Dallas Date Night | JC’s Burger Bar

Dallas Date Night at JC's Burger Bar in Mesquite Texas

After a long rainy week and then conflict with the family, it was time for a night out for James and I. Originally we had planned to visit somewhere else Sunday evening, but after I got bad vibes from the original location, we started to head some where else. That is when I saw it. The bright lights of JC’s Burger Bar off of Davis St. in Mesquite Texas. 

Asking What is Recommended at JC's Burger Bar

James and I sat and looked at the menu for who knows how long. It really was my not being decisive enough to know what I would really enjoy. James had already said he wanted the Mushroom Swiss Burger that I was thinking about. Knowing that I would get a chance to try that, I wanted something different. That is when I heard another customer beside us talking about coming into JC’s a few times before. I decided to ask him what he recommended for me to try. He said he loved the Bacon BBQ Burger. YUM! That’s what I went with.  

Your Sides Are Seperate

Instead of ordering french fries, we looked over the menu and choose to go with the fried pickles. Its not on the menu below, but the Mesquite location may have a different menu than the one listed on their website. 

Sometimes You Just Need A Drink

I had a stressful weekend and cleaned all day, plus the family conflict all equaled out to needing a drink. While looking over their drink menu, I noticed that they were all VERY well priced including $5.00 House Margarita! I wanted something a little different so I went with the Cherry Mojito. James went with a draft beer, and oh, they have local beers on TAP! Next time we are in I will grab a better photo of their Tap Beers. 

My Recommendation! Sit At The Bar!

Now this was the first time eating here, but I am so so glad that we chose to eat at the bar! Our Bartender/Server, was Robert so if he his working make sure you sit at the bar! Not only was Robert friendly, but he was knowledgeable about the restaurant! When asking questions he was actually interested in answering them for me. 

Robert told be the Mesquite JC’s Burger Bar only opened about 4 1/2 weeks ago, so it is new, but from reading the website, I found out there is another concept that has been around even longer. “JC’s Burger House was started in 1999 and is named after the founder – Jay Cockerell (“JC”)” With Seven JC’s Burger Houses around the metroplex, and now with two JC’s Burger Bar’s 

Why do I say sit at the bar, you get more one on one time with the bartender, like in our case, Robert, which really did make our Date Night a delight! Also since JC’s Burger Bar is restaurant where you order from the counter and then find your seat, so this isn’t a restaurant where their are waitresses to take your order. Now as for the Bar, it is full service! We did order from the front, and from Robert who was the bartender that night. That is one of the biggest reasons we are recommending heading for the bar!  

Awesome Food and Drink

You already know what we ordered. As as I am not a food reviewer, I am not going to go into to much details of our food and drink. At least at this time I can’t. But first my drink! I am no expert on Mojito’s and this was my first Cherry Mojito, it had the light taste of coconut and cherry. I REALLY enjoyed it 

Dallas Date Night at JC's Burger Bar in Mesquite TX. Enjoy A Cherry Mojito while you are there with your homemade burger!

Fried Pickles to Start

The pickles were amazing. I have a hard time eating foods that are fried to hard, and this was not the case. They were not to oily and soggy, nor were they fried to death. The guys in the back room really do know what they are doing with these sour little treats. 

What About The Burgers!

I am so happy that I took the suggestion from another customer and ordered the Bacon BBQ Burger! This burger has got to be one of the best ones I have ever had around the DFW area. I am talking better than Hopdoddy and Grub. And dare I say it, these burger may be even better than Kellers in my opinion. 

Now for the inside shots of our burgers, I will admit, I made James laugh at me and pretty hard, I also ended up embarrassing myself in front of Robert. I ended up making a lot of noise when I lost control of my knife as I cut into my burger! I wish I had James taking video while I did this now. It all ended up being a great big laugh either way. 

Dallas Date Night at JC's Burger Bar in Mesquite TX. Did we find a the best burger in DFW, and maybe even the State of Texas? I am talking better than Hopdoddy, Grub, and dare I say it, better than Keller's?
Dallas Date Night at JC's Burger Bar in Mesquite TX. Did we find a the best burger in DFW, and maybe even the State of Texas? I am talking better than Hopdoddy, Grub, and dare I say it, better than Keller's?

I am just going to say this again. I am no where near a professional food reviewer or critic. I am just a normal girl that enjoys good food on our Date Nights. But, this has got to be the best burger that I have ever tried! They are priced right, juicy and packed full of flavor! 

Its a Date Night, Lets Talk About JC's Burger Bar's Atmosphere!

This burger joint has a laid back and enjoyable atmosphere. No need to get dressed up and fancy for this Date Night, just come as you are. I enjoyed it as I would feel just as comfortable coming here with a family, or a great night out with the hubby. I wish I had grabbed a few more photos from the inside while I was here, but below you will see the area right behind the bar. 

What is Your Opinion on JC's Burger Bar?

Let us know down in the comments what your opinion on JC’s Burger Bar is! We have to give it REALLY HIGH props! When we go back, if anything changes, we will update it here. I have noticed that when a negative review does happen, The management and social media teams seem to be really on it to try and make things right. 

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