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Changes Are Coming | A Blog Update

Hey friends! Do you remember the Blue and Purple website that use to be Odysseys With Love?

I just didn’t feel that it matched who I was or my personality. Did you know that Rose Gold is my favorite color? Or that shades of blush is a close second? 

You might guess that after looking around the site now. As I am trying something new here. Seeing if this is more inviting. 

So what else is changing about Odysseys With Love?

After we take a break next week from publishing articles, We will start back up Tuesday, February 13 at 8 AM with the newest post. I am also excited to say that it will be from our weekend Staycation to the Dallas Omni Hotel! 

Our original days to post articles were on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and again on Sunday. As you can tell we are keeping the Tuesday Post. But we are going to start with a new schedule of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday! I am not going to set a theme to those days either. Some days, we may not have a travel related post, but have a lot to talk about family. This way we are not as restricted to what we post, just when. 

Did you know that we publish our article at 8 AM CST? 

Have you seen the Resources Library?

If you are not a subscriber, then most likely not. We are always adding something to it. There is SO much in there and we are excited for you to use anything out of it! Want to know the best part of it? I am adding a STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY PAGE! The best part of that? Its completely free! 


RV Life and Airstreams

By now you probable know that we are looking for a vintage Airstream. As we search for the perfect for us RV, we will be sharing Airstream Remodel Inspiration, RV Life Tips, Remodel information, and so much more. I am constantly learning new things about this lifestyle and I will be sharing what I learn with you! 

Once we have our RV, and we start remodeling, we will start sharing updates weekly with you here, on YouTube, and in the newsletter. Read more now below!

RV Life | Remodeling a Vintage RV - (Photo By Duncan Rawlinson)

Parenting and More

Skyler is 13 now, and I will be sharing a lot about not only about her teen years, but how she is doing health wise and with the school doing more testing again. 

Rhyan will have more limelight also on the blog as we go over her learning and preparing for School next year. This kid is so smart and has a huge vocabulary, but refuses to learn her ABC’s and we are going to start tackling that over the coming weeks. 

Blogging about Blogging

One thing that I have noticed is about the only way to make money blogging, is to start blogging about blogging. I am going to start sharing my own tips and tricks more on here but I will not be creating any classes. Just have a look at the Blogging Resources in the Free Resource Library for cheat sheets and more; and also under the blogging tab in our navigation menu or sidebar. 

Travel Texas and Beyond

As the weather starts to warm back up, be ready to start seeing even more Travel Texas and beyond on the site. We have a lot planned this year already including the beach again, but this time staying in a beach-side hotel! A Long Road Trip, and CAMPING!!!! We will be staying at a lot of campgrounds now that it is getting warmer!. 

The Newsletter

You already know that by subscribing to our newsletter, you get access to our Resources Library, but we will still be sending out our Newsletter every Monday Morning by 10 AM CST. 

Affiliate Marketing and Ad's

Have you noticed the ad’s on this page? I am hoping to one day remove them from this site. They are about the only method of earning on this site right now. Want them to disappear and not see them but still want to follow and read our post? When we have Affiliate Links on the site, by clicking on them and purchasing products and services that we promote. 

What Would You Like To See On The Blog?

We are up for suggestions on what our readers would like to see on the blog, anything you would like to read more on? Let us know down in the comments.

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