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Pinterest Groups & Tailwind

We are changing things up with Odysseys With Love and we are now including blogging tips on Thursdays. I have run some sort of blog over the last 10 years. Like what was mentioned in the last Blogger Tips Post, some were successful, others not so much. Life sometimes gets in the way. Over the past few weeks, I have dug deep into learning how to increase our visibility on Pinterest. We are still learning and invite you to learn with us about using Pinterest Group Boards and Tailwind. We are…

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Our Favorite Blogging Tools

Over the past few years, I have run a few different blogs. Some were successful, others not so much. We know a lot of our readers are also travel bloggers and are always looking for awesome blogging tools to help set up their blog for success. We wanted to share with you our favorite tools that we use on a daily basis. Why do we, as bloggers need different tools to help us? Blogging tools are actually essential when it comes to running a successful blog. We use all of the tools…

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Blog Planning – Scheduling & More

I’ve been sick. I have not felt like writing lately due to this, but during that time, I have been looking into blog planning. More specifically, how to get more interaction on the site. I have read on countless other sites, you must have a schedule. I have completed the Its A Lovely Life 5-day crash course, and 10K challenge already, and I am in their Facebook groups. This is one of the tips I see all the time. Lately, I have been posting what I want when I want….

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Travel Blog Equipment and Software

What type of equipment do you need to start a blog, or in our case, a travel blog? Today I wanted to share with you the travel blog equipment that we are using and what we plan to buy to make our blogs even better. We don’t just use equipment, but we also use software to make our photos and videos even better than just a rough cut. What Travel Blog Equipment & Software Are We Currently Using? As Megan is a photographer as her other job, she already had…

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Making Money with Amazon Associates

I absolutely love Amazon. I joined Amazon Associates a while back with the hopes of earning a little extra pocket change. I used it on my YouTube channel and linked the Imako Cosmetic Teeth on it all the time. I didn’t earn a lot from it, but just a few extra dollars here and there from those sales. I am learning more and more about it all the time and love that I can add links here and earn for writing about things I love. I no longer run that YouTube Channel so I started…

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