National Adoption Month

  have been told one story most of my life that has always brought a tear to my eye. It is the store of how I came to this earth. My mother has wanted children all her life, and she was blessed with a son. She went out one night to gaze at the stars and she made a wish for a daughter, as she reached up to pick one of the millions of stars, she picked my star. From that day forward I was her child. National Adoption Month…

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Whats going on at Odysseys With Love

Sorry if it seems we have gone MIA the last few days! It has been a hectic few days over here at the Odysseys Household. I wanted to share with you whats going on with Odysseys With Love. We have a few new things to share and several updates for you. Whats Going On: Giveaways We have a Giveaway currently running right now until midnight on February 14th, 2017. What is it you ask? A Seven Piece Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament Set. Our favorite movie to watch between Halloween Night…

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Movie Night with Jigsaw

Last week James, Skyler, and I had a Movie Night with Jigsaw. Why was this movie special enough to require me posting about it? I have been working with Skyler to get her to start doing chores around the house and for her to do her homework. Mykie from Glam and Gore had posted her Billy the Puppet SFX makeup video and I knew then what I had to do. It didn’t hurt that she had the code for us to also get a free ticket from Atom Tickets. I do…

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Disney or Bust – Saving Money for Disney World

Some people dream of vacationing on a beach at some exotic island. But, do you know where I dream of vacationing? Disney. It isn’t just me that dreams of a Disney World Vacation, the Girls and James both share my Disney Dreams. We started doing a few things around the house and online to start saving money to where we could make this dream a reality. Then earlier this year Disney Announced something that will be changing our original plans. Disney’s Star Wars Land AKA Galaxy’s Edge When Disney announced…

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Early Morning Risers BLOG FAMILY KID LIFE 

Early Morning Risers – Help is on The Way

With the exception of James, my family is not early morning risers. Unless Rhyan decides that she, in fact, does want to wake up early. That means that EVERYONE wakes up early. This is something that I have been battling since Rhyan could get out of her own bed. It isn’t an everyday thing, but it happens too often. Most morning, I prefer to wake up and get at least half a cup of coffee before I hear any other voice around me. This morning was a battle. Rhyan chose…

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The Sandwich Generation

You’re asking yourself what is the Sandwich Generation. The Sandwich Generation is a generation of people (usually in their 30s or 40s) who care for their aging parents while supporting their own children. How does that relate to us at Odysseys With Love? Megan has been caring for her 77-year-old mother for the last few years, and the burden has gotten stronger as time goes on. I struggle to maintain schedules between my mother and also for my young children. This site isn’t just about travel, we have family and love too. Who can…

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Upgrading Our Six Flags Over Texas Passes

Over the weekend we headed out to Six Flags Over Texas. When checking our passes Saturday morning, I noticed that the month of September we had the option of bringing a friend for free, on both Skyler’s and my passes. This meant that we could bring James and Rhyan without it costing us anything more.  We had one Deluxe Dining Pass and a sports bottle so we would only need a little extra for food for all of us. This was a test run to see if Rhyan could ride…

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10 Easy Ways To Save Money on Utilities

Since we are saving money to buy our first RV, I have been looking at ways to save more money around the house that we already have to stick back for the RV. I found 10 easy ways to save money on our utilities and wanted to share them with you. 10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Utilities Turn things off. This seems like it would be a no-brainer, but most people do not realize how much power we use when we just leave things running. Leaving anything plugged into…

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How to Earn Money Using Swagbucks. Learn to make money online using our method for swagbucks BLOG FAMILY Featured MAKING MONEY 

How We Earn Money With Swagbucks.

I love using swagbucks to earn money from doing task that only take a few minutes each day and then letting a few other things happen as they happen. I would also love to build a team of others who love earning money and learning even more about it. If you use the link above or click the photo, it will take you to the registration for Swagbucks. It will take you through a short intro into using the site and how to earn what they call SB. 1 SB…

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