Did you See Something You Liked?

This was just a little fun blog post for what I want to do with my own closet and maybe even my future dream closet when we win Mega Millions one day! Do you have a dream closet you would like to share? Let us know down in the comments below!

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Are you looking for a shopping list for a dream closet? Look no further than Odysseys With Love's dream closet wish list

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