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Camping Gear Awesomeness

Who doesn’t look at some awesome camping gear on Amazon. Check out our newest list of Camping Gear Awesomeness!

I saw the BioLite camp-stove on my facebook timeline the other day and had to add it on to our want list. Check out the information about it on their YouTube Video below. I included a few of the accessories in the list above that we would love to try out.

If your anything like Megan, you freeze to death even on a cool day. With these Venture Heated Clothing maybe Megan won’t make James burn up all the time.

Water is everything. It is one of the most important thing in our lives. LifeStraw may be a lifesaver for millions.

One thing that would make camping a little easier if your at a campsite that does not have power and you need it, is solar power. No, its not a need for a few days of camping, but with the Goal Zero, you have the power to recharge our connected life, and even have a few other amenities that you normally would not have with regular camping.



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